Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Men in Trees

Tonight I happened across the pilot episode of "Men in Trees" on ABC. It stars Anne Heche as a relationship coach and book author who goes to Alaska for a speaking engagement and discovers that her Fiance is cheating on her. Yeah. And she realizes that all she thought she knew about men and relationships was wrong. So she has to start over.

It was pretty good. Not like Desperate Housewives or Grey's Anatomy, but she is rescued by a handsome guy and ends up scantily clad at least twice before the show ends.

It was cute and I did setup the DVR to record the series. It is a 1 hour show and the pilot episode will be re-run this Friday at 7pm on ABC (channel 8 WQAD in our area) and then right after the pilot they will show the second episode at it's regular time, 9/8central.

I am charmed by the small town of Elmo, Alaska... it makes think of shows like Northern Exposure and also the book Gone with the Nerd by Vickie Lewis Thompson.

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