Friday, September 01, 2006

~ Kissing the Ground ~

Ahhh... Vacation. Slept till 11am. It's 1:30 and the most that I have done is held Cara and ate Eggs and Toast that Angela made me for breakfast. I am still in my pajamas. THIS is the life.

Tonight we are going out to supper.

We stayed up until about 2:30am, and I slept like a rock. Because of the "no liquids in carryon" I had to pack all my makeup, toothpaste, shampoo, hair products, perfume, etc in my chcked bac, which of course got thrown around and smashed so I had a hairspray bottle leak all over. But luckily I had put all my clothes in plastic bags (the kind that flatten when you suck the air out) and all the liquids in a sealed train case. But the train case was new and had cute pink and green polka dots, and the pink dots ran and smeared when they got wet, so it looks icky now.

Damn airlines.

But the flight was fairly uneventful, the take-off was fine, the landing was nice, and there was much more room on the 737 than there was on our crappy AAirlines flight to Vancouver. I actually had some leg room this time. I did sit next to a larger woman who was super nice but was taking up about 14 inches of my seat (okay maybe 8 inches) so I did feel crowded, but between my iPod and magazines, the flight went quickly. On the way back I am totally shooting for a window or aisle seat (I was in the center) AND maybe we can get an empty spot between the two of us so I can work on my crochet scarf.

That's about all. I am alive and on the ground and starting a lazy vacation!

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Michelle said...

Oh the joy of a much-needed vacation ... enjoy every moment! You deserve it!

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