Thursday, March 05, 2009

Coloring Eggs

Well, not much has happened here since the last blog post, unless you count endless laundry, laying on the couch, coughing up a lung, and having razor blades in your throat.

Dr's are pretty sure I have strep throat, and Ardyn is now being given cough syrup before bed, which lasts us about 6 hours before her coughing fits start. I started antibiotics yesterday, and am hoping to feel better by the weekend. Till I do feel better, we are laying low, sleeping as much as we can, and drinking 7-up.

Her Pink Eye is clearing up nicely. From one thing, to the next.

I had an OB appt yesterday, and pried myself off the couch to go. I am dilated 1cm, so that's nice to know. I am 36 weeks today.

Yesterday I put the extension legs on the cosleeper. And tried to take a little walk with Ardyn in the stroller, but the wind was wicked and it gave me cramps and contractions (the walk, not the wind), so we just took a short walk, a few blocks out and back.
Coloring Easter Eggs 2009
Ardyn and I colored Easter eggs today. they turned out really pretty. We did the old fashioned, vinegar, water, and food coloring. My mom bougght me neon food coloring in my stocking a couple of years ago, and it makes awesome play-doh colors and really vibrant easter eggs too! We usually hard boil about a dozen eggs a week, and use them for quick snacks. I decided it would be a good idea to just color them (maybe from now until Easter, depending on how ambitious I get) and then we could eat colored hard boiled eggs. I know the baby will be here before easter, so I wanted to do some dyeing before the baby gets here, otherwise I know it won't get done. Same as my mad reasoning behind having the easter baskets ready early.
Coloring Easter Eggs 2009
I plan on having Ardyn help me fill big eggs with new pacifier's for Marek, before Easter. It might be more fun to do it after he's already here, so she gets a better understanding of who they are for and why. I've got the supplies all ready to go.... can't wait!
Coloring Easter Eggs 2009
I've been working on laundry, but the dryer will only dry one load to the washing machine's THREE Loads, which is really really bad, and so Evan had to take three loads to the laundromat to get caught up so my head didn't explode. We need to tear the dryer apart. I did get about 15 loads done on Tuesday, which was great. I was getting so far behind! (obviously) If we can't get the dryer working this weekend, we will have to get a new one (thank god for a tax return, although we have medical bills we need to pay too.)

I finally got really really tired of the scary cover on Ardyn's Land of Nod Chair. I removed the cover, hoping to wash it at home and air dry it. of course THEN I see the cover is dry clean only, so tomorrow I plan on taking the cover to the dry cleaners... and wonder how long Ardyn will be without her chair. I already see her wandering around in circles where it usually is, like "Uh, mom... chair?"

I still have four totes sitting here looking at me, that I want Evan to take to the attic. I think tonight is the night, but I have to convince him of that. If he puts them up for me, he will bring down the swing and the bouncy chair, which is exciting. I am sure it will be in my way for the next 3-4 weeks, but at least I will have them put together and find a home for them. AND Ardyn can get used to them being around and hopefully learn they are for Marek and not climb on them.

A couple of days ago she and I watched Bridge to Terebithia. I read the book as a kid but it had been so long that I had really forgotten everything about it. The movie was super cute. Then last night I watched "Committed" with Heather Graham, Luke Wilson, and Casey Affleck. It was a great movie. Evan and I laughed at John Stewart showing up in the movie, and Luca from ER. It was funny. The title was a play on words and I just loved the whole thing. It didn't end like I imagined it would, but it was still great.

Ardyn has figured out that you can push a tape INTO the VCR and then eject it for fun. Yesterday she figured out how to grab the fridge door. Then she ran around chanting "I can REACH it" for about 20 minutes. Today her new word is "Whiskers" because the easter bunny has Whiskers, her stuffed bunny has whiskers, and Daddy and Grandpa Dave have Whiskers too!

Well, hope that you aren't sick. We are seriously looking forward to spring over here. Seriously.

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