Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Switch to Vonage! Ditch Verizon!

I wish my camera weren't broken. I am dying to take a picture of my foot. You just wouldn't believe that wiping out would give me such bruises! I DID hurt myself!

This coming paycheck, I am seriously considering buying my new camera. I can't take it anymore. We tried to tape the battery door shut, but the darn thing is so spring loaded that it won't even begin to hold. So every time you take a picture, you have to first hold the batteries in. Then try to turn on the camera while holding the battery door in, then you have to SET THE DATE AND TIME or cancel the setup each time you turn the camera on (because the batteries were out) and then you have to try to zoom and click to take the picture with the same hand that is holding the batteries in. Very efficient. I wish that Kodak would read this post and give me a new camera so that I could take pictures and review the camera. Sweet. But then maybe I would be a sell-out like dooce?

I would probably still take the camera. But if it sucked I would totally tell you all. And I would refuse to tag all my Flickr photos with the camera model like other jackasses aspiring photographers do.

In other news.... nothing! For supper I had tacos and chocolate lucky charms. Yeah. I didn't buy them so shut up. Husband did.

That's it. It's nice and cool and rainy and foggy. Perfect weather to curl up with a book, be completely lazy, and pretend that I can't hear what anyone else is saying!

Oh and by the way, I wrote a post last Thursday that I never published, so here's an excerpt for your viewing enjoyment:

Well, I did it. I got so pissed off at Verizon and their "you have to pay $38 to reconnect and we can't guarantee your phone number" after this crazy episode that we decided to go with Vonage after all. Having cell phones only would be AWESOME but since we have to stand on a chair or out in the yard to get reception, that's not going to wor well in the winter. It's already annoying enough as it is. I love how quiet it is at home though!

So I got my DLink device that hooks my phones to my current wireless router, for FREE, and my first month for FREE and then I already referred a friend who signed up, and every time I refer a friend I get more service FREE. So that's cool. If you are interested in details, please let me know, and I would be happy to email any of you a referral so that I get free service when you sign up!

The DLink already shipped and it should be here tomorrow or Monday, depending on if DHL does Saturday delivery.

Secondly, I had to get up 2.5 hours early today to get into work for a project, which was fine, except it made me tired and stressed out even more. I really hate going to work before 10am. Just before 8am, all the squares are out on the road, driving along at 54 mph and forcing me to pass 4 or 5 people at once. The Sun is in my eyes. I feel like I should ge going to a cornfield. This comes from my days of getting up early to work as a crop scout or statician for Pioneer, when I got up early just to walk into a soaking wet cornfield. That early in the morning, the post office isn't open in my town, so I can't get the mail, and I can't buy stamps. The bank only has the drive-through open. Trains go through town and I have to wait.

Really it's just best that I stay home until about 10am. Then the only thing I have to deal with is all the old people out driving around and the farmers getting coffee and gawking at the corn fields as they drive by them.
By the way, when I got home last night, the Vonage DLink box was on the step. I thought to myself, here we go, how many complications will I have with this? And it literally took less than 3 minutes and I had telephone. Attach the telephone to the DLink, plug in the Dlink and link it to my router, and VOILA.... Dial tone. That simple. No lies. And Vonage is AWESOME! Caller ID shows up ON THE FIRST RING! Eat that shit Verizon! Eat it! So when my mom calls, it rings once and she hangs up, then I call her back. My caller ID shows it was her, it doesn't cost her a dime to call me, and I call her right back and talk as long as I want because I HAVE VONAGE and it costs me only $24.99 a month for UNLIMITED Local and long distance calls in the US and CANADA. Have high speed internet? What are you WAITING for? Save money. Email me and I will send you a special offer where you sign up online, get your first month of Vonage FREE and get a router or DLink Box for FREE! Sweet! And I get TWO months for free just for referring you! Does this mean I am a sell-out like dooce? LOL.



Whoo-Hoo Whoo-Hoo



Michelle said...

Hey, send me the referral for Vonage. tonynshell3@aol.com Not sure if they'll let me use it or not. I called to sign up last week but have to call again this friday because my credit card wouldn't go through (not enough funds). When I call them back I'll try to use you as a referral.

Anonymous said...

SKYPE is better. Plus, if you get your family to sign up it's FREE for everyone...

dazed said...

skype is only free till the end of the year. My research also told me that you have to use your computer to make the calls, and that your current telephone won't work with the system, and we have a 3 handset telephone system that we like to use.

Also, my family will never sign up because they all live in areas where the only high speed internet available is Dish, which runs about $60 a month and they won't pay that because they don't use the internet enough. So it's pointless to be on SKYPE if no one else is.... and if I have to pay at the end of the year (which is right now an undisclosed amount, the bill could be higher than Vonage, we don't know yet.)

But thanks for stopping by and offering your opinion! Glad you like Skype!

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