Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Purple Castles, Painting with ketchup, Privacy Please (I'm pooping!)

The people from Hunter called back this evening about the Humidifier. They will replace it under warranty, but of course when they called they wanted the serial number, and not only was I in the bathtub, but Ardyn was napping in her room, where the humidifier is. I asked if they could call me back tomorrow, but NO, I have to call them (this will be time number 4) and when I explained that last time I was on hold for 24 minutes and still got no one, and that I had to wait 12 minutes to even leave a message, they said that's the only way they can be contacted. So I am SO looking forward to calling them, waiting on hold, leaving a message, and then hoping that when and if they call back, I am here to take their call and give them the serial number. Can't any of this be done via email? Ugh. I think they need a lesson in customer service.

I uploaded a picture to Flickr of the maternity swimsuit that I scored on eBay for $29 (it's $78 retail right now, so great deal) and within three days it had 79 views. That kinda freaks me out. Must be lotsa people out there looking for pictures of models in maternity suits? LOL.

Today Ardyn saw Evan playing DS and grabbed his stylus and started "playing" herself. She was very serious about it and knew exactly how it worked. So her word for the day was "Stylus." She has said several new words lately (at least one a day) including "oops", "Owie", "Happy" and "Stylus."

Demonstrating her Stylus skills:
Today she said "Stylus"

It was a good mail day. My amazon order, which I have been waiting for since after Christmas, finally arrived (or at least three of four packages of it arrived.) I used Christmas money to get a walk-through baby gate and two Kiddopotomus Swaddleme's, another changing pad cover, and also a carrying case for my DS Lite. We had tried to get one when Evan got the DS for me (my Christmas Gift) but couldn't really find one that we liked. Of course there was one on Amazon that I liked. It's a super cute little purse and it fits the games, the DS, and the charger, which is perfect. The gate came UPS and as soon as I saw the box I was worried, because it looked like it had already been opened and taped shut. Great. A return that someone else had already screwed with. Just what I wanted. Sure enough, I was so excited and had been waiting forEVER, and it arrived without the mounting screws and without the wrench. So It's completely worthless. I just have the gate and the footpedal. So I called the company and they are sending me the parts, no big deal except I have to wait 7-10 more business days, and if I know the post office, it will be longer, because stuff has been taking FOREVER to get to us. The amazon packages left Forest Park, IL on Dec 28th and Dec 30th, and arrived on January 8th? I can drive there round trip in less than 3 hours, but it took the post office 10 days to get it here? I know that the new year was a holiday, but still, a letter crosses this state in 1-2 business days. So anyway, now in addition to spending all day trying to keep Ardyn out of the nursery, I get to keep her away from the "pieces" of the unusable gate that we did receive. It just makes me cranky to look at it. Must be pregnancy hormones or something.

Tonight Ardyn and I did run to the evil store and exchange the bird feeder for another, which is now suctioned on the window of her bedroom. It is exactly at her eyeball level, so she walked up to it and said "Bird" about a thousand time tonight, but I don't expect we will se birds in the dark. HOPEFULLY tomorrow they will find the feeder. Of course after calling for birds and not seeing any, she said "Mouse?" and I had to look at her and explain that not everything is a MOUSE. (again)

I need to list my Halo sleep sacks on ebay. I have 5 or 6 of them. They worked well but the Swaddleme's were much better for us, and so now that I have 4 swaddle me's, I am comfortable getting rid of the halo sleep sacks. I think. The only thing is, that Ardyn was a fall/winter baby, so the halo sleep sacks were all fleece. Since this one will be a spring summer baby, the sleep sacks that I have now are primarily flannel, cotton, and bamboo. So I am thinking, as soon as I sell the fleece halo sacks, then I will have another winter baby and wish I had them. And then I just tell myself that I can always buy more fleece swaddleme's if that happens, since the swaddleme's are my preference anyway. Don't you hate dilemas like this? And then I think about how much more expansive these Halo sleep sack swaddles are than the swaddle me's, and I worry that I won't get my momey's worth out of them anyway. Ugh.

Last night I added another skein of yarn to the baby's afghan. This of course, was after spending 20 minutes untangling the yarn because Ardyn got ahold of it. And I listened to Dane Cook on the iPod while I crocheted. Then I would two skeins of yarn into balls for my Next project. When I opened my hook case, I saw that all my hooks were there but an I-9, and then I started to wonder not only where it went, but if I actually had one (I thought I had all sizes, so that was baffling.) Tonight on my way to the evil store, I had an epiphany that I may have let C Borrow it, but then I thought I perhaps had dreamt that, or that I had lent it to her but she gave it back and I stupidly just never put it back where it went and now it's floating somewhere in this house. Ugh. So I called C and confirmed that indeed she had one crochet hook that was mine and it WAS an I. Lucky me. I have about 2.5 skeins of yarn here to add to the baby blanket before I should start on the new project, so in a way, it's a good thing that C has my I hook, otherwise I would be tempted to use the new chocolatey-aqua yarn and not finish the project that I have going, and that's my bad habit. And did you KNOW that JoAnn's has all their yarn on big time sale this week? Good thing i am far away from them and have already spent my money this week. So C, keep ahold of I until you see that I (as in me, not the hook) have completed the baby afghan. It would be for the best.

