Monday, March 02, 2009

Pink Eye!

The sickness never ends. Ardyn came home from daycare last week with PINK EYE on top of her cold and sore throat. I had to call the on call Doctor to get her some medicine late Friday night, and then pick it up on Saturday at the pharmacy.

On Saturday, Angela came over and we visited, and that night we went out to eat while Evan kept Ardyn. by Saturday night I was feeling SO sore, all over, and really tired. By early morning, I realized it was because now I was sick again, with the cold, sore throat, and achy body (thank you Ardyn dear.) I was so sore that I couldn't sleep well, which then meant that I was so tired that I wanted to sleep more, but was so sore that I couldn't. At 5am, Ardyn was up coughing endlessly, and I was feeling like crap, so I got up and got her a popsicle, and then the two of us rolled around in bed together trying to sleep. We did get about another two hours of restless sleep thank god, but I hadn't gone to sleep till almost 1:30am, so it wasn't much sleep for me. I ended up finally taking Tylenol late Sunday morning while lying in bed and trying to motivate my body to function. Ardyn and I were pretty lazy yesterday, we attempted to take a nap, but her throat was so sore that she kept waking up coughing and crying. Eventually we moved to the couch, and Evan came back with 7-up, which helped the throats. Ardyn fell asleep on me for an hour or so, and she was completely out. Evan handed out our doses of Tylenol and made spaghetti for supper for us. After the tylenol kicks in, I feel so much better. I got up in the night sore again, took my tylenol, and woke up feeling better because of it.

This morning we slept late, and then Ardyn and I took a shower (She is so slippery!) and then we went to McDonald's for lunch, because that's what my pregnant belly wanted and we needed to get out of the house for a bit. It seemed SO nice out, but in reality the temp was only about 29 degrees. The clear blue skies and sun were deceiving, but it made the ride there and back seem nice. This afternoon we lay in bed for a while and giggled and tickled and talked about cheeks, chins, and eyebrows. I put in her eye drops again and then I started laundry. We have SO much laundry right now. So much. Like probably 25 loads easily. Ardyn is wearing her last Goodmama diaper, I am wearing my last pair of underwear, my last pair of pants, and a too tight t-shirt that is strangling my belly. Every towel is dirty. Ugh.

I have been drinking 7-up because that is the thing that seems to help my throat. I have four totes that I need Evan to take back up to the attic, and then he will bring down the baby swing and bouncy seat.

I see myself doing laundry all night long. I can't believe it's already almost 5pm. Ardyn hasn't napped today, but we did sleep late, so I can't complain. I am sure this will just mean early to bed for both of us, and I can handle that.

Hope everyone is well, and that we will be too, very soon!

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