Friday, January 23, 2009

Something to look forward to!

Today has been productive. And it's just now 11am. I was up super early, because being pregnant is annoyingly hard on the sleep patterns sometimes. Lately I have been annoyed by the way the blankets distribute themselves, by the way I am sweating when I am cold, and by the way the sheets TOUCH me while I sleep. And today is day two of the same damn headache that Tylenol won't conquer. At 6am, After waking up four times overnight with the same damn headache, I started to get especially cranky. So I got up and took some Excedrin Tension Headache. It's the exact same acetominiphin as Tylenol Extra Strength, but it has some caffeine. And wouldn't you know it, I could NOT get back to sleep, so at 7:15 I just got out of bed, switched laundry, and started filling the bathtub.

Ardyn was none to pleased with me when I woke her up at 7:30. She had a bit of a fever (just low grade) as part of this weeklong cold that she picked up from daycare last week. The pediatrician told me that I can now switch to Children's Motrin and Children's Tylenol, which I bought yesterday, so while snuggling Ardyn who was mostly still sleeping and onery, I had Evan open it up and dose it into a big girl medicine spoon. At first she was frantic to get the spoon, but once she realized what I wanted her to do with it, she was having no part of it. She loves to take medicine, and so after I held her down and she got a taste of what was inside, she was gulping it down like kool-aid. She had to hold the spoon until she got into the bathtub, she was so excited about it.

She and I took an early morning bath (ack) and then I got her dressed and she had her first ever pop tart. We just discovered that ALL Kellogs pop tarts are milk free. She ate about half a pop tart and had some milk. She's not a big eater that early in the morning. Usually she eats breakfast at 10:30 or 11:30, and eats a big one, but the daycare schedule has got her all wacked out once a week. She got dressed just fine, but was hysterical when I tried to put pigtails in. But of course mom conquered.

I took her to school and we were RIGHT on time, even after the pigtail fiasco. On the way there, I made a couple of phone calls, and planned what kind of Valentine's we were going to make for the kids in her room. last year she was just five months old, and I NEVER ONCE thought that parents were going to bring Valentine's for her whole class. Imagine how cranky I was when I saw that everyone else brought Valentine's, except Ardyn's Mom! What a terrible mother, thinking that a 5 month old doesn't need Valentines! The horror! So this year, I am prepared. I have googley eyes all ready and have glitter and paint, and will stop and get suckers after lunch today.

My stomach is NOT HAPPY today. But I have managed to pick up both of Ardyn's room, put away her clean diapers, clean the bathroom and the toilet (ACK!), vacuum and mop the kitchen floor (Double Ack!) and do two more loads of laundry. And I matched socks and put the load of whites away. Thank GOD my headache is gone. But I still think it stems from something in my neck. Especially because if I rub just the right spot at the base of my skull, I could almost FEEL where the headache started. So this morning at 7am I left a message for the prenatal massage therapist and our local Doula, and asked if she had an opening today. This will be the very first massage of ANY kind I have had since somewhere towards the end of my pregnancy with Ardyn. I am telling you, I freaking deserve this. And I am getting a full HOUR. Today. Oh happy day. Last time I wanted to have a massage before I left the hospital with Ardyn, but those two days went by so fast, and every spare minute I had I tried to sleep (having a baby in the middle of the night sucks. Well, I guess 15.5 hours of labor just plain sucks, and after that you are tired but so excited to have a new baby, and you can't sleep, not to mention that I couldn't sleep the night before because I knew I was going to be induced in the morning, whew!) So this time I am thinking "Should I get that massage before I come home? I totally deserve it." I am considering buying it BEFORE I go into labor, so that I don't forget or flake about it. That way all I have to do is have someone call the massage therapist and it will be done.

I have also mixed up a few green cleaning potions today. The one I am most excited to try is a homemade disinfectant, which is 50/50 Vinegar and Water with added Lemon Juice and Tea Tree Oil. I had to buy more spray bottles because I already filled my first two with a Dilutable Clorox Green Works and the second with Murphy's Oil Soap and Water (to use on the hardwood floors.) We ordered a Monster Steam Mop to use on the floors, especially the bathroom and kitchen, and it should be here the 28th. I wanted to hold off on mopping the kitchen until it got here, but I didn't even like to ENTER the kitchen because the floor was so bad, and therefore today I just swiffered it. I haven't been using swiffer products for a while now, but I have some leftover, and I figure it's just as wasteful to own them and not use them or toss them, as it is to use them all the time.... so I will finish up with what I have, or perhaps find someone who wants a Swiffer Duster and a Swiffer Wet Jet. I have a whole bottle of wood floor cleaner for the wet jet, and some replacement pads, and swiffer duster replacements too. But it's like WHO do I know who doesn't have a swiffer wet jet but WANTS one? Could I even sell it for a little bit of cash? Who knows. I just want it gone. Kinda like I bought a BRAND NEW O'Cedar rollar mop and two sided (clean/dirty) mop bucket at the request of my last cleaning girl, and I HATE mops. HATE. And I have a brand new replacement head in the wrapper, and now I won't ever use them. Do I get to sell those? I mean they have literally been used like THREE TIMES and it frustrates the hell out of me.

On a side note, today we had our first big "pull the car over" episode. On the way to school, Ardyn sneezed, and it was a GIANT sneeze, and I knew right away it wouldn't be good. She had so much snot that she was trying to wipe it with her hands. Luckily I had a washcloth right on the passenger seat, and was trying to reach around BEHIND me and get her nose (without crashing) and while driving over railroad tracks. Of course she was leaning AWAY from me, which didn't help the logistics of the situation, and I was like CRAP and had to pull over into a parking lot and jump out, but by the time I got back there like 2/3 of the snot had disappeared. oh boy. I wiped hands and nose and mouth and cheeks and she was looking at me like "what is the deal mom, I totally took care of it." It's amazing that your first mom instinct is to crash the car over a little snot. Poor kid. This snot faucet will never stop.

Well, enough for now. have a great afternoon and I hope that I just get to receive a massage and do not much else!

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