Sunday, September 17, 2006

Work? Tomorrow? Are you SURE!?

Sunday. It's like the good and the bad. It means Monday is on the way. It usually means I have to clean and do laundry. But in a way it also is the day of just being at home, relaxing, cooking or baking, lighting candles and snuggling up on the couch, or sleeping in. And there are great shows on- War at Home, American Dad, Family Guy, and The Simpsons. Desperate Housewives. How about tonight's episode of American Dad where Stan is anorexic? My FAVORITE part was his excercise/dancing around in legwarmers and a cut sweatshirt, to Deniece Williams' "Let's hear it for the boy." Ahhh Sunday.

This weekend was the Strut Your Mutt Dog walk. I wrote an entire post about it Saturday night, published it and everything, and went back this morning and it was gone? Messed up. SO let's suffice it to say that we had a great time and it was the best one we have been to yet, complete with a cake walk with real doggie cakes as dessert prizes for the dogs.

I am watching the Girls Next Door and this episode is their trip to Europe. Of course like any girl going on a trip, the girls get their hair done, nails done, pedicures, brows waxed, buy new outfits, make lists and pack their luggage, decide on their shoes... BUT they get to fly on a private plane and take their own hair and make-up artist on the trip. When they arrived, the press and photographers were EVERYWHERE. And somehow they STILL got a playboy tour bus to ride on. I don't know how. Maybe they just stuck a sticker on it? I dunno. Kendra mentioned that the Queen has the same dog (Welsch Corgi) as she does. She kept on telling Hef to let the queen know that they were there so they could go over and meet her. She said "The Queen and I have alot in common." Oh god. She said "I don't understand why the Queen wouldn't want to see Hef. I mean, they're both 80!" Ohhhhh Kendra. They went up in the big ferris wheel and saw Big Ben. Holly said that in London it was "weird" she said "The weather was bad, gloomy and rainy and there were no people walking dogs." Of course Kendra decided to flash Parliament from their boat ride. She said "I have no idea what Parliament is, but all I know is I flashed 'em."

I should be making my ATC's that I am behind on. WHAT Is wrong with me? Tomorrow we are making soup. Either Ham and Potato or Chili. Probably Ham and Potato if I have my way! Today I baked Beer Bread. It is super tasty. I wanted to bake Pumpkin Pie but I kinda ran out of time. Like it's almost 10pm and I haven't even STARTED laundry this weekend. Yeah.


Watching the Mad TV Season opener. (TIVO'd) And I love the Survivor Spoof. Have you all seen the new survivor (really) where they split the teams up by race? WTF?! I don't like survivor as it is, but that's just ridiculous. So the spoof splits them up and they are called "Team Soy Sauce" (Asian Americans); "Team Chicken and Waffles" (African Americans); "Team Burrito" (Mexican Americans) and "Team White Bread" (REAL Americans.) Freakin' Hilarious. Survivor is only on CBS "The Caucasian Broadcasting System. (continuing blatant stereotypes)" Then they proceed to sway the whole thing. They have a firestarting challenge, and give the mexicans a flint stone, the asians get a match, the black group gets "a glass of water" and the white group gets a "firestarting kit with gasoline, dry twigs, a lighter, and a DVD of firestarting techniques." Too freaking hilarious. Carlos Mencia would love this.

And then their spoof of Disney's High School Musical features a pregnant cheerleader who sings "There's a bun in my oven, from after school lovin', with Lazy Eyed Janitor Joe." I personally have always loved Mad TV more than Saturday Night Live.

Did any of you see that the season premire of one of the Law and Order's is like a complete spoof of Brittney and Kevin? I about died laughing when I saw that. The "pop star mommy" who looks unbelievable like Brit, and her "rapper husband" who looks as badly dressed and unshaven as K-Fed. It cracked me up. I hope they are watching it at home. I just read the recent People Interview with Britney that has photos of her and SPF, and she talks about being pregnant and how it "just happened." Oh boy. She talks about getting back into shape, and her new album.

Husband and I were talking the other night about how there will probably never again be any great bands/musicians like Led Zeppelin (that's what started the conversation) because everything in the music business is so poppy and overproduced and there is too much importance put on how people look and the image of a band that the real musicians are often overlooked.

I am officially hooked on Men in Trees. The second episode sealed it as a show that will stay on my TIVO list.

What do you think about Kate Hudson? First, it's obvious that she is freaking adorable. Everyone probably knows it. With her whole marriage to Chris Robinson breaking up, I am actually kinda relieved. I saw her in an interview and she was talking about sex and drugs and rock and roll and I was just like Blah. Go be a mom to your kid. It's like, do you WANT to be your mother? Does anyone have respect for Goldie Hawn? I don't know. So they all say that Kate was getting with Owen Wilson, who is freaking adorable too, so I guess I wouldn't be surprised. But is it true? Oh the gossip. I did like her in Almost Famous, and in Raising Helen. But I haven't seen You me and Dupree.... yet.

The night of TIVO is about over, and turning into the night of laundry.
Have a good week.

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Mon said...

I love the girls next door. Kendra is so stupid that she cracks me up!

I watched men in trees this weekend, and I loved it! Awesome show!

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