Friday, January 23, 2009

End of the Day. And Week!

My prenatal massage was AWESOME today. No more headaches. She said I had a ton of tension and knots in my neck and shoulders. I AM going back. The last time I had a massage of any kind was July of 2007! That's too long!

Marek's Coming Home Outfit!

Marek's Coming home outfit arrived today. It barely looks used at all! Also got a cheap pair of newborn longies with fleece elephants in the mail yesterday. I washed all of them today with Ardyn's laundry.

Marek's First pair of Fleece Longies

Our suction cup bird feeder just isn't attracting any birds. But neither is the half loaf of bread that I have been scattering outside for weeks. Tonight I put up a bigger, actual bird feeder a few feet from the suction feeder, hoping to draw them in. I also put a suet bell just a few feet from that in a little Hydrangea tree. Come ON Birds!

Today I stripped a bunch of wool, and then washed it, and now I am lanolizing. I had to go to the hardware store because I didn't want to mess with batches in my stockpot or a dishpan, I wanted to fill the one side of the utility sink and do it all at once. Unfortunately the only stopper that I had for the utility sink was a flat "universal" one that was barely sealing. It was okay, but I have wanted a regular stopper for a while. Of course none came with the sink (argh) and on the way to the hardware store I remembered that I forgot to measure the drain hole. So I eyeballed it, and grabbed two different sizes that were SO Similar you wouldn't be able to tell unless the package was marked. Then when I got home I had to eyeball and decide which one was probably going to work. I was hoping I would get it right the first try so that I could exchange the unopened one for an identical one of the right size. Luckily I DID get the right one on the first try. So now the whole right side of the sink is Wool, Lanolizing in "Monkey Farts" Lanolin. Mmmmmm.

I have four or five scents, and I always have a hard time deciding which one, and then I end up using either Monkey Farts or Pink Sugar. I have Sandalwood and Pumpkin Pie too, but I can't get past the two I love. I suppose when I run out... I will use the others, because they are fabulous scents too. Sometimes I split the wool and lanolize one half with each fragrance.

I took back shirts of Evan's that wouldn't fit and got cardstock and suckers for our "school Valentine's." There are 18 classmates and 2 teachers, plus helpers... so not sure how many I will make. I guess enough for classmates and teachers.... Hoping Ardyn will enjoy helping, especially since she will have Valentine's to make for her grandma's and grandpa's.... and she will do painting on those.

Here's a picture of Ardyn at 7:20 this morning, refusing to wake up. She was sooooo peaceful.


Michelle said...

Ardyn is so adorable, I love reading post about her, and I love how crafty you are!. I have actually stolen alot of ideas from you lol

Oh and incase your wondering i'm the Michelle, from facebook lol.

Amanda in RI said...

She is so sweet! What a great picture.

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