Monday, January 12, 2009

Twice in one day!?

Aren't you impressed? This might be short because I am not all sure about what I will write. I did get alot accomplished today. In the first three hours of my day, I scrambled eggs and sliced bananas for Ardyn; made Cinnamon Rolls for Evan and I; Vacuumed the dining room and living room; Dusted both rooms; Vacuumed Ardyn's big girl room; Sanitized her playmat, kitchen, bounce'n spin zebra, rolling horse, and plastic push car; Ran the dishwasher, unloaded it, loaded it, and ran it again, crocheted several rows on Marek's blanket, and picked up everything of Ardyn's strewn about the house. Then we played in Ardyn's room for a while, and when she went down for her afternoon nap, I took a bath.

Evan made spaghetti with meatballs and garlic bread for supper. The two of us ate, and I watched Desperate Housewives on TIVO and Crocheted. Then I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher again, and Ardyn woke up and I fed her her supper. After her supper, she went about her business playing and entertaining herself. She didn't even know I was here. I took that time to order three more diaper covers, because when Ardyn goes to daycare she will be wearing fitteds and cover(pul) instead of fitteds and prefolds with fleece or wool covers like she does at home. We only have two medium PUL covers. I had bought a bunch of larges when it looked like she would soon be outgrowing the mediums, but then she went and stretched out on me, and now she is taller and thinner and the mediums fit fine.

I was also contacted by a mamma online today, who had a used wool set for newborns that I coveted dearly. Her baby was growing out of it and she offered to sell it to me, which is AWESOME and so now Marek has a new outfit to come home from the hospital in. Check it out here.

I also decided that I do want to try a moby wrap with the new baby. With Ardyn I used a hotsling (I have two) and a ring sling, and also the babyhawk. It seems like they were each good for a specific age/time frame. But the ring sling put too much pressure on one shoulder, as did the hotsling. I actually ended up going to physical therapy because my back was out from wearing a sling so much. That's why I got the babyhawk. And a reversible, custom made babyhawk costs well over $100. I DO like the babyhawk, and I have found it wonderful, but can't wear it for long periods of time because the straps do start to feel like they are digging in, and as soon as Ardyn got close to 1 year old and 20 pounds, It felt like it was too much weight. Plus I can't bend over in it and be handsfree. So I have done some online research and conferred with mom friends and I believe the Moby Wrap might have what I am looking for. I found directions to make my own, but by the time I buy fabric, it won't really cost much less than buying a used Moby, and they are all over and available for about half the retail. I used to wear Ardyn ALL the time in the first three months especially, and now that I have two I anticipate wearing this one as much or more than I did with Ardyn. And being bendable and handsfree is very important when you have a toddler. I love how the Moby allows you to tuck the baby's head just so if they are asleep, or if they are too young to have head control.

Well, it's past Ardyn's bedtime, but she is still going strong and since she slept for 3 hours this evening, I am not worried.

We are supposed to be getting more snow overnight tonight. With Wind. Today we got about 2 inches. It was very pretty to watch it snow today, lots and lots of tiny flakes, and then big fat flakes. Ardyn loves to watch it snow. Well, I have to wash diapers yet so I will sign off!

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