Monday, February 16, 2009

A pukey Toddler...

I apologize for being a bit behind. Last week was very busy. On Thursday we went to my mom's house so I could work in the scrapbook room. I made the teacher teacup Valentine's, and also got all the mouse valentine's finished for Ardyn's school party. I also picked out the layouts that I needed to get paper for, because Anya and I had planned a trip to Hobby Lobby on Friday because the girls were in school and the paper was 50% off.

We stayed for supper with my parents and got home later that night. Then I had to pack Ardyn's bag and get everything ready for a busy busy Friday. We dropped the girls off at school early, and sorted out the handing out of Valentine's. Ardyn dressed up all fancy for the occasion, and we took juice to school as our party contribution. Then we went to Hobby Lobby and spent LOTS of time going through paper. Ended up that stickers and adhesive were also 50% off, so I got paper for the layouts that I needed, and then a few sheets of stickers that would go with layouts I knew I had coming up. We saw my mom there. Then we came back home. That afternoon I had a prenatal massage, and by the time I got home and got everything unloaded and ate lunch, I was turning around to get the prenatal massage, which I really needed. I hadn't been sleeping well for days (okay, weeks) and was also sleeping upright because the heartburn meds stopped working again. I called the OB and they doubled my meds again. Now I am taking 300mg of Zantac twice a day... which seems to be working for now. I am finally sleeping well after that massage and an upped doseage of meds.

When I picked Ardyn up from school she was completely covered in markers, sticky stuff, and what looked like chocolate. The paperwork said she had pudding and cupcakes (DAIRY!) and sure enough that night her butt started cracking and bleeding something terrible. She she has been in disposables since Saturday morning, with coatings of Desitin or Vaseline to protect her bum.

Saturday night my sister watched Ardyn for a bit while Evan and I went out for a very nice dinner at the Cellar, where we got engaged in 2004. I had jumbo deep fried shrimp, BBQ Charcoal Ribs, salad, fries, and it was DELICIOUS. Evan had shrimp and lobster. We had a nice time.

Sunday I had all kinds of plans to clean at home, but as soon as I started, the contractions started, so I only got one room picked up, vacuumed, and mopped.... while lying down between each task, and eventually just had to call it quits and spent the majority of the day lying down. Ardyn was refusing food and still had diahrrhea (it has been more than two weeks now) and then Sunday night she finally ate chicken noodle soup, which she threw up all over me and the couch about 5 minutes later. Then in the night last night, she must have thrown up again at least once, because when we got her this morning she was crusted... in her hair, on her face, her whole bed, the animals, sheets (which I washed yesterday along with all her blankets) and the rug next to her bed. So I stripped her and gave her a serious soapy bath while Evan stripped and scrubbed her bed. It's 1:26pm and I have gotten her to eat about 1/3 of a snack cup of applesauce. That's about it. She seems to be playing well, only feels a little warm, is still sipping some water and milk, and has had a really explosive and stinky diaper. Poor Beebs. And so we all are lying low and taking care of her.

I am hoping to vacuum and mop a few more floors, but after yesterday's rounds of contractions, I might just have Evan do it for me.

Ardyn was so cute yesterday, she wanted to ride around in the new stroller, which she refuses to get OUT of. She loves it. Evan cruised her around the living room, dining room, and kitchen. She loves to have the canopy down over her head, and waved at me as she passed by the couch.

Well, I need to go and get laundry done.... I have clothes and bedding and towels, and it just needs to get done.

UPDATE: Now the ped's office believes she has Impetigo Strep in addition to whatever is going on stomach-wise. We are treating her with Neosporin. I have gotten about 5 ounces of Pedialyte, 1/3 container of applesauce, a cup of dry cheerios, and a few cracker nibbles into her belly today. I hope she feels better soon.... I just put her down for a nap. Poor Beebs.

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