Friday, February 06, 2009

Yay for Friday!

I love Fridays! I really do. I get so much done that I am able to relax much more on the weekends. Today I opened up windows in each room while cleaning. I picked up Ardyn's room, the bathroom, the living room and dining room, and vacuumed and mopped each room. I can't get enough of my steam mop. It's so awesome. I was able to do all of the above in less than 2 hours. Since it is nice out and I am on a roll, I am thinking that next is to let the dogs out to the kennel, or at least to the yard for a while, and clean the front porch and steam mop it. I haven't steam mopped it yet and it could certainly use it.

I have contacted Sealy about our mattress pad. When we bought our King Sized Mattress in 2007, I bought a Sealy Waterproof Mattress pad the same day. Most of you who have a new mattress know that any stain on the mattress will void your warranty. And when you have a kid, you are bound to have a stain. Well, we only was the mattress pad every 3-4 months... and I wash it alone, according to directions, and dry it according to directions. After about a year there was a tear in the underside vinyl, and I didn't notice it right away, but with each wash it got worse, and then soon there were big gaping tears all over. So it's supposedly (according to Sealy) under a three year warranty, and I saved my receipt when I purchased it from Sears. It was just under $50 and that was on SALE. The furniture store wanted to sell me the EXACT Same Sealy Pad for almost $90. Uh- No. So now Sealy has emailed me back and is asking if I bought the mattress pad WITH the mattress. Hmmmm.... sounds like they are going to try to prevent me from using my warranty.

I also have still been trying to contact provocraft Re: The Cricut Rebate Issue. Today I sent yet ANOTHER Email to their support department, and copied that email to the Rebate Department. I am so sick of trying to figure this out. Sometimes I feel that rebates really are just giant scams. Here is a copy of my email sent today:

This is my third email to you since January 19th. I have also been trying to reach you via telephone since January 19th, and am constantly told that you are experiencing high call volumes and that I need to call back later or send you an email. This is a vicious cycle that is very frustrating.

I did send a copy of my receipt with the rebate. Your directions were not clear as to whether or not you wanted the copy or the original. I am emailing to request that you allow me to mail in the original and still receive the rebate. I have seen that many scrapbookers in online communities are talking about this issue and I hope you will contact me soon to resolve it.
Ugh. Think they will ever get their stuff together and answer?

What else is new.... Can't think of much. I took a few pictures of the belly yesterday, I don't have makeup on and I don't match, but you can head on over to Flickr to see if you want. Yesterday I took the Serger to the repair shop, cross your fingers that resetting the timing will be simple and not a huge expense. I am a little worried, but I know that they are great with sewing machines and sergers, and I trust them completely, so now I just cross my fingers about the cost.

I also had an opportunity to take photos of the entire stash of goodmamas yesterday. It's a rare occasion that they are all clean, because we use them as our everyday diaper. I even had all the wetbags clean. Here's the whole stash:
Goodmama Stash 02/05/09

And here are just the diapers. 24 total right now:
Goodmama Stash 02/05/09

That would be enough to Cloth Diaper two toddlers for two days, but not sure if it will be quite enough to do a toddler and a breastfed baby for two days. Probably not, but I have prefolds and MEOS for backup and while the others are in the wash. I am feeling stash nirvana now, and feel "ready." Plus I do have to consider potty learning for Ardyn sooner than later, which will free up diapers!

The month of February is a nice one. When I finish this post, I will clean off the dining room table, take some heartburn medicine, and work on Valentine's. That should take a good chunk of the rest of my afternoon.

I hope everyone is well. All's well here, with the exception of the usual pregnancy discomforts... slow digestion, and feeling like I am not tall enough anymore, as he starts to squish my organs and crowd my ribs. Won't be long and he should be dropping down and relieving some of the pressure...

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