Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What's new!?

Let's see, what's new? LOTS! Today I had a midwife appointment, and I was SERIOUSLY looking forward to it. I haven't been seen by my midwife (who I am close with) since September, as she has been out of the office and I have been seeing a "Midwife in Training." I was so excited to actually see her in person. I learn so much from every visit with her, and she has a wonderful way of alleviating your fears and giving you confidence and peace of mind. The baby seems great. She asked me what we were naming him, which was neat, and when I told her Marek, she said that it was a great name and fit so well with our family of names. I know I have been asked, so I will let you know that it sounds like Merrick, and is just a varied spelling, Merrick is a Gaelic/Irish name and Evan and I both love Gaelic names (look at ours, and Ardyn) and that is the base requirement, and where we start when we pick a name. We both liked Merrick, but preferred the spelling Marek, which is a variation that seems to make the name more polish, but it's perfect for us.

I was telling the midwife that I am finally now starting to feel pregnant, and she was giving me a hard time about "The whole 9 pounds that I have gained" by month 7. LOL. I told her that as soon as the appointment was done I was on my way to McDonald's. She laughed. I was telling her that I can not BELIEVE the difference in the way I feel with this pregnancy versus Ardyn's, and it's completely because I am 50 pounds lighter this time. Extra weight makes pregnancy so much harder. With Ardyn I was much more out of breath (MUCH MUCH Earlier) and had swelling, and higher blood pressure, and was much more tired and lethargic. I had terrible congestion and was practically unable to breathe when sleeping. I also had practically every symptom much earlier, including not being able to get comfortable and stay sleeping soundly. Just recently I have started to have problems sleeping. Much of it is because I have to pee every 1-3 hours all night, and once I wake up I have a hard time getting back to sleep. I also notice more back and hip pain now, and a few Braxton Hicks now and then. But other than that I have been feeling really well.

We discussed childbirth and my biggest fear is that this one will stay in too long as well, and I will have to be induced again. We will start Evening Primrose Oil (orally) in about 8 weeks, and see if that helps. If I dilated to a 6 with Ardyn by my due date, and had my membranes swept (and I mean swept GOOD) three times and still didn't go into labor, then my midwife and I are both curious as to how much I will dilate this time. Plus I lost the MP at 32 weeks last time, and was already almost dilated to a 2 at 32 weeks. That's only 4 weeks away!

She predicts that if I am able to go into labor on my own, I will have a fast labor (3 hours or less from start to finish) and be unable to get any epidural. We plan on attempting waterbirth again, hoping that this time it relaxes me instead of making my so freaking HOT. I am scared shitless but as long as I know that I can do it (I did it before under some of the worst circumstances: Induction, pitocin, 15.5 hours of labor, baby being stuck, prepping me for a C-section, etc) so hopefully this time can only be BETTER.

So tonight I went to my Computer User Group Meeting and Evan and Ardyn played at home. The meeting was great, shorter than usual, and afterwards I picked out two books at the library for myself, and four for Ardyn. I picked a Three Billy Goat's Gruff story, because Ardyn suddenly insists that a goat is a dog. Yesterday we had a serious discussion where she INSISTED that despite my pointing out of horns and goatee's, that goat was a flop eared, barking dog. No matter how many goat sounds I made and how convincing I was in my argument, she would respond with "Dog. Arf Aarf!" I will be on the lookout for more books with goats so that I can drive home this point. Also, ever since being at my mom's house while I was scrapbooking, she thinks that everything is a mouse. When I was upstairs making scrapbook noises, like rustling paper, mom was telling Ardyn that it was a mouse, so that she would keep playing and not come up the stairs to bother me. Ardyn kept saying "Mou-se" like she was calling it's name. Then that very night when we got home, all unidentified rodent-like animals became "mouse." Including squirrels, Kangaroos, and Bunnies. Most definitely "Mouse." And again, no matter how much I explained, it was a mouse. She DOES know what a mouse is, and she points mice out in books, and says "Squeak squeak" but now she things that all fuzzy unidentified creatures are mice.

Right now she is reading a Country living magazine from this past fall, with a cake on the front, that has a black cat frosted on it. She's drug that magazine everywhere with her today. Mom said that while I was at the dr., Ardyn spent 10 minutes talking to and about the cat on the magazine. Kinda like how she got attached last week to the beagle on the back of the JC Penney fall catalog. You know how they always put beagles in fluffy fabulously made beds.... well, we are partial to beagles around here!

After my meeting tonight and my library time, I ran to the evil store to pick up a few 1 hour photos (some mine, some BIL's) and to grab a few boxes of cereal. I also got a $3 bird feeder with a suction cup, because we wanted to put one on the playroom window (right at Ardyn's height) so that she could see and watch the birds. Unfortunately, when I got it home, it was broken, and I didn't discover that until I put birdseed into it. So now it's laying here and I have to go BACK to the evil store and exchange it for another. Bummer. I was so excited because it has been snowing and tomorrow would be an excellent day to attract birds to the window feeder.

In other exciting news. We have been given an excellent and thoughtful gift. Ardyn will be going back to daycare, for just one day a week. At first I was hesitant about the whole idea. The gift-giver (who shall remain anonymous) wanted Ardyn to have the opportunity to participate in some sort of playgroup or preschool, and give me some time to accomplish things like cleaning and grocery shopping, as well as time to relax/rest as the end of pregnancy approaches, and also to have some time alone with the new baby to bond and rest when he gets here. Unfortunately, there aren't really playgroups in this area, nor preschool programs, so our alternate idea was to send her back to her daycare center for one day a week, and allow her to play with other kids her age and socialize. I was incredibly excited for her, but kinda hesitant as to giving her up (believe it or not, even for one day a week.) I was also concerned about her going to daycare, and catching all the daycare illnesses (Rotovirus, Pink Eye, Stomach Flu, Colds, etc) and bringing them back to us, including a pregnant mom, or eventually a new baby at home. Because we are mostly in our own little bubble here, we don't get sick often. But I have decided that getting out and socializing is good for her and outweighs (I think) the risks of catching sickness. I also tell myself that it's unrealistic to think I can keep us in a bubble forever. LOL. Although part of me thinks I should have delayed her "one day a week" adventure until cold and flu season is over. (pray for me!)

So starting NEXT week, Ardyn will have one day a week at daycare, and she will start out in the toddler room, which is also exciting. I really hope that she enjoys it, and that I can enjoy myself while she is gone. The first day she goes I have scheduled lunch with a friend, which we have been trying to do for the longest time but haven't had meshing schedules. I also do look forward to one day a week alone with the baby, where perhaps I can actually "Nap when the baby naps" and get some rest. I have been having a hard time keeping things picked up around here long enough to actually CLEAN good, and that bugs me. I miss my cleaning girl. But now that Ardyn is going once a week, that gives me a whole day to do what I need to do here without the toddler tornado here. And I have found someone who I have known for years and who I trust, who can come and clean when the new baby gets here, so that will be a lifesaver for me. That's another worry I have, that when the baby gets here I will never have time to mop a floor again. LOL.

So that's what new. Tonight I hope to read some and sleep. 10 minutes till Ardyn's bedtime!!

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