Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Juicy Fantasies

You know, I get really pissed off when a bunch of dot com auction seller people go to websites like Pottery Barn Kids and buy 10 of really cool and already expensive enough seasonal limited edition items like this one. Because then when innocent and cheap people like me finally talk themselves into buying one because it's all they can think about when they have an orgasm, the kick ass item is SOLD OUT. But then when you go on eBay those jackasses who paid $64.00 for it are charging $84 to $99 dollars for the damn things and if I thought I couldn't justify it at $64.00 it makes it damn hard to swallow when I have to pay twice as much for it because I can't sleep at night unless I have it.


And by the way, how come when I disappear for 5 days, you start commenting out the ass, but when I post 17 times in one day, no one says a god damn thing?


Mon said...

For some reason I've been unable to comment using my blogger account for about a week.
That is really cute, you seem crafty though, you could make them and sell them on ebay!

dazed said...

yeah, but it would cost lots for the materials, and it would take FOREVER to cut all those details out and sew them on. I prefer sweat shop creations in this case (KIDDING!)

I have converted to Blogger Beta. If you aren't using Blogger Beta you will have to use the "other" option until you convert. Which they will force you to do eventually. So you could probably hop over there yourself.

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