I have two Jodi Piccoult books to read, but tonight I think is a good night for a Tylenol PM. Last night, even AFTER winding down with crochet in bed, I was laying there from 11:30pm until 3:30am, wide awake and really really pissed off about it. Damn pregnancy! Then I woke up every hour from 3:30 till 6:30, to pee of course, and then I was awake from 6:30 until about 8am. Ugh. Then I got another 3 hours of sleep luckily, so the night ROYALLY sucked for me. I don't know WHAT is going on that makes me so uncomfortable and waking up all night. For some reason I don't like taking Tylenol PM while pregnant this time around, because it makes me have really messed up freaky dreams. I have strange enough pregnancy dreams already, like the one a couple of weeks ago in which Brandon Sierens built a gant purple castle across the road from Angie Kerber's parents house. And Angie's parents were selling dog beds that were GIANT and all plaid like Scottish kilts.... they even had awful gold tassels on the corners. Bizarre shit I tell you. Tylenol PM sometimes freaks me out these days. I would rather have unisom anyday, but the midwife insists that Tylenol PM is the only safe thing. So I guess I will drink some chamomile lemon tea and have a couple tylenol PM in the hopes that I sleep well for once.

My poor child will hate me someday, but I have some adorable pics on Flickr of her covering her eyes. Why? Because she is pooping. And she wants privacy. It's her new thing. Check them out flickr friends!

I am also going to read the book "The Creative Family" By Amanda Blake Soule. Here's a link to her blog, with some info about the book. I will let you know what I think. Right now I am excited, but there are alot less photos than I expected. I am that strange person that won't make a new recipe without a photo. So I am hoping that I am still inspired to do the crafts and family ideas if I can't see a picture. Mostly what I got from Amazon reviews, the book is very much about the Waldorf lifestyle. I am looking forward to reading it. Many people said that the book was just several crafts from other sources (like Martha Stewart) all revisited into her book... I don't mind that, unless I have actually seen them all. Only time will tell.

You know that I am trying to particpate in my own, self-made Wal-Mart ban. Well, I was there yesterday and today (bird feeder) and today they had put out more cheap garanimals seperates for summer, and so I bought some more, because she kid desperately needs cheap clothes in the next size up. And then when I got into the parking lot, I was irritated while waiting for some older lady and her OLD mother, while it's blowing and blowing, and they are in their car with the doors all hanging open and I have Ardyn and am trying to get her in the van but can't GET to the van. The same people were backing OUT of a parking spot backwards when I arrived, only to pull back into it and go in the store, and then were in my way THREE TIMES when I was in the store. Ugh. So then as I am trying to maneuver and get Ardyn in the van, my freaking receipt blew away. And I couldn't catch it. So I got in the van and chased it. Across the lot, around the side of the store to the BACK of the store (yes seriously) and then it miraculously stopped and I parked and hurried and got OUT of the van, and (pregnant mind you) ran after it, just as I got close the wind took it again, way back to the back entrance, and then across the road and into the cornfield by Culver's, in the dark. Fucking wind. Fucking Receipt. DAMN YOU Wal-Mart!

I was going to go get groceries at Sullivan's, but after the whole experience of getting in and out of the van and store and it being so windy, and then chasing the receipt, I decided to just go HOME and be warm and we can eat cereal the rest of the week instead of food. Ugh. I will go another time, when it's light out, and perhaps warmer, and perhaps without Ardyn. Or with her, if it isn't so cold and windy.

Sorry if this post feels like a giant bitchfest. LOL. This is the place where I get to vent.

The internet is suddenly being SUPER Flaky tonight. I am having a hard time connecting to things. Flickr uploader isn't moving along, I can't load webpages, and blogger isn't autosaving. It worries me that I might be *gasp* without internet suddenly and without warning.

Ardyn is eating chicken tenders for supper. Delicious and nutritious! LOL. When I make her food, I often turn on Blues Clues or Backyardigans, while I cook. Sometimes I put her in her chair and start to feed her without remembering to turn the TV off. So tonight she was doing her usual "LEAN to the right" to see the TV, and between bites she would say "A Clue! A Clue!" I had to turn it off. I hate the TV on while she eats. And of course she hasn't even finished the last bite when she decides it's time to fingerpaint the tablecloth with her ketchup. Bless her little heart.
This is what Happens when I forget to turn the TV off at mealtime

I thought Evan might scowl at me this week when I suggested that we would need to get rid of our magazine rack in the bathroom. We needed a good place for her potty chair, that is consistent and convenient. He wasn't upset in the least, and we both agreed it would work well on the other side of the bathroom to store baby and toddler bath supplies. It clears up the clutter on the side of the tub (shampoo and such) and we can just roll it over when it's bathtime. I am loving it. The tub kneeler and armrest fit on the bottom shelf with a little wiggling, and it's nice to have a place for them when we want to just take a shower or bath of our own without them in the way. It's also nice to have a place to put washcloths and towels within reach. I would like to get a hooded bath towel that's bulkier and bigger, for Ardyn. I love the Pottery Barn Toddler ones, but they are expensive.... I will need to look for an ebay deal on one.
Baby/Toddler Bath Center

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