Thursday, March 12, 2009

TGIF. My Cervix Hurts and Sears screwed up our Dryer.

You know, I don't think many stay at home mom's say TGIF. To me the weekend isn't a whole lot different than the weekdays. Except for the fact that I don't have to spend it frantically trying to cram everything in so that I can go back to work on Monday. My job is to be a mom every single day.

But today, was quite possibly, the longest day with the most messed up events. I guess I should say that it started Wednesday afternoon when we waited from 2:15 until 4pm to see the Pediatrician for a Well Child Visit. Not a huge deal, because Ardyn is easily able to entertain herself, I had made sure that she was well fed (she woke up chanting for Pizza) and we took her new Dora backpack stuffed with snacks and toys and books. As a matter of fact, she was fabulous. But I was getting increasingly uncomfortable. Cramps. Contractions, that pressure that you just can't escape. And then I had to poop. BADLY. And then I was just even more crampy. The pediatrician visit went well. Ardyn is growing nicely. She loves her Doctor, and even though he was running behind, he stopped to read her the book she handed him when she tried to climb into his lap. Now that is a GOOD Doctor. We have referrals to see both a Pediatric GI and an Allergist about her Dairy Allergy, to see the types of options we have, and to monitor how her tolerance is as she grows older, and get an idea of when we may be able to try to introduce dairy back in to her diet.

After that appointment, we had to run to the Evil Wal-Mart. But we went to the one farther from home, which is much larger and newer. We needed specific garbage bags, and totes to contain all my nesting. Our local Wal-Mart is reorganizing and remodeling, so their new motto is apparently "don't re-order anything, lest we need to move it" and therefore they are out of almost everything we have needed lately. We spent some time in the mart. We spent some money too. We got what we needed. We headed for home. We picked up supper. Evan had band practice. I was starting to feel really crampy and pressured and uncomfortable. I was having the "I'm really hungry" feeling followed immediately by "I can't eat that because food makes me feel nauseous" which was kinda strange. It was almost like my body was revolting food in case I went into labor. I know that when Ardyn was born, I hadn't eaten ANYTHING in 28 hours straight. I remember them cleaning her up and me BEGGING for food and them making me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and me sitting there naked eating it. And then like 8 hours later realizing that I had been holding a bloody cheesey newborn who had POOPED in my hand as soon as I held her, and them wiping my hand down with a cavacide wipe, and me not being coherent enough to even remember to wash my hands before shoving that PB&J in my mouth. And it was the best PB&J I have ever eaten.

So anyway, Ardyn is tired and cranky, I'm at home and we are eating supper, and I have alerted Evan to be on standby because I am not feeling well. He's calling or texting to check on me. I get Ardyn to bed ASAP and then I soak in the tub. The Second bath of the day. But I needed to soak. My back was hurting, I was having shooting pains and muscle pains and contractions. When I got out of the bath I just lay naked in bed and watched TV. I couldn't sleep because of contractions and pressure, and I had to pee literally every 30 minutes. i didn't get to sleep until almost 2am, and then I was up every hour, including from 4-5am with Ardyn and her coughing episodes, giving her ice water to drink and situating her propped up on her pillow again and again until she slept again.

Fast Forward to 7am. Time to get up. So now it's Thursday. I need to get myself ready, and Ardyn ready. We had to have a WIC weigh in at 9am, and pre-register at the hospital's OB unit at 10am, and an oil change at 11:15am. I was so uncomfortable. I alternated between peeing, and sitting naked on the bathroom floor in front of the heater for a good hour. I was so exhausted and sore and tired I wasn't sure how I was going to do ANYTHING today, let alone all those things. I finally decided to just start moving, and got my hair wet down from it's morning "sticking up all over" mode, and then realized that I was going to need help. I asked Evan to get up and help get Ardyn ready for me. To which he headed for the bathroom. I was dressed and had my hair dried. I ended up waking up Ardyn, changing her diaper, getting her dressed, doing her hair, and then thinking that if he could just FEED her, I could do my hair and put on shoes and socks.... and then I looked at the clock and it was 5 till 9. Um. Late. hello. So Evan made toast for Ardyn and I and I called WIC and let them know that I wouldn't be able to make it and we rescheduled for next week. In the afternoon (after they told me 8:30am and I nearly had a heart attack out of frustration.)

