Thursday, September 07, 2006

I love Illinois. I know that's bizarre.

My husband missed me. And not in a "someone needs to wash my jeans and I don't have anything to eat" kind of way. In a "I am missing my wife and want to spend time with her and rub her back" kind of way. Nothing makes me feel better! I missed him too! When I did get to talk to him in person, at about day 5 of my vacation, he said to me "I miss you!" and he was super sincere. It was sweet.

Did I mention that I think I am getting my cooking groove back? The one that I lost?

Before I left for vacation, I had made 6 loaves of Chocolate Zucchini Bread, followed by canning 21 jars of tomatoes and 4 jars of salsa, chopping and freezing dozens of peppers, and shredding zucchini and making eggplant parmesan for the first time ever. Yeah. Last night I cooked Corn on the cob, veggies and brown rice with cheese, and asparagus and garlic stuffed salmon. I'm BAAA-CK!

I also bought ingredients for pumpkin cake, pumpkin pies, and pumpkin pie shakes (yes CB, I have my recipes for you!!) and tonight I plan on shredding more zucchini, making a double batch of sweet Brocolli salad for husband, and all that jazz. Perhaps Tacos for supper dear? Yum!

So last night after I made supper, and we ate, we worked in the yard to saw down our weeds that are 6 feet tall. And I am serious when I say that. We need white rock in our driveway, badly this year, it hasn't been new for 6 years, and before we moved there the drive was mostly dirt. So it's already worn thin. The weeds and grass are terrible, and no matter how much or how many times we spray roundup or that ridiculous excuse for "season long" herbicide, the weeds don't die and they grow and grow and grow. We tried pulling them for a while, but they have really woody stems that are thick in diameter, and I can't pull them out. So we just pretty much ignored them and now that they are 6 feet tall, and people are commenting and making fun of us, Last night we tried to cut them down with the hedge trimmers. And the stalks were too thick for the hedge trimmers. We are totally fighting a losing battle. So we chopped them down and then Evan mowed and used the weed eater. I saw my first ever ground hornet! Ick!

Anya stopped by to get her camera back, bless her for letting me borrow it when mine took a crap the day before vacation! And I got to see the bean (ava) and she is SOOO Big already! I was only gone a week and I swear she grew two inches. She is grabbing more and giggling more, and it's just freaking adorable.

So when we went to Utah, we went to Park City (where I was excited to see a Roots store!) and we went to the Tanger Outlets there also. We have outlets in Williamsburg Iowa and in Tuscola Illinois but these were new and nice and they had like SO many great stores, but we only had about an hour till they closed, and since we had Cara, and since I love baby clothes, we went to the Osh Kosh Outlet. I might have dropped $104.00 on baby clothes. At 40% off. And they might be freaking adorable. Like this little skirt suit, and this denim jacket, and this onesie, and a 3-pack of colorful circus onesies.... and these camo pants, and of course, this lil sweater.

But, I digress. After Anya and Ava left, we went to Wal-Mart (at about 9:30pm) and got groceries. There were also baby clothes there on clearance, and husband picked out some onesies and dresses for $1-$3 a piece. He said once "why are we buying these?" and I said "because we like baby stuff, and someday we will have one." We also got a fisher price privacy baby monitor, because I used to have a monitor but I gave it away, and I had been eyeballing a replacement one for a while, and the bean will be staying over next week while her parents and her Uncle Brandon go to a concert. So Last night we had to test it out and it works great. So now when the bean comes, she can sleep in the pack and play that I setup from the attic, and I will be able to hear her if she wakes up during the night without her having to actually sleep in our room. I am excited about keeping her overnight!

Today I did NOT want to get up (might have been the time change, might have been the 1:30am sex) but I have prevailed.

I received 9 more ATC's in the mail today, and had 6 ATC's waiting for me yesterday when I got back to Illinois. That was a good feeling. I also got my insurance reimbursement check for a prescription that I bought and a $31 refund/discount from JC Penney for the table from hell. I keep meaning to scan the ATC's and put a picture of the ones I have received, and someday I will get to that. I still have to put up pictures of the ATC's that I have sent, I have almost all of them posted, but there are probably 10 more that I need to get online that I have already scanned.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, when Angela and I arrived home, husband was waiting in baggage claim at Midway to pick us up. I was so glad to see him! I just wanted to give him a big hug and kiss, but I refrained. He carried my bags (ahhh.) and then he took us to Portillo's, where I had my first EVER Chili Cheese Dog, and it was Yummy! I held the onions to help stop heartburn.

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