Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cleaning and Nesting Frenzy...

I did so much today it disgusts me. I don't know where this sudden energy is coming from, except perhaps sheer panic that as of tomorrow I am 35 weeks pregnant and within the next 5 weeks could have a new baby.

This morning I was up and cleaned the dining room, living room, and kitchen, and vacuumed and steam mopped all three rooms and also the pantry. I Dusted. I scrubbed the chair that Ardyn's high chair is strapped to. (before my mom came over and scrubbed it again, not knowing that I did my best already.) I took a shower and got spiffed up for a doctor appointment I dried a load of Diapers. I made Ardyn's Breakfast and her lunch. I dressed her. I went to my doctor's appointment, then to the car wash- I cleaned out the van and got it washed and vacuumed. I drove home (it's an hour each way to the specialist, what a waste of 1/4 tank of gas.) and immediately brought in the infant carseat so that after Ardyn goes to bed I can readjust the straps for the baby and test it out in the new double stroller.

Before Evan left for band practice, I went to the attic and pulled out several totes and some misc. baby stuff. Evan brought down what I needed and I put up Easter decorations. THEN I put up St. Patrick's Decorations in Ardyn's room/playroom, just for safety's sake. I went through two totes of baby gear, pulled out what I needed, and put these things all in their "homes." (Bottles, nipples, breastmilk storage gear, baby bathtub, burp rags, infant pacifiers, bottle brush, nursery sanitizer, swing seat and mobile, crib mobile, and crib bumpers, and the boppy pillow.) Tomorrow if I can convince Evan, I will have him take up those 4 totes and then see about bringing down the swing and bouncy seat. Should be interesting.

Might do another load or two of laundry tonight, or maybe just concentrate on folding Ardyn's clean clothes and diapers that are in baskets and waiting for me. My butt muscles are twitching so maybe I will just sit down and watch TV while folding. And it is 9pm and I DO need to eat supper.

Peep Peep!

I feel like I have so much to do, and so little time. I haven't heard back from Singer, and the serger is making me so so sad. I have so much to accomplish with that damn thing. I've still not bought the risers for the co-sleeper, to make it match up to our higher bed. I need to go through my list and see what all else I can accomplish. I want to throw out the breastmilk in the freezer since it's too old to get used for this baby, and I do not want someone giving him old milk by mistake. His clothes and diapers are all put away and ready, and both our hospital bags are packed. Man it will be here soon!

I keep telling myself I am going to regret all this tomorrow, but so far the nesting bug and last minute endorphins must be keeping me going. Hope it lasts!

Have a great night and a happy Thursday. I can't want because I get to be home at least all day. It's supposed to rain, which is a sucky contrast to today's 60 degree weather when I had all the windows open all day. It got the germs out and made cleaning everything that much more pleasant!

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