Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Review: Monster Steam Mop

Today the Monster Steam Mop Came! YAYYY! I took it out of the box and did the assembly, which wasn't bad. Just a few steps, like attaching the handle. I did have a bit of trouble getting it to lock into place initially, because I was worried that I might break the plastic tabs off the handle. I had read reviews about people who had returned theirs because the front steam didn't work, and the instruction manual clearly stated that this was because they didn't have the handle attached correctly. That makes sense because you have to use the trigger on the handle to start the front steam spray.

So after assembling, I attached one of the microfiber pads. There are two washable hard floor pads included, and one for carpet (called a carpet sledge.) They recommend washing them in delicate with cold water and letting them air dry if you want them to last longer. I think I will do that, especially because I see how microfiber and velcro can get when washed with other items. So I used the included measuring cup with funnel-like spout to fill the machine. I was surprised how little water it requires. The water is supposed to last about 30 minutes before needing refilled. You need to unplug the unit and allow it to cool before trying to refill.

After filling, I plugged the unit in and waited for the red light to turn green, signaling that it was heated enough to mop. The red light stayed on, and eventually (5 minutes or less) the green light came on also. I wasn't sure if this meant "ready" so I decided to try. Nothing came out, and the green light went off and the red light stayed on. I have left it alone a while, and the red light is still on. I am a little concerned that the green light hasn't come on yet. I can feel it getting warmer, so it is trying to warm up the water. The directions say that with cold water, it can take 3-5 minutes, and with warmer water the time will be significantly shortened. Well, I put in hot water (maybe I wasn't supposed to?) and it still isn't green. The directions say that the green light may seem dull and hard to see, but this is actually because the red light is overpowering and very bright. So I moved the mop into a darker area. Still no green light. I actually got down on my hands and knees and cupped my hands around the green light. Nope. Not on. So I wait. It feels warmer each time I check. So it must be getting there.

Green light! Okay, well apparently after the light turns green, once you pull back the handle, it will go off. I mopped for a bit and didn't see anything, so I tried the steam in the front, and it came right out with full force. So now it was definately heated up. After a bit of mopping, the microfiber pad became wet and I felt that the mop was now actually cleaning. I was surprised at how easy it was. Like the directions said, I didn't have to push down on the mop at all, the steam did the work.

Linoleum (Congoleum) with the Evil pits in it:
I started at the lowest steam setting, and although the floor was getting clean, the pits in the linoleum (congoleum) were not, and that is THE main reason that I bought it. So I kicked the steam level up two notches (still having more to go if I needed to) and it started cleaning the pits in the floor marvelously. Ahhh. Happiness. It does take a little muscle to move the microfiber mop head forward on the floor, but I didn't have to bend and press AT ALL like with a regular mop, or even like with the swiffer wet jet. The floor was drier than it is when I swiffer or wet mop, but I could easily see where the mop had been, and the floor was nice and warm and barely wet at all. Wonderful. The only thing I DO wish is that it were low profile enough to mop under the baseboards of the cupboards. The swiffer is the only mop that I have found that will do that, but it doesn't seem to do much good anyway. I did use the steam jets on the front under the cupboards, so that made me feel better.

Overall, the linoleum is the hardest floor in our house to clean. We also have the sealed hardwood, and ceramic tile, as well as painted wood. I will test on those surfaces next and update this review when I have finished! YAY for the Monster Steam Mop!

Ceramic Tile:
Wow. Ceramic Tile is a wonderful type of flooring that cleans so easily, and the Monster Steam Mop was no exception. I vacuumed the tile (I vacuum everything, no broom and dustpan if I can help it!) and then went in with the steam mop. I could have easily turned the steam down on the lowest setting, and next time I probably will, but I felt that the more steam, the more disinfecting I might be getting, and since I hadn't done that floor REALLY THOROUGHLY in a while, I thought that it would be a good idea. The floor came very very clean. I was able to fit the steam mop on either side of the toilet, but it didn't quite get back behind, which nothing, even the regular mop, does. I was able to use the steam jets back there though.

Sealed Hardwood Floors:
We have all original hardwood floors that we restored in 2005 after tearing up carpet, sanding, staining, and sealing. I had most recently been using a spray bottle with water and Murphy's Oil Soap, and a hardwood microfiber floor mop. It was working well. But the steam mop beats that hands down. I just can't believe that mopping literally takes no more time than vacuuming. In fact, it may take less time than vacuuming. I don't have to deal with preparing the mop and bucket and water, or lugging them around, and I don't have to apply any pressure to the floor. I mopped both Ardyn's Big Girl Room and the Nursery in short order. I really felt like everything was SO CLEAN! I used the lowest steam setting because that's all I needed, and I also liked that it left the floor the driest, which is safer for the Hardwood. I also decided to try the steam mop on the foam play mat.

Foam Play Mat:
I turned the steam down to the lowest setting and ran the mop over the foam play mat. I figured I had nothing to lose. The mats ar einexpensive, but the little pits in them and the constant playing on them are a great place to harbor germs. I have recently been cleaning it with Vinegar and water in a pray bottle, and on my hands and knees with a rag. That works, but this.... was slick. I just ran it over the mat and the steam cleaned everything without hurting the mat one bit. That was just awesome. One more step in my cleaning process eliminated. I am SO GLAD that I bought this mop.

The last time I mopped floors was just about a week ago, when Ardyn was at school. It took me most of the day to mop everything, and I didn't even GET to the kitchen floor. The fact that I just vacuumed and mopped four rooms in less than 2 hours.... and this also included picking up toys and things from the floor first.... Just blows my mind. No drying time either. I was able to do all this with Ardyn HERE and underfoot. Didn't have to worry about her in the mop water, and had the floor mopped so quickly that she didn't even have time to make her usual mess that inhibits the cleaning process.

One thing I have really noticed is how clean the linoleum is. And by that I mean there isn't any glossy chemical buildup on any