Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is Kate Gosselin Crazy?

So far, good day. Okay. Great day. Yesterday not so much. Ardyn was a terror and threw tantrums all day long. She refused to nap and was really onery. She went to bed early.

Yesterday I got the used Moby wrap in the mail from my friend, and I really think I am going to like it. I don't like that it makes me look about 25 pounds heavier but I was able to even carry Ardyn in it for a bit with only discomfort to the pregnant belly.

Last night my sister came over to shower after Ardyn went to bed, because her hot water heater stopped working. I made twelve of Ardyn's mouse valentine's for daycare and grabbed her a cute used outfit and shoes on eBay to wear to school the day of the Valentine Party. My luck it will snow and they will cancel school. LOL. Liz and I watched the newest episode of Girls Next Door, and then I watched the newest John and Kate Plus 8 and also the Newest Grey's Anatomy. Okay, I am obviously not the smartest person on earth, because that last episode of Grey's left me more confused as to what in the HELL Denny was doing there. I don't get it. Do they mean that Izzy is mentally ill? Terminally ill? I don't get it. At all. And I feel stupid. It just made my head hurt.

Now I could write an entire blog post about the John and Kate episode when they take the kids to see the new mansion house. I am actually very happy for them, and that they will have more room, etc etc. But I was a little unnerved by Kate's comment "It's mine as far as the eye can see" and alot disturbed by her moaning and groaning about cleaning out a fridge that I can only IMAGINE looked much worse in person, because I couldn't see any of what she was complaining about from my TV. Maybe I need a bigger one.

I thought maybe the fridge just looked much worse in person than you could portray on TV, but the fact that she took FOUR HOURS to clean just the fridge side of an already empty refrigerator... when it takes me about an hour to empty out a completely full one and dispose of very questionable and unidentifiable items, clean all the shelves and bins, wipe down all the walls and door, and put EVERYTHING back inside.... I felt like she was really being a bit of a drama queen. And then, I saw her CLEANING THE DRAWER TRACKS WITH A TOOTHPICK and I about died. My sister was as shocked as I was, so either we are both filthy creatures, or Kate is incredibly crazy. Seriously? I mean when you put food in the fridge it's in a freaking CONTAINER and is any of your food going to touch the insides of the drawer slides to the point that you need to clean it with a toothpick? OMG. I generally like kate, but I am starting to worry about her.

I have never liked the fact that her children are rarely allowed to just be kids. She has the luxury of taking her kids outside of her home to do crafty and kid things, like to the crayola factory, the bakery to make cakes and cookies, and the pottery class was done entirely in a store. Yet she is still practically having panic attacks at every turn. I feel badly for the kids because they aren't being allowed to "BE KIDS" and they certainly can't get messy. And she is missing out on so much fun with them, because she is so worried that they will get dirty. I mean, I feel for her, because I assume that 8 kids is 8 times as bad as having one little toddler monster, but how do you suppose pre-school does it with a whole classroom of 3, 4, and 5 year olds? Seriously? I was a teacher's aide in preschool and we managed just fine.

Another mom recently pointed out to me that her kids are 4 years old and she still wipes them. I seriously hadn't considered that myself, but when I was 4 years old I was in Kindergarten and I damn well wiped myself. I also brushed my own teeth and got myself dressed. I have alot of like for Kate, but I am starting to wish the series would end and those kids could move on with their lives and just be themselves instead of puppets in a reality TV show. Not to mention poor Jon.

Okay, onward. So today my Monster Steam Mop arrived. I am so thrilled. You can read the review below for full details, but I vacuumed and mopped the kitchen, bathroom, and both Ardyn and Marek's bedrooms. I also started diaper laundry, and unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded it to wash dishes from yesterday. I had another instance of the dishwasher running but not cleaning anything, but I believe it was because the soap packet got hung up on the crock pot stoneware and didn't dissolve. So I had to re-run it last night to get everything clean. Ardyn just fell asleep and so I am highly debating taking a nap myself. I don't FEEL tired, but I think it's probably not a bad idea to lie down and try to nap anyway. Couldn't hurt. More later maybe.


Amanda in RI said...

I completely agree with you about Kate G. I had to stop watching the show. I just couldn't take it any more. :)

Sakura said...

Yes, she is crazy OCD and her fears are multiplied by 8 lol. I could only imagine, if I was that OCD and well I didn't want to say it but anal about things and had 8 kids I'd be insane. Of course I would have all the kids I could, but kids do need to be kids, it only happens once! My kids love to watch 'the lady with all those kids'. :)

Jennifer said...

You took the words right out of my mouth! I watch the show out of pure entertainment. She is crazy, he is whipped & those poor kids are gonna turn out to be serial killers someday.

&xiinyii <3 said...

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