Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am feeling sore today. pulled belly muscles mostly. I feel like I may benefit from one of those belly support belts that you see in catalogs.... except I hate things touching my belly. LOL.

This morning Ardyn and I took baths, and then got dressed, and then put the mobile and the bumpers in the crib. I put away all the laundry and diapers that I folded last night. I made Ardyn's lunch and ate a bowl of cereal myself, and then started working on my "list" of things.... I cut out the pattern for the boppy cover, and got it ready.
Making a Boppy Cover
For some reason, the pattern just was NOT lining up right. The backside was smaller than the front, and I couldn't figure out if the pattern maker had a REASON for that or if I should be altering them to match. I BADLY wanted to alter it, but I told myself that obviously the pattern maker had made so many before, and so had others online, and no one else had that issue, so the difference in size must be to account for the thickness of the Boppy. I really wanted to adjust it, but I didn't, even though I couldn't wrap my head around how in the world it was going to match up front to back and sew together. Anyway. I lay out the pattern, cut my fabric, and then Ardyn and I went to the sewing room to start. I put the zipper in really easily, and I have probably only done zippers twice before, but I ADORE my zipper foot and I get all excited at the chance to get it out of the accessory box. I was really pleased with the zipper results, I took my time and it looks better than some professional zippers I have seen.
Making a Boppy Cover
When sewing the front to the back, just as I expected, it didn't match. I wanted to again cut some fabric off, but told myself NO and that I would match it up as I sewed, which seemed to be miraculously working... but I feared that at the end I would have excess fabric, and of course, I did. So I was faced with the decision to pucker once or twice and I decided to put two puckers in the fabric at the seams, to make up for the excess fabric. I was so disappointed, in my head declaring it ruined, but when I put it on the boppy, you can't even SEE the puckers and the thing looks so stinkin cute! It has a little bit more excess fabric than a commercial boppy cover, but it is really nice. I am excited at the fact that if I want to adjust the pattern and make another one, it will be just right, and will be even easier because all the hard work is done! I think that the design allows for a little extra fabric, which is okay. The pattern says that the grey shaded areas are just for showing where to overlap, and I wonder if I need to just cut them off altogether to make the pattern be correct. Could easily be a misunderstanding on my part that caused my issues. LOL. And could have caused the excess fabric. Maybe I will try another one with some cheap fabric I have, and take the grey lines out entirely and see if it fits smoothly. Problem is you have to put the zipper in first, and I would feel badly wasting a zipper on a cover that might not fit at all.
Making a Boppy Cover
Ardyn's having a snack and then it's NAPTIME! I might take one too... I probably deserve one. It's rainy today as predicted. Tonight we are eating supper with Evan's dad, since yesterday was his birthday but he has been under the weather. Hope she takes a good nap and when she wakes up we can have a continued good mood all night. The 9pm bedtime seems to be helping also, and the fact that she is saying more words and sentences at an alarming rate and can let me know what she wants and needs....

Have a great day!


Julia said...

I can't believe you made a boppy cover. I literally JUST cut my fabric to make one and bought the zipper today (except i don't think i have a zipper foot for my sewing machine). can i ask you where you got the pattern from?? i kinda just traced my boppy cover and added a little extra for seam allowance, etc. I have NO idea how to sew in a zipper.... any tips??

dazed said...

The pattern came from Economical Baby. Just google it!

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