Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Coheed and Cambria- Wake Up and Mother May I
Jack Johnson- Flake and Bubble Toes
Wearing: Black see-thru Shirt with white stripes and turned back cuffs, black knee length jumper, black tights, heeled Mary Janes.

Last night I did get Halloween Decorations up. Not all of them, but 99% of them.

Still missing the ground breaking skeleton and the scarecrow with his corn shock... but the rest is all ready. I also got side one of my metal ghosts painted. My good friend Josh, welder by trade, used a torch and took a spook that I had bought, and creatively created three more spooks for my tree out front. Last night we painted one side of them white, and tonight, we paint side two. I should take photos. Maybe once they are dried. Josh refused to take money as agreed upon, and therefore I now owe Josh a big bottle of Crown. Thanks Love!

Today I made a few graphics for the october coloriffic swap-o-rama swap. I forgot to sign up because I was in Utah over Labor Day Weekend when the swap deadline was, so I just made graphics instead. I also have made graphics for the past two swaps in that group, it's a fun time!

I love love love love fall. Last night we had some super tasty Ham and Potato Soup with Wheat Beer Bread. Yum!

Have a great night yourself! Kiss someone you love!

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