Thursday, January 08, 2009

Little Helper....

It's been a fairly mundane day and a fairly exciting evening.

The Tylenol PM worked like a charm. I decided against the Chamomile Lemon Tea, because it always makes me wake in the night practically peeing the bed, and that is not a good combo if you are all knocked out on medicine. I could easily see my pregnant-self peeing the bed and rolling over to the other side to sleep because I am too exhausted to function and deal with it. LOL. How horrible would that be?

Night snuck up on me. I took one at 10:30 and then got Ardyn ready for bed. After she was in bed (although not planning on sleeping apparently) I ate the last bowl of Rice Crispies Treats Cereal, took all my many medicines, and another Tylenol PM (total 2, completely legal) and then took my crochet to bed. As soon as I lay down, I was too tired to do anything. I repositioned and looked longingly at the crochet alongside the bed, but couldn't lift my arms to make myself pick it up. So I flipped off the himalayan rock light and was asleep in no time. I woke up about 3 times that night to pee, but was right back in bed and asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. It was FABULOUS. I slept for almost 11 hours. Thank GOD. Then we all got up, and Ardyn said "EAT!" as soon as she got her diaper changed. We ate breakfast and got dressed.

I had every intention to get groceries, but started to get kicked pretty good and then was feeling some Braxton Hicks. Eventually I decided to just lay on the couch and rest for a bit, and Ardyn watched some Backyardigans and Blues Clues. In no time, I was so exhausted I couldn't lift my limbs or keep my eyes open. Since Evan was home, he suggested that I go lay in bed, but I didn't want to do that. I snoozed while he showered, and then I felt a little better after a glass of water and that short cat nap. Ardyn kept coming over to kiss me, and eventually started bringing me books. She climbed up on the couch and snuggled with me and I sat up some and read her a few books. I was feeling better. We watched a TIVO'd episode of John and Kate (they are moving AGAIN!) and then I asked Evan if he would go with us out to lunch and to get groceries. I could already tell that I was bordering on exhausted and his help to carry and haul would be wonderful. It wasn't quite 1pm yet, so we got loaded up and went to Culvers for a nice sit down lunch. Ardyn ate a plain burger (just the patty, no bun or toppings) and applesauce, and apple juice. I had a burger with fries and chili. Evan had the tenderloin with fries and chili. Then we got groceries, and I mean a full cart. We REALLY needed groceries. I was so relieved to have Evan to unload on the conveyor and put the bags in the van, unload at home, and he put all the cold stuff away too.

As soon as we got home, Ardyn and I both went down for naps. We slept for THREE HOURS. I can't believe I am this tired. I am not sure if I am just recovering from all the nights of no sleep, or if my thyroid is off again. This is the month when it got all wonky during my pregnancy with Ardyn, and I don't doubt that it could be again. Especially since it spent the first five months of my pregnancy being off the opposite direction, and then suddenly "went back to normal"... I think there is a good chance that it was heading the other direction. I guess I need to go back to the Endocrinologist and get tested. I thought maybe I could sneak by without seeing him until postpartum.

Ardyn woke up and wanted to eat again (I LOVE that she just tells me when she's hungry. Because she has started to consistently do this, I don't make her a meal until she tells me, because we then have less of that toddler "picky eating" and more of a really good meal where she cleans her plate. It's awesome!) She had vegetable Beef Stew. She cleared her plate. But as she was finishing, I was loading the dishwasher, and I hear dher plate go flying. I peeked around the corner and she had the gravy from her stew all over her legs and down the side of the high chair and on the floor. I took her right to the bathtub.

I decided that while she was playing in the tub, I would put color on my hair. I usually sit in there and sort paperwork, or read a magazine, while alternately shampooing, conditioning, and washing her. As I was getting ready to color and she was playing intently, I thought to myself, this will be the time (because I try to color my hair 1 foot from the bathtub) that she will fall and crack her head open, or poop in the bathtub. I told myself I was paranoid. 5 minutes later, 3/4 of the way through applying color... gloves on and everything... Evan calls. I put the phone daintily on speaker phone with gloved sticky hands.... and explain what's going on, and he let's me go promptly. I then see Ardyn dump a whole cup of water out on the floor, over the rug. As I pick up the cup, I see that she is now POOPING IN THE WATER. I say "Did you poop in the tub?!" and she squats to pick up the poop. So I scream "Don't touch! DIRTY!!!" and she starts crying hysterically. So I rip off the gloves, pick her up, transfer her to the potty chair in case she isn't done, and start draining the tub and scooping out toys into a big dish tub so I can sanitize them. Ugh.

