Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Caught up on Laundry, 49 more scrapbook pages planned!

I am SO caught up on laundry that it's scary. having this rental dryer is a godsend. I can only imagine how much better it will be when we have our new one, which is supposed to arrive at Sears tomorrow.

I always have that backlog of things that I only get to on occasion. Like the spare sheet set, or a couple of throws from the living room, or perhaps that load of bathroom towels that always builds. Or rugs. I am caught up on all of that. I am so caught up that I couldn't find anything else to wash when I emptied all the hampers tonight, and I actually took all my clothes and my underwear and bra off tonight while loading the washing machine. Might as well have everything clean! LOL. I'm actually washing clothes BEFORE the hamper gets full, BEFORE I need underwear, and BEFORE we are out of diapers. He.

I am desperately trying to keep up with everything here, but being gone for several hours each day is starting to get a little annoying. It's nice to be outside and about sometimes, but by the time we get home I am TIRED and just want to nap. For three days I have wanted to change the dining room tablecloth, but I just keep getting the table about 3/4 of the way clean and then get distracted. This evening I did put diapers away, and reorganize Marek's clothes now that Ardyn has her own closet. I have done four loads of laundry already tonight, and am excited to use our new bathroom rugs. I just bought some cheap ones at Wal-Mart. All the rugs that we have (with the exception of one that we received as a wedding gift) I bought before we ever moved in together, on clearance from Wal-Mart. So they are about 10 years old. And when you have a toddler who likes to pee when she gets out of the tub, you wash alot of bathroom rugs. So the old ones are really worn, and I was pleased to grab two new cheap ones and am excited. The rug needs to be big enough for both she and I to sit on in the morning when we get ready to take baths. And I can only imagine how much space we will need when there are three of us taking baths each morning. We also got a new bathroom cup. The one that we have been using is about 8 years old and was getting pretty funky. Okay. It was beyond funky and won't come "clean" from all the toothpaste scum. So we got a new one. I told myself that $1.88 was okay to spend when you have used the same $2 plastic cup for 8 years. LOL.

I feel guilty sitting here writing, when there is so much to DO. Although, tomorrow I have NOTHING TO DO outside the house, and I hope that no one calls and wants to visit or get me into anything, because it will be a good day to do lots of organizing and picking up, and I hope that I can do so uninterrupted (if you count a toddler around as uninterrupted.)

I have to say that Ardyn has been a very good girl lately. The more sentences she puts together, the easier it is for the two of us to communicate, and the better our day goes. Fewer tantrums. Mostly none at all, but today was a harder day. I think she was just tired tonight, and we had to go get weighed in at WIC and she was just not thrilled with anything there. She wanted to have rubber legs the second it was time to measure or weigh her. She didn't even flinch at her finger stick, but she cried hysterically when I tried to hold cotton over the finger (not because it was painful, but because she didn't want her finger held at all.) This evening her cup ran out of milk, and she was tired, and she said "Drink Drink" and I handed her her cup, and she made a HUGE Dramatic deal over putting the straw in her mouth and spitting it out and screaming at me. I scolded her and told her that she needed to use her words to talk to me. Lately she really does understand when scolded, or when my voice changes, and she gets upset and cries and comes at me for a hug. She came and climbed up on my lap and I said "Why are you being naughty? What do we say when we want MORE." and she said... "More Drink Please." Just like that. As long as she isn't tired of frustrated, she does really well communicating.

Well, I just finished a couple more loads of laundry and then sat down and did more page planning for Ardyn's first year. I now have 49 more pages (25 total layouts) sorted and planned, with the pictures cropped and lists for shopping for the correct amounts of papers to match my layout designs. I am super excited about this! Next week when I have my Dr's appt in Peoria I hope to hit Michael's and JoAnn/Hobby Lobby to get all my paper quotas met and then hopefully I can crank out pages before the baby gets here. If not, at least I will be more likely to get something done SOMETIME after he is born.

Everyone have a great night and a great Thursday, it's officially Thursday now I guess so off to bed with me!

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