Monday, September 25, 2006

We've Been Re-United

Happy Monday! It was a nice weekend. Friday night I went to the football game (Bureau Valley Versus Fulton) and when they were supposed to announce the graduating class of 1996 and that this weekend is our 10-year reunion, We all came for the varsity game, sat through the game, didn’t get announced, and then found out later that they announced it BETWEEN the fresh-soph and varsity games.
Cara and Meagan
So there were like 15 or 20 of us there and we didn’t even really get recognized… Or at least we didn’t feel as though we did. Also very frustrating was the fact that we had asked months ahead of time if we could help at the homecoming game. We asked if we could participate in the Homecoming parade, by putting in a float for our class, and we were told “we don’t have a parade anymore” and then there was a parade on Thursday with floats from all the classes. They even made phone calls to local towns asking for participation (fire trucks, etc.) We asked if they needed any help at the game, concessions, ticket taking, etc. They said no. We asked if we could offer free or discounted admission to the classmates who attended the game. They said there was no way to verify who was in our class or who wasn’t. The Class Officers suggested that they sit at the gate with a class member list and mark off names. The powers that be refused. We asked if we could be announced and go onto the field at halftime and were told there isn’t enough time (and that we understood.)

But overall we were a little upset about the way we were treated as the first ever graduating class, we thought they might like to celebrate with us. But apparently they didn’t give a shit.


The reunion was nice on Saturday. There was an OK turnout and the food was great (catered by Arthur’s Garden Deli in Rock Falls/Dixon) We had hillbilly golf and there were horseshoes and bocce ball.

After the reunion, Angela and I went to Princeton for Coffee and Wal-mart. Both coffee shops were closed so we went to Beck’s North and they just got in a new cappuccino machine. Mmmm… I tasted every kind and found that my two favorites were Creamy Caramel and Cinnamon Vanilla Nut. I had the Cinnamon Vanilla Nut and we went to Wal-Mart. I got the stuff I needed, and bought Bunco, and a card game called Big Fish Little Fish. I had a coughing/non-breathing fit in the game aisle when the last drop of cinnamon vanilla goodness went down the wrong pipe. Yikes! Then we went back to Carrie’s Sister Charlie’s for a cookout. I got to hold the baby for a while again, which was nice. That night, Carrie had to get some sleep so they could fly out in the morning, but Angela and I went to my house, and Anya came over with Ava. We put Ava to sleep in my spare bedroom and played games until 4:30 in the morning. We got a hang of Bunco and really enjoyed it.

Angela, Carrie, and meagan with Cara

On Sunday, Evan and I rolled out of bed around 1:30. We went to Princeton and ate lunch, and then went to Wal-Mart for bottled water. Again we stood in the game aisle. We bought the Pirates of the Caribbean Dice Game (the same one Will and Davey Jones play on the ghost ship) and the newest version of Clue. That evening, Evan and I went to Brad and Anya’s and played two rounds of Clue. It was the first time that Brad, Anya, or I had ever played. It was fun! Evan won the first round (he was totally cheating) and Anya won the second.Look Mom!

So Last night I spent several hours watching TV while organizing, cleaning, and doing laundry until 2am. I watched American Dad, Simpsons, Family Guy, Desperate Housewives, and last Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy Episode. I picked up around the house, did laundry, dishes, etc… in preparation for the cleaning people coming today. Evan had to help get grain out of the bins at the farm today, so I know that tonight he will be dirty and smelly and exhausted. Poor Evan. I guess that means I should have a brilliant plan for supper. Perhaps Lasagna, since that is his favorite. Does this mean another trip to Wal-Mart? Mwwwaaaahahahahaha!Looking at an old yearbook

This morning I was feeling like I am on a different shift, after staying up till 2am Friday, 4:30am Saturday, and 2am last night. Whew! Night Owls!

Sunday I did get to order my birthday present from my husband (early) I got a baby pink wool double-breasted peacoat. Yum. I used to have a neat grey one from Victoria’s Secret. It cost me $200 when I was just out of college and it was the most expensive item of clothing I had ever owned. I wore it for years, and then I outgrew it, and last year I gave it to my mom in hopes that she could wear it, but it’s too tight on her also. So this year I got a new pink one, and pink gloves and a pink and black scarf already too. I am set to go!Craig Freeman, his wife Gina, and their son Ethan

Also Yesterday, I went to the attic and brought down all the games (board games, card games, dice games, etc.) and Organized them in the living room. They had been up there since before we remodeled and It was fun to get them all out. We have decided that we need to play more games together, Evan and I, and friends like Brad and Anya. I totally covet Cranium, and I wanted to buy it so badly, but it's like $19.99 at Wal-Mart when other games are $12 or $14.

Reunion Photos on Flickr
Cookout at Charlie's Photos on Flickr

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mon said...

I love games! Cranium is so much fun! I also love clue! My friend goes every week to Bunco, I guess it's like peanochle use to be. They have like a tournament and everyone brings a prize and the winning person gets ALL the prizes. I've never played though.

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