Monday, September 18, 2006

Will They EVER Stop?

You know I love iPods. Love. Love Love Love. I have a shuffle, because I am cheap. I love it. It is fabulous. Lately I have been itching to carry around more than 1GB and itching to see what I have on there and flip through songs while seeing what is coming up. I love the shuffle option, but then again I am starting to create more playlists, etc. I covet. The nano. I KNOW! I can't help it! But hey, as CB's hubz says "Go Big or Go Home" and I am DYING for a Nano. I won't admit it to my husband. He would say I don't NEED it. Of course I don't NEED IT! but that shiny, black 8GB, full color screen. Oy. It is so seXy! So I am telling myself.... save $$ for your camera. Then Save $$ for a nano.

And have you SEEN the new Shuffle! Oh! I am so JEALOUS!!!! It CLIPS! It's even SMALLER! Oh god almighty. It hurts. It hurts me to look at how wonderful it is.

And of course the Nano has been redesigned. And I think to myself, will there be another one in like a matter of MONTHS that will make the Nano obsolete? Oh the drama!

For Christmas I have asked for the DLO (Digital Lifestyle Outfitters) Transdock Micro FM Transmitter. It charges the iPods in your car and does the FM Transmitter deal. We had an FM transmitter and it was crapola. Cheap version. Cheaper than Belkin. And I am dying to play the iPod in the car, but when it's all static and you have to crank the volume up 10 thousand times to hear it, it has poor quality like when you used to record off the radio or from Record (LP) to tape. So I ditched it. But Brad and Anya have an FM Transmitter that rocks hard, and husband says that Joe's is awesome.... So this is the one I have been eyeing. What better way to try out an FM transmitter than with a new Nano? Right? Oh boy.

I love iTunes. Because of Carrie, hubz and I are looking at downloading Mike Birbiglia CD's. I always have a list of things that I want to buy off there. So for the birthday and Christmas I also asked for iTunes gift cards. Yum. Music is goodness.

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Mon said...

I don't even own an Ipod. I think I'll get one when the next latest craze comes out. I'd love one for the gym, but I can't see paying so much for one. I'd rather spend $100 on yankee candles. That's my weakness!

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