Thursday, March 19, 2009

I adore Organic Cotton.

Today didn't go QUITE as planned. Basically my big plans of doing lots around home, completely failed. Maybe not completely, but mostly. I hardly got any sleep last night, and I can't really remember WHY, but I know my mind was racing racing racing all the time, and I kept waking up and laying awake and having to make bathroom breaks, and having contractions, and getting kicked endlessly. This morning I was exhausted but couldn't sleep anyway. Ardyn and I took our bath and got semi-dressed.

We did take a 45 minute nap this afternoon, which helped. I got several loads of laundry done, including the diapers that I am washing tonight. Last night I finally got the dining room table cleared and the tablecloth changed.
Finally got the Easter tablecloth on....
Then I got all the pictures sorted and the layouts prepared (which I blogged about last night a bit.)

Tonight Ardyn and I popped out of the house and went to Hobby Lobby. We were there for TWO HOURS picking out paper to match all the layouts. I think we did pretty well. I was pleased, and then I got to the checkout and saw how much the paper was and HOLY MOLY- it's time to insure the scrapbooks. But overall I am pleased and excited because now I can get scrapping and get Ardyn's album completed. The only thing I didn't buy was more adhesive. But I have to go to Sterling soon to pick up my Serger (which is unrepairable) and they are the only town in an hour radius that carries the Duck Permanent Adhesives which are the only ones I actually like to use.

I am watching Family Guy, and it's hard to pay attention to the blogging because it's an episode that I actually have not seen. An old lady at the mall gave Peter a titty twister to get away with the last pair of sparkly dragonfly hair clips that he was trying to get Meg for Christmas (after he gave away the family's presents.)

Is anyone else addicted to Organic Cotton? Seriously I never thought there was a noticeable difference, until I went to the green expo last year and bought two pair of B Green Lounge pants. I was instantly addicted. Then I discovered that Hanes was making organic cotton sleepwear, my favorite being the V-neck sleep shirt, and they are now on clearance for $5 each, so I have three of those. I would be thrilled if I could find someone who actually SOLD B Green clothing, because I would never buy another pair of stretchy or lounge pants again, unless they were their organic cotton ones. I bought the last two pair they had in my size at the Expo, and there is just no retailer for the clothing. Some online retailers sell their underwear....

Tomorrow=Pedicure. YAY.

Here are a few pics to share.... of Ardyn's closet, now that Evan and I are sharing the one in the master bedroom and she has one all to herself in her big girl room. The organizer was already there, so all I had to do was add her clothes!
Ardyn gets her own closet
Ardyn gets her own closet

the door organizer is new, we have one on the nursery door that used to hold all her goodies, but left that there for Marek and got another for her.
Ardyn gets her own closet

I watched the episode of Grey's Anatomy tonight that was tivo'd and it was really good. The ending was awesome, and I heard a rumor that Patrick Dempsey was being interviewed and said that they all have two years left on their contract, and that Kathryn (Izzie) wouldn't be leaving the show soon if at all. I haven't investigated that online, at this point it's a rumor I heard. everything I have looked at online does say that there is nothing solid that suggests that she will be leaving at all.

I am watching the Ace of Cakes on my TIVO where Duff makes GIANT replicas of Girl Scout cookies out of cake, and it makes me so sad because NO ONE asked us to buy cookies this year and therefore we have none. So sad. My first year, EVER, in my ENTIRE LIFE without girl scout cookies. Well, maybe as an infant I didn't eat them, but my mom and aunt were Girl Scout Leaders and I was a Girl Scout for over 10 years, so maybe I did. I dunno. I am sad.

It's almost 1am and I NEEEEEED to go to bed. I think I had to much coca cola tonight. LOL. Caffeine doesn't usually effect me, but when I've had this much, it probaby does. Ardyn has school tomorrow so the morning is going to get here sooner than I am prepared for. But at least I have her clothes laid out and also have her bag packed. That's some time saved. But I hope to make myself look a little presentable tomorrow also. maybe. I hope.

Well, have a great night. Gotta take my bazillion pills and then go to sleep.

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Michelle said...

I hope you are feeling well!

Yea, watching that episode of Grey's got me all choked up, thinking Izzie wasn't gonna make it. I think McDreamy will operate on her, she'll be all better, and it will make him want to return to the hospital. JMO.

If I would've known about the GS cookies, I would've sent you some. My daughter sold them for the 1st time this year. Delish.

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