So as we are eating toast, I think that maybe it would be better if we just went to the hospital a little early so they could put me on a monitor and see what the hell was going on. The contractions had subsided to the point of being non painful. But I was still feeling pressure, and really crappy. My cervix just HURT. It's hard to explain feeling your cervix, but I just know that's where the hurt was. I called the OB department and they tell me I should come in early. So Ardyn and I load up everything, and head to the hospital, march on up to the OB, and I get on a monitor. Ardyn was SO INCREDIBLY GOOD. She got out her backpack, and entertained herself for two whole hours. There were contractions, but not enough to cause concern. My blood pressure was so LOW that it caused an alarm on the Monitors. LOL. I think 120/45. So they called the midwife and she wanted to have my cervix checked. So they checked my cervix, which for some reason was EXTREMELY painful and about sent me through the roof. I told her it was really sore and tender and she said I was still at a 1 but so so soft it was surprising. The midwife ordered a urinalysis and sure enough, UTI. Caused from the Antibiotics that I am on from the Strep Throat that I am getting over. So that explains all the pressure, and the pain, and the general crapola feeling. So now I only have 3 days left on my antibiotic run, but I get to start a new one tomorrow, for 10 more days. Yaaay!

So this took so long, that I got registered, signed all my consents and paperwork, but had to reschedule the oil change because I couldn't make it there on time either.

So Ardyn and I grab lunch (she's chanting "NUGGETS" at me by now) and head for home. That afternoon Evan was cleaning out the remaining parts of his closet so that we could move Ardyn into the closet. Ardyn was refusing to nap, so I had him watch her while I lay down and took a two hour nap. That was wonderful.

When I got up, I started to move everything into Ardyn's new closet. It is FABULOUS and so nice! I am so happy! I will share pics later...

You may recall that today was also the day that the dryer was supposed to arrive. No phone call from Sears. So Evan calls and is told the truck hasn't been unloaded and to call back after 4m. I call, give them our salescheck # and ask if our DRYER is in. They say yes, it's there, and Evan takes the van and heads off to pick it up. He's worried that while he's gone I am going to go into labor or have an emergency while he is driving the vehicle with the two carseats in it and that is reliable. I tell him to go and not worry, we will be fine. He calls me about an hour later, absolutely FURIOUS. I could tell that he was trying not to SNAP and go postal at Sears. When they got the dryer out to load it, they realized it was a WASHING MACHINE. So here we have waited all week, and come to find out, the chick mis-ordered (and mis-charged) us for a washing machine and not a DRYER. We didn't even LOOK at washing machines. Oh boy. But the bad news, is that we have to wait another SEVEN DAYS for a dryer to come in, and then we have to DRIVE ANOTHER 40 minutes back to the store AGAIN to pick it up. Third trip to the store for this freaking dryer.

So Evan gives me a Sears 800 number and our salescheck number.
I proceed to spend the next TWO and a HALF HOURS on the phone with Sears. Now, you know I don't mind exaggerating numbers for fun now and then, but I want to be PERFECTLY CLEAR that these are the exact numbers..... I was disconnected FOUR TIMES, Spoke with THIRTEEN PEOPLE (who were likely from 9 different nationalities), called THREE DIFFERENT PHONE NUMBERS, and was told twice that I don't exist in their system. I was also given the wrong phone number (after almost two hours) for the customer complaint line, and after three calls and speaking with three representatives from the wrong department altogether, was given the correct one. I was told that Sears customer service reps are not allowed to make any outgoing calls, even to customers who they have been disconnected from. I was told that they could give me their name and information but if I had to call back due to disconnection, I would not be able to be transferred to someone I had already spoken with, even if i DID have their name and badge Id. Finally at 8:01pm I reached someone who spoke clear English, was polite, didn't try to transfer me, never put me on hold, and was from the CORRECT Department. He spent about 30 minutes on the phone with me and in that time checked six other Sears stores for the dryer that we were looking for, checked the backorder status of the dryer in those stores, and also looked at similar models of dryers and their availability. In the end, he couldn't find anything FASTER but he did send us a $50 Sears gift card for our trouble, and asking me to contact our local Rent A Center tomorrow and getting a quote on renting a dryer for 1-2 weeks, and then calling Sears back to see if they will reimburse us for a rental appliance, which they do upon occasion. So tomorrow I call RAC.

And all this Sears BS is going on while my daughter is chanting "EAT" and I am making our supper, feeding it to us, changing her diaper, giving her a BATH, and getting her ready for bed.

THAT is how my day went. So then I had to scrounge around for the last 5 clean cloth diapers, and pack them for school tomorrow. And then I started diaper laundry, knowing full well that it might not be DRY until tomorrow night, because the dryer is taking THREE 180 minute cycles to dry a load, and we feel it's too dangerous to let it run unattended. Maybe the diapers will be going to the laundromat dryer tomorrow. But tomorrow I have to get Ardyn to school, make up the lost oil change, pick up my new antibiotic, and get what will likely be my very last and VERY MUCH DESERVED prenatal massage, which should help with my achey body and put me in a state of mind that helps me cope with all this crap and last the 3 more weeks till my due date.

So How has your day been? LOL.

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Janice said...

I am right there with you. I'm in the tax business and if someone doesn't die in the next 5 weeks it will be a miracle. Think I will have to post a b*tch session myself today.

As you said, TGIF!!!!!!! (except I have to work tomorrow)

Hang in there.

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