Friday, September 29, 2006


8am Observations:
The parking lot at work smells like Garlic Bread with Cheese
If you are middle aged and driving a sedan that says IBM GUY on the license plates, you aren't getting laid much.
Listening: Rage Against the Machine Roll Right and Without a Face
Wearing: Heather Grey Bootcut pants, Black Tank Top, Black Cardigan with Leaves on it, Grey Socks, Black Heeled Mary Janes.

So. How about Grey's Anatomy last night? I TIVO'd it and when I played it back, and the VERY VERY End got cut off! Damn cable, never having shows end when they are scheduled to! So I saw McDreamy go to Addison's hotel room, say "it's all my fault" and "it's a shame" and then see Mark walk out of the shower and say "this is awkward" or whatever and then it was instantly cut off. I was like WHA? Where's the official "end."


tina said...

Here's what happens: McDreamy takes Addison's glass of champagne out of her hand and slugs it down; says "I feel better" (or something to that effect), and walks out. End credits.

dazed said...

Thank you Tina!!!!!

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