Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday. Clean teeth.

I hear the tinkling of a xylophone. Ardyn is supposedly napping, but I know better. I hear the occasional pitter patter of little feet, and then the tap tap tinkling tap on the caterpillar xylophone. It was a $4 deal from the resale shop on Saturday. I love how the antenna are your little sticks.... and store on top of his head. Totally cute, and a great bargain price.

We are still all on a wonky sleep schedule. The time change really messed with us this time, perhaps because we didn't see it coming. We didn't know the time changed until about 12 hours AFTER it did. So today we had to go to the dentist at 1pm for all of us to have cleanings/checkups. Ardyn woke up at 11:52am. LOL. And I woke up when she did, and said "We have to get going! We're supposed to leave in less than an hour and we have to shower and get dressed, all three of us!" So we ran around and amazingly were all ready and out the door on time. We arrived at the dentist with 8 minutes to spare. i got my teeth cleaned and got my usual "perfect teeth" report. I have never had a cavity and consider myself exceptionally lucky- although I also have a toothbrush with me all the time and brush my teeth twice a day. Evan got his cleaned for the first time in like 5 years, and has two teeth with decay, that will need fillings in the next two weeks. Ardyn just squealed and ran around and checked the place out. We brought her Magna Doodle and Dora The Explorer Fruit Snacks.

After the dentist we had to pick up our two cases of Rice Milk from Sullivan's and also some dog food, and we went to McDonald's for a very late lunch. On the way home Ardyn fell asleep in the van, and did her usual tricky ploy where she's asleep until the SECOND you lay her in her bed. Then she was up playing, and I couldn't decide if I wanted to really push the nap issue this late in the day, or would I prefer to just let her run around and skip the nap. I figured I would type a blog post, and if she is still awake after that, I will let her roam free and forget nap time. It's already starting to sound quiet in there though. I may be triumphant.

I am working with my limping along dryer, getting caught up with laundry before the new dryer arrives. I just washed ANOTHER Load of Ardyn's clothes. I think this is the 5th load in the last four days. I have gotten all her clothes switched over. Because Ava is moving away, Anya has been passing down a few cute girl clothes to us as she packs and discovers things. She just sent over a couple of REALLY Cute dresses, and I have gotten lots of play shoes and play shirts from her also. It's a good feeling to be going into a muddy Illinois Spring with some play shoes and clothes. LOL. When Ardyn and I went to the resale shop on Saturday, we were looking for pajamas, but there weren't any in 2T. Lots of 3T though. When we went dryer shopping that night, we found that there were lots of cute Carter's PJ's at Toys R Us that were by 1 get one 50% off, so I got two pair of those and a 3 piece set of Minnie Mouse PJ's that had the shorts with shirt and pants also. I love those sets, but they are much more expensive. So I got all those washed and dried last night and just folded them all. I plan on putting them away when she "wakes up" but I am about OUT of room for her clothes. It's been tough to fit both kids clothes in a room with no closet. I have done it okay so far, but last night after putting away a big load that had lots of hand me downs, and lots of sweatshirts and sweaters.... I was realizing that we probably need to kick Evan's clothes out of Ardyn's big girl room and give her that closet to herself. Not to mention it would be great to store toys and things in the closet there as well. So this means that I need to pack away my maternity clothes (which span two seasons) and get out my regular clothes so that Evan and I can consolodate and share a closet in the master bedroom. If I could get that closet ready for her, I would also have enough room to seperate her play clothes from her "good clothes" which would be good for the future when I see her being dressed by my husband and my mom more often than me perhaps.

I feel like I am up to my eyeballs in clothing right now. every day I get closer to getting a handle on things.... and I think if i could just get my maternity clothes packed up, I might feel better. I really only wear a handfull of them at this point in my pregnancy, and with 3 weeks left to go, it seems to make more sense to try to get them packed up and save my few outfits that I wear, and then have some clothes to wear when I come home from the hospital... since in the past I have come home lighter than my prepregnancy weight.... hoping that holds true this time around also.

When we were shopping, we picked out Ardyn's Sandbox. We knew that this year we wanted to get something for the yard, once the fence goes up, and we found one that incorporated a picnic table with a sandbox, which is great as far as space saving, and I can see her sitting at the table coloring, blowing bubbles, or eating a popsicle. It's perfect for two little toddlers, and we were satisfied with the reviews. We haven't bought it yet, but are pretty sure and in agreement that this is the one we want.

Tonight we will probably lay low and do laundry. I am hoping to do sewing again soon, but the sewing room is currently flooded so I stick to the high and dry laundry room when I am in the basement. I have a new iron that I want to try out and a project that I am sewing that would require the iron, but I can't get down to the sewing room to do anything until the water goes down. Ack.

I'm trying to resist napping myself today, so that I can get to sleep at a decent time and get us working well with the time change. I figure if I just keep washing and drying laundry... that might keep me awake. But I am already feeling the urge to lay down my head. LOL.

Take care. More later perhaps.

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