As I am doing this, she stands up off the potty, starts giggling, and I see her peeing all over the rug. And shaking the pee off her feet by picking up one foot at a time and giggling. So I wrap her in a bathtowel, wipe her down, drain the tub, strain the poo, rinse the tub, finish gathering up tub toys, and fill the tub again. I put her back in the tub and get rid of the pee towel and the pee rug. Put down a clean rug. Flush the toilet with offending floaty poo, and check the clock to see that FIVE MINUTES have passed. Jeez. How can that much crap go down in 5 minutes. So I sat down on the clean rug, let my hair cook, and sort my scrapbook inspiration pages into the expanding file. Then I wash Ardyn, shampoo and condition her hair, drain the tub again, get her out and wrap her in a clean towel. Then we put a clean diaper on, a pajama top, socks, and comb her hair. Then I go back to the bathroom and shower myself to get the color out of my hair. Talk about crazy.

Now she's reading books with Daddy on the couch.

"Fairfield" Dollhouse Kit

On a lighter note, I was today accidentally introduced to another cool crafty blogger mom, Heather Bailey. She has some cool stuff for sale in her store. I just like to check out her blog and see all the happy colors. She has some adorable scrapbook and papercrafting supplies. I see myself using some in the future for Ardyn. I love her album, and think these clear journaling stamps are pretty adorable. Seeing her husband shingling a dollhouse for her daughter makes me smile. And think about the dollhouse kit, complete with shingles and paint and stain that I have in the sewing room. And how I haven't even started it. And how afraid I am of the shingles and how freaking LONG it will take to shingle and stain the whole roof.... after of course I have had to paint the house yellow, trim white, and assembled the whole thing. I can do it. I can do it. Someday.

The Fairfield Dollhouse Kit

I mailed my Cricut rebate today. Any bets on how long it takes to receive the cartridges in the mail? Tomorrow I am scheduled to get my CTMH cardstock order (YEAH UPS!) to finish my owl project. Mwaaaahahaha! I see a day with the cricut ahead of me. I want to cut shapes to laminate for Ardyn. Since yesterday she can identify "heart" and she has been able to do "star" for a while now. I am working on circle and would like to do more shapes now that I know she can identify them. We have shape sorting cupcakes, but I don't want her to confuse the shape names with the cupcake pieces, so I think we need to just do simple shapes first.

Helping put groceries away...
Ardyn is helping dad put away pantry items right now. She takes the cans and boxes out of the reusable grocery bags, and hands them to dad so he can put them away. It's TOOOO Cute. When they finished the pantry, he told her to help put away the toilet paper, and she promptly picked up the big pack of TP and started carrying it from the kitchen to the bathroom and put it away. She LOVES to help. And it's totally cute.
Helping put groceries away...

When I get a free moment that I am not SLEEPING, I am having a hard time deciding which task to complete. I have two new things I am reading, the scrapbook inspiration stuff I am filing, the crochet project to finish, a new one to start, and a list of things that I need to do in addition to regular housework stuff. I did manage to make an appointment for our taxes. I also had Sullivan's order two cases of rice milk for us. It should be in next week... and I am so excited about that! And speaking of milk, mine has arrived! With Ardyn I got colostrum around month 8 or 9. This time I was barely without milk for 3 months after weaning Ardyn, and it's back by 7 months! I don't leak, which is awesome, but I can feel it and if I investigate, I can see it. It's exciting, I can't wait to breastfeed again. Sometimes it's hard to believe that it's already almost here!

Well, that's good for tonight. It's bordering on Ardyn's bedtime and I want to eat supper with Evan (yes, 11pm supper, we are still kind full from culver's) and clean the kitchen while he cooks, and then start diapers before bed. So everyone have a GREAT Friday. I have to be awake at midnight so I can see if my watch changes correctly. I have had problems with it changing the day an date and noon, which totally screws with me. So I think I may have set it correctly now, but I want to watch what it does at midnight, and if it doesn't change date and day, then I know I have to set it again. It's frustrating that there is no way to designate (or know) if you have it set for AM or PM.

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