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Good Wednesday. It's cold. We were planning on swimming today, but that would mean that I would have to split the last $10 I have between standing out in the cold and pumping $.75 of gas into the van, and spending $5.25 to lug a bunch of crap to the pool so we could swim, and I just don't think that sounds like fun today. Evan promised he would put gas in the van for me this morning. That didn't happen. Just like he didn't unload the dishwasher last night, when he insisted that I leave it and he would do it. Good thing I already knew that he wouldn't do it, and rinsed the pots and pans from supper. Oh well.

We are getting ready for bathtime, so I will probably take a blog break and then come back and finish. The tub is filling. I am thinking that today at home might be best spent in the sewing room, which is also in close proximity to the laundry room, which means I can switch laundry easily and hopefully put the sewing room back together since we had the water from "the great thaw" and then get some sewing done. I desperately need to call Singer about the serger, but the conversation is already in my head, the part where no one can help me over the phone and I end up wanting to cry. So I keep putting it off. But without my serger I feel like a lost soul who has projects stacking up. Ugh. I will just use the sewing machine for most of them, no big deal, but cutting all the onesies off into t-shirts does not seem as fun without a serger. Double hemming is not my idea of a great time. But neither is screaming at an inanimate object like the serger, so I guess I will have to pretend. But seriously, what good IS the serger if I can't even USE it? Maybe today is the day.

At least I would like to make my boppy cover, and work on the postpartum pads.... but I really feel like I need the serger for the pads, and it's gonna drive me batty to try to figure out a way around serging them. With so many layers, Turning and topstitching doesn't seem like it will work well... but I guess I will have to try.

AB: After bath

I have gotten some good mail lately. I had listed a bunch of girly diapers on Diaperswappers, and I ended up making some cool trades. I had one mamma who traded me a set of 5 Wool Dryer balls. I had coveted some for a while, but they aren't cheap, and it's just one of those things that you don't put at the top of your "go out and buy" list. I was so tired of the Dryer Max plastic balls falling apart. I had 6 total and I was down to three. I have two sitting here that I kept to turn in on warranty, because they supposedly have one, but I can't find any contact information or warranty information for the company online. Ugh. the wool ones are supposed to last and last like forever, so I wanted to try them. Plus they are all natural and not full of toxic plastics, so I figure why not? Well, they arrived about two days ago and I started using them and WOW do they make a difference. I have 5 wool balls and 2 Dryer max balls going in each load now, and my drying time has been cut almost in half. We were having issues with our dryer not keeping up, and wondered if the heating element was going bad, but now I am able to dry a load of jeans in one dryer cycle, when it was taking at least TWO cycles before. So I am saving time AND money. And Energy. Yay! I like them so much I am thinking of having her make me some more. They are louder than dryer max balls, but I kinda like it because then I know when the dryer is running or if it's done. I can't hear the buzzer on the dryer from upstairs, so we just turn it off. Plus I have found that it reminds me to continue doing laundry because every once in a while I will hear the dryer balls bouncing around in there and be like "oh yeah, I need to go switch laundry....." instead of forgetting.
New Wool Dryer Balls

Another mamma made me a custom pair of wool footed longies for the baby. I sent her a onesie and asked her to cut the bottom off and use the fabric for the top of the footies. The onesie was part of a package of 5 that matched, so now the woolies match 5 different shirts. Yay! They turned out super cute.
Custom Footed Wool Longies

I also recently got a pair of Woolybottoms footies, that were a collab with Goodmama, and they used the Goodmama Jolly Roger fabric for the tops of the footies. They are a heavier weight and SUPER SUPER Stinkin cute.
Woolybottoms/Goodmama Collab Wool Footed Longies

And of course, Goodmama has been having a buy 2 get 1 free Fitted Diaper sale. We use goodmamas as our primary daytime diaper (they are the best, hands down), and as soon as Marek is a few months old, he will be wearing them too. So I have been trying to stock up so that I have enough for them to both wear Goodmamas all day long, and I think I am finally close to having enough. I think I have something like 24 Goodmamas now. For the longest time, I was trying to avoid the buy 2 Get 1 sale, because I had no cash, but after selling some diapers and things, I was able to buy 4 get 2 free, which added 6 new Goodmamas to my stash. Yay! I added Paint with Water, Yellow Iron, Groovy, Beach Towel, Blast Off, and Prism. (you can see pics of those by clicking on the link above.) So by buying 4, I got $70 in free diapers. Unfortunately the Groovy DIaper arrived with snaps that weren't functioning, but I am in the process of sending it back and having them repair it. I also have tons of wetbags, and so far theirs are my favorite wetbag. the PUL is thick and the prints are adorable. I figured that in addition to having at least two medium wetbags to go out and about with (one for each kid) I would also need to always have one clean for Ardyn on school day, and also one for our bedroom to keep near the co-sleeper for overnight diaper changes. I love that their medium wetbags have a nice and sturdy hanging loop. I recently got Merryville and Songbirds.... And I love them. The goodmama buy 2 get 1 sale ends Feb 7th at Midnight. I am dying to get just THREE MORE but I am waiting to see if I have $$ and if she stocks more diapers because I don't need or want any of the ones she has now in stock. She has lots of cute girly ones, but I am trying for more gender neutral diapers. Although I do want Hiding Giraffes... If I had just three more, I would be sure that I would have enough for both kids for two days. We will see. I just feel like it's smart to take advantage of this sale as she has NEVER done a sale in the past and I can't imagine when and if there will ever be one again.

Enough diaper talk.

I have rearranged and cleaned most of our bedroom, to make room for overnight diaper changing supplies and also the cosleeper. Last Night Ardyn slept in her Toddler Bed for the first time overnight. I just decided it was a good night to try, and she slept all night, clear till 9:45 this morning, without a single peep or issue. I heard her wake up at about 8:30 and put herself back to sleep. It is a great feeling to have her transitioning completely. Soon Evan will be able to move the crib mattress up and I can put the bumpers and mobile on. Good Deal. She loves her big girl room, and so starting with naptime, it was really a fairly easy transition.

This week we need to finish our Valentine's, both for family and for school. I am still waiting for her Valentine Outfit and shoes to arrive from eBay, I guess today would be a good day to check our tracking info and see if they are close.

I bought a used easter dress on ebay, and it arrived ADORABLE but was $5.08 postage due. I have been trying to contact the seller for 6 days now, and haven't head back, and I am extremely frustrated and worried that she is ignoring me.

Well, if I don't get off here I won't ever get sewing done. So bye bye

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