Friday, March 13, 2009


I am really not superstitious... but this Friday the 13th was kinda icky. Of course even though I needed to be up at 7:30, I couldn't get to sleep till about 2am.

Everything went well in the morning, I was cranky, but Ardyn got to school, I got my prescription, I cleaned in the kitchen and ran the dishwasher, and then hung the load of diapers on the line. I called the Rent-A-Center near us and found that renting a dryer was about $20 a week. Completely worth it for a weeks' worth of sanity. they even offered to have it here TODAY and worked around my appointments to be here when we could be here. THAT Put me in a good mood. the irony was that we were getting a Whirlpool Cabrio, which is the EXACT machine that we almost got, until Best Buy told us all they had left was the floor model.Line Drying

I thought I would get the diapers some fresh air and sun and then fluff them in the dryer when it arrived at 2pm. then I spent an hour and a half on the phone with Sears (AGAIN) to give them the rental information so that they could start a rental reimbursement request. Of course, they couldn't find me in their system. They could find no record of my call last night to the retail support line, and they told me that they don't do reimbursement requests unless I have purchased a warranty/service agreement from Sears. I told them that we DID purchase one, but the dryer hadn't gotten here yet (LOL.) Fortunately persistence and some patience paid off, and we are to take our rental paperwork to the Sears store when we pick up the dryer and we will be "reimbursed by Bob or Damien, store managers." The same store managers who were unable to do anything for us originally, except saying "it was a mistake and we are sorry."

So, with that finished, I went BACK to town to get the oil changed in the van. And it took 1 hour. AND I read three magazines. So then I headed home (late) to find my husband and two very puzzled Rent-A-Center delivery people, with the back door off the house, and the back panel being removed from the Cabrio. turns out, the Cabrio is deeper and wider than your average dryer, and the back panel sticks out to cover up the vent system, which also protrudes from the dryer and makes it larger than most appliances. So although we took our fridge, dishwasher, stove, a chest Freezer, a LARGE Upright freezer, and about three washers and three dryers in and out of that back door.... the cabrio would NOT fit. No matter what. Evan and I could not believe it, and we were thanking our lucky stars that we did NOT get the cabrio at Best Buy, or we would have had a situation all our own to deal with.

So while they were trying to maneuver the thing in the back door, I was shoveling in a sandwich before my prenatal massage appointment, and when I left to go BACK to town for the third time today, i realized that the Van was stuck IN our front yard in the mud... because I had to pull over to the side a bit to let the delivery van through. So Evan had to come out and (unfortunately) tear up the yard to get the van out. So then I was about 10 minutes late for my massage, my jaw was permemantly clenched in frustration, I still had no dryer, and I was TIRED of all the hassling.

So the Rent-A-Center people loaded the dryer back on the truck and took it back to the store, and called a couple of hours later with an alternative, front loading Whirlpool Duet, which they ALSO brought back the same day, installed, and got us up and running.
Rental Dryer

My massage was WONDERFUL per usual, and I kept falling asleep on the table and waking myself up snoring. attractive. I followed the massage up with a free hot fudge Sundae (I had a coupon) and then picked Ardyn up just in time to head home and meet the Rent-A-Center people and watch them slide the new dryer in, no problem, and start drying a load of jeans. Ahhh. So we are in business with a rented front load dryer until our NEW Dryer comes in at Sears- HOPEFULLY this coming Thursday night.

Ardyn had a good day at school, brought home a penguin craft, and a shirt full of paint, food, and mud. I love when I can see that she had a great time, and her play clothes get some real PLAY. We fed her supper, took a family shower (alll FOUR of us) and then I just put her to sleep about 40 minutes ago. Tomorrow we have a family dinner that I am looking forward to, but besides that our weekend is FREE and it's supposed to be about 50+ degrees all weekend, so we are really looking forward to that!

After our shower tonight, I was trying to coax Ardyn into the nursery to get her diapered and in her pj's, and she peed on the floor. It was hilarious, because she looked at me and said "Uh-Oh, I spilled!!!" OMG Too funny. I have to find a way to scrapbook that. kids are so cute!

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PCinAZ said...

Hopefully now your laundry goes much easier and faster for you. Those dryers really make a difference.

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