Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beautiful Day!

Today was a really nice day. I was SO happy to not be working! I love spring! Of course this is probably just a taste that will slip away soon, but at least we are getting closer. We HAVE to get Ardyn's sandbox soon. She is so into digging in the rocks and dirt, and getting filthy doing it... I would just feel better knowing that it was cleaner dirt (is there such a thing? LOL) instead of the dirt that is in the driveway.

Today we took our morning baths and I put the diapers in the dryer. Then we packed up and grabbed lunch, and off to my midwife appointment. Before we went to the midwife, I wanted to drive through the park and see if they had opened it yet, because i was hoping we could stop to play afterwards, as soon as we saw the park was open, Ardyn started chanting "SWING SWING SWING" and we had about 20 minutes till the appointment so we stopped. And she ran right for the swings. We ran into my lactation consultant out with her kids, and then we went swinging. She was so excited, and the breeze was nice and warm and blew through her hair and she giggled and said "Whee" and "swinging!" over and over and over. When she was done, she got down, and I said "Let's go for a ride to see the Doctor" and she was right on board. We got back in the van and went to the appointment. Per usual, the baby is measuring nicely, heartbeat is nice, and he has partially dropped, which I was fairly confident of because of feeling my pelvis spreading so much in the last week. She said she could still rock his head a bit above my pelvic bone, so he isn't completely down yet, but this is still a good thing! According to my count I will be 38 weeks this Thursday. We talked about labor, and about where my head is, and where her head is, and we have decided to not check my cervix from here on out. I think that last time, having me walk around at a 6 for so long enticed us into believing that Ardyn was coming early, and then when she didn't, it prompted the induction, and she said she doesn't think we need to know where I am. In some ways I totally agree, but at the same time, it's hard to be able to check and just "not know" when I am so curious. But I can completely see the benefits of not knowing too.... so that's the plan. And now, we wait!

Then Ardyn and I visited some friends at my old work, and had a snack with them, and then headed to the salon to chat with my friend Trish. I made a pedicure apt for this Friday because I really wanted to get my toes painted at least ONCE during this pregnancy, and the closer to delivery the better... and also they aren't exactly easy to reach now. Plus her polish lasts much longer than mine, and the longer it lasts into postpartum, the happier I will be. So I've had my "last massage" and I will have my "Pre-labor pedicure." All will be ready. He he.

Today Ardyn and I both wore green and both wore dresses. The weather was so nice we could not resist. When we got back from our afternoon out and about, she fell asleep in the van. When we got home, Evan was cleaning the garage some, so I sat out in the sun and she sat parked in the van with the door open, and took a nice nap in the breeze. When she woke up, she cruised around the garage in her cozy coupe and her other coupe car, and dug in the rocks, and played in the dirt. She chatted with the dogs and put rocks in a bucket. I love to see her outside, but it's terrifying at the same time because this road is SOOOOO busy and we are SOOOO Close to it. I have to watch her like a hawk and be ready to chase in a second. Sometimes she listens to "No, come back here" and other times, not so much. All it takes is one time. I am so anxious about getting the fence in. It's insane because I think I say, either out loud or to myself, that I can't wait to have the fence up, at least three times a day. And I honestly probably think of at leaast 5 times a day. I wish that men understood how much a mom worries, and how dangerous it is, so that we could get a jump on things. I try to not be a nag, but man does it bug me. If I had the resources, I'd be out there digging postholes and driving posts myself, even 9 months pregnant.

I find myself doing things this pregnancy that I NEVER would have probably done when this pregnant with Ardyn. Sometimes I am finding myself scolding myself, other times I just think "Hey, I could be a slave, or in a third world country, working in a rice patty.... so moving the coffee table by myself is no big deal." I think it helps keep me in shape. He.

The funnest part of my day is when Ardyn starts chanting "eat eat eat" and I have to explain that daddy is on his way home and she has to wait until he gets here. Her attention span is short. Even if I DO get through to her, 2 minutes later she starts her campaign again.

Today she said lots of new phrases, starting with "ready set go!" and when in the bathtub she lay back into my arms to rinse her hair, smiled up at me and said "I got you!" because that's what I always say to her when she gets antsy or nervous when lying back in the water. LOL. Then this afternoon she started "Swiper no Swiping" and "Oh Maaaan!" from Dora the Explorer. Now she's sitting on the couch reading books waiting for daddy and she looked at me and said "Oh, Chicken!" Supper is still on her mind. But she doesn't know yet that we are having hot dogs on the grill with all the accessories of a summer cookout. LOL. I don't dare tell her until the hot dogs arrive. We just called Grandma and Grandpa and mom was watching Dancing with the Stars so she's gonna call us back. I told Ardyn that it was Grandpa and she said "Grandpa? What's he doing?" and I said "He's getting ready to take his bath, because he gets tired and needs to go to bed!" and she said "Grandpa tired. Night Night Grandpa." This kid blows my mind. You just can't get enough of her sometimes.

We saw lots of motorcycles out and about. One crew was completely decked out in harley gear and leather, and it cracked me up because they were talking to a girl standing in a parking lot, wearing plaid pajama pants at 2 in the afternoon. That kinda takes the Harley Edge off their image, KWIM? Ha. It had me picturing all them in pajama pants.

Now Ardyn got Evan's big big bag of Haribo gummy bears. She's big into naming her colors now. She does especially well with Orange, Yellow, Red, and Green. Purple and Blue she gets mixed up sometimes. She calls the gummy bears "fruit!" I bite them in half so she won't choke (although she doesn't, it's a worry with something so gummy) and She doesn't even CHEW the things so I have to cut her off soon.

She's playing with a stray dryer sheet and dropped it, then repeated "Damn it" over and over. Ugh. How does a person stop that without getting her to realize that it's a big deal. And when she says "Frog" it sometimes sounds like "Fuck" to untrained ears (ie, not parents) Oh boy. She doesn't need to hear Damn it to repeat it, she just acknowledges that it means frustration, and I am sure that when I am pregnant and drop things, that probably comes out of my mouth because I know I have to bend over and get it. I am waiting for daycare to hear her say it. Oh boy.

Well, supper has arrived, so I have to go.

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