Friday, March 06, 2009

I am a laundry machine!!!

It's been a busy day. And really it is far from over.

Ardyn's at school, and I spent the day organizing her clothes.... packing away all 18 months clothes and washing and finding homes for 24 months and 2T Clothes. Which really was alot, because the 24 months and 2T sizes will span several seasons, so she has shorts, skorts, capris, tees, tank tops, and then sweaters, sweatshirts, long sleeved shirts, and pants. I feel like I got alot accomplished. Switching to new clothes is exciting, especially when you have all kinds of cute stuff to put on her. It makes getting dressed in the morning lots of fun. In actuality, I had to buy 3T in the circo brand shorts, because there is just something about those things... they run small. The inseam is so short that you can see the kid's diaper and I always feel like they are up her little butt, which is not cool. she's not a teenager, she's a toddler! So I had 2T in the cart but when I held them up I thought "I don't think these will fit her now, let alone all summer long!" and so I grabbed 3T and sure enough, the 3T fit her right now. Silly, eh? She just turned 18 months old this week! Well, you have to figure that she has quite the cloth diaper bum to cover up, otherwise she might not have that issue.

I had a hard time deciding what to do about pajamas, she hasn't QUITE outgrown all of the 18 months ones, but sometimes I just like to pack the size away and be done with it... except I have No bigger pajamas except 1 pair of 2T and a few 3T that were hand me downs. So I really need to focus on getting some bigger PJ's, but I need to wait until they get some spring ones out and the winter ones go on clearance. I can buy winter ones for next year, like I have done every year so far, but I still can't believe they haven't put them on clearance. She wears a 2T already in a Gerber blanket sleeper, so I will need to get 3T for next winter. I should make a run to the resale shop and check out what they have there for pajamas. Problem is that pajamas usually tend to get ALOT of wash wear, and wear thin fairly quickly.... so there aren't very many used ones to be had.

I also worked on Ardyn's Big Sister shirt today. I can't remember if I posted before about having tried the iron on and it didn't work completely, and ruined a new shirt. I was angry. I got another shirt and tried an identical iron on today and had the same issues. I called the company, and they have offered to have me mail the shirts to them, and they will try to fix them and if they can't they will reimburse me the $ for the shirts and for the iron on's, in product. That sounds like a good deal. i got onery and started to crazy iron on the last shirt, just to see if more pressure and longer heat time would help. The iron in didn't turn out perfect, but it IS much better and useable. I am thinking that maybe the problem is that my iron is dying, and isn't heating evenly or hot enough anymore. I started to think, and I realized that my mom GAVE me that iron like 9 years ago, and she had already been using it before that, and when I mentioned it today, she laughed and said that that was one of the first irons she had ever bought, so it may have easily come from the early 80's. LOL. No wonder it isn't fab. So I decided that tonight, I will get myself a new iron. I am soooo stinkin excited about it. This iron hasn't steamed for AGES, and mom said "just keep your crappy one for when it's time to melt crayons or do other icky kid projects." That's my mom, always thinking. Where do you think I learned all my tricks?

I was especially pleased to get some blankets out on the line today. Ahhh. I am enjoying it while I can because when I have two kids there probably isn't a chance that I will get outside with a basket of clothes and two kids under 2 in order to hang stuff out. When Ardyn was little, I used to make THREE TRIPS to get a load hung up. First I took out the excersaucer. Then I took the basket of clothes and the clothespins. Then I carried Ardyn out and put her in the saucer while I hung up a load. Reverse all that for removing each load. it was tedious. The good news is that our yard will be entirely fenced in this spring, but the bad news is that I will lose my clothesline as it is right on the property line where the fence is going, and there really isn't anywhere else to put it. That makes me so sad. I love line drying, especially the cloth diapers.

I also decided today that I was going to wash the chair cover for Ardyn's land of Nod Chair. The directions say DRY CLEAN ONLY and MIL insisted that I must dry clean it, and after lots of debating, I decided that I don't want to pay money for someone to put chemicals on Ardyn's chair, that I don't want to get it dry cleaned each time she gets a mess on it (constantly!) and that I can buy a whole new cover for the cost of 2-3 dry cleanings, so it isn't worth it. I determined that it's just a polyester twill type material, and that a cold machine wash should be fine. So that's what I did. I didn't even have to stain treat it. Just my Charlie's soap alone took out any strange spots or stains, and I am line drying it outside in the sun. It looks good as new, so I am sure it will fit just fine on the chair. Yay for saving money! The only item that I own that I actually dry clean is a 5x8 foot braided wool area rug that I clean like twice a year. Otherwise, if I can't take care of it at home, I figure it probably isn't worth the time and expense.

Evan brought the swing and bouncy chair down last night, and put it where it goes, much to Ardyn's delight. Evan putt the cabbage patch baby in the swing and she squealed with glee "Swing! Swing!" and tried to push the baby. It was tooooo cute.

Well, time to get clothes off the line while it's still light outside, and get Ardyn from school. Hopefully she isn't bringing home anything plague-like this weekend. My antibiotics are kicking in and although i sound WORSE today, I feel better, and my throat is not nearly as sore. Her pink eye seems to be cleared, so I guess whatever we both had is being killed by the antibiotics. Thank GOD.

I called Singer today and have plenty more to report about the Serger situation, but I will wait for now and make that a post all it's own! Off to get more done!

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