Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nesting Madness

Today was uber-productive. I should be asleep but instead I am sitting here looking at the "other" half of the bed, which is still full of crap that I haven't found a home for. You know when you clean closets and such and you find those socks that you KNOW have a match SOMEWHERE in your house, and that pair of shoelaces that you aren't sure what to do with, and a bunch of misc things like unidentified keys and hairclips and ankle braces and suddenly half your bed is full of crap and you just can't sleep until you either pile it all into a basket (which you will find 6 months later and regret) or find a home for every last piece? Ugh.

So I guess you could say that "nesting" has finally kicked in, although I think that I am the type of person that is almost always in nesting mode. But today it was pretty intense. I cleaned my closet. Condensed two full bars of clothes into ONE bar of clothes. Packed away maternity clothes (97% of them) and brought out my "regular" clothes. Condensed SEVEN Dresser drawers into FOUR (bras, underwear, socks, pajamas) and them moved all of Evan's closet and his 3 dresser drawers into the master bedroom. In the past he had the closet and drawers in the spare bedroom, but now that is Ardyn's room and it's not only time for her to have a closet, but also time for Evan to be able to get dressed, even if Ardyn has gone to bed or is taking a nap. he he. So we are officially a couple and we now share a closet. Will this end in inevitable divorce? Only time will tell. But really, at this point in time, since i am staying home anyway, Laundry tends to be my job, and if I want to clothes put away, that's my job too, so I guess there is a much higher chance that the closet will remain clean since it is all my domain now. In the past I would have killed him over closet space, but we may be able to get through this. For the sake of our poor innocent children.

So after the cleaning of closets and drawers, I also cleaned our bedroom. I had cleaned one CORNER of the bedroom recently, but that was all the farther I got. This was a full on cleaning, with the only remaining mess being one clothes basket of crap that I need to either sell or part with, and the make-up table that needs cleaning. I just ran out of energy around 4:30, when Ardyn hit naptime and Grandma Deb left us. I really got a TON done in the morning, had totes filled and the closet and dresser already cleaned out, but Grandma Deb came over in the afternoon to rescue Ardyn from her boring morning existence of watching Cartoons in Mom and Dad's room and eating dry Kix from our bed. This allowed me to finish the "cleaning" of the room, and vacuum, steam mop, and move the bed out. Under the bed I found two things that told me it had been a while.... specifically- a pacifier (which Ardyn has been weaned of since about 9 months old, so June of 2008) and the directions for a pregnancy test (which we know was taken almost 36 weeks ago, so July of 2008.) This also tells me that the cleaning people I had who were so anal about everything else never cleaned UNDER my bed. I have cleaned under the bed since then, but hadn't removed the two rolling totes from under the bed AND cleaned at the same time, and apparently the two items in question were found BETWEEN the two totes. So, I can't blame them too much. he he.

So under the bed is clean. NOW a baby can come. Well, not really yet, because I haven't moved Ardyn's clothes from the Nursery to her bedroom. Initially they were all going to stay in the nursery, but she has more clothes, and I want the ability to access them if Marek is napping, and also want to be able to have enough space to seperate her play clothes from her good clothes, etc etc. Now I need to figure out what to use for drawer organizers. I use baskets in the nursery drawers, but these drawers are much deeper, so it may have to be some measuring and figuring out what will fit the best.

I burned some Tangerine Essential oil in the bedroom tonight, so it smells especially fresh. Tomorrow is Ardyn's 18 month appt and she will get shots. not a big deal, but her coughing has started again in her sleep, and was terrible last night and at naptime today, so I medicated her tonight. Poor kiddo. I'm still on antibiotics, but she hasn't had any yet, and I am thinking it's time.

I have still been trying to do laundry, and every time I go down to the laundry room I get that infuriated feeling, because the dryer still SUCKS ASS and I can't wait for the new one to get here. If I wasn't very pregnant there is a damn good chance I would do a dance to the dryer gods around the laundry room when I put my first load in. I may do that anyway. in 20 minutes, the dryer is just over 32 hours away. Assuming that I can get it INSTALLED the same day that it gets PICKED UP. (go evan go!)

I'm feeling especially well, with this new surge of energy. Anyone this pregnant who can get all this cleaning done, and organizing, AND run the dishwasher, make lunch, etc... must be nesting. I feel like this is my last hurrah before this entire house falls completely to hell. I told my mom today, I am just trying to let myself deal with the fact that everything is about to be a total disaster. I told her it's already become incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to keep things clean and tidy, and I am pretty sure that this is the end of every attempt at clean that I have left in my body. I often wonder if anyone besides me (and my poor guests) realize just how badly the toilet needs cleaned AGAIN. I swear I just did it! Damn!

My crotch, hip, butt, and belly muscles hurt so much tonight.... I may need all of tomorrow to recouperate. I should be wearing my belly in a sling.

Throwing everything on the bed into a basket is looking more and more promising every minute. In fact, let me just do that right now. Ahhh. Better. when cleaning in my closet I found two VCR Tapes with no jackets, and thought, hmmm.... is this porn that I forgot I had? And then realized sadly that it was a stray copy of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and a Product Demo tape from Microsoft. Ah, well. That's what happens when you get old.

It is SO windy out tonight. It sounds like it could be the middle of a blizzard. It also sounds like I live at a grain elevator that has all their dryers going.... but no, it's just the wind.

I am also forcing myself to buckle down on the "going through the magazines" thing. I got through all the Scrapbooking ones, and I was so pleased with myself. Now I have a basket full of parenting magazines, with a few decorating magazines for good measure. Well, the basket started to overflow, and then it was a basket and a giant stack. And then the stack got so big that it slid over sideways, so tonight I got through about 6 of them, and tore out the few ideas and recipes that I wanted to save... and put them in the file that is "to file" when I get through them all. I got a few good tips.... like putting a few bendy straws into a plastic toothbrush holder to take with you to restraunts, so your toddler can easily drink... (woot!) and creating a portable sandbox by filling shallow plastic tote with sand and sandbox toys, snapping the lid on, and tossing it in the back of the van when going to the park, a reunion, or to visit friends and family this summer.

I found myself a diaper bag big enough for two in cloth diapers.... and it was only $20 and made by Jeep. nothing fancy LOOKING, but very nice and sturdy, with TONS of room, and it opens nice and wide, which is a pet peeve of mine for most other diaper bags. I posted pics on Flickr if you want to see it in all it's glory.

Ardyn also got a Dora the explorer backpack on clearance for $7, and I can't wait to use it. She wore it all last night and for about 2-3 hours today. Tomorrow we will take it to her Dr. appointment- filled with her magna doodle, some crayons, her two newest easter books, and a few toys. And I will probably throw in some organic vanilla wafers and a diaper and wipes. It will be nice to have her carry her own things! LOL. She is SO proud of the backpack.

Well, it's tomorrow now, so off to bed with my sore butt.
Have a fun Wednesday!

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Candice said...

LOL that sound like nesting all right. I have done that 3 times now and I know what you mean by the sudden urge to do everything until you can't move.. and just about literally can't the next day hehe. My husband (the OCD neatfreak) loved those days and said I should do that every day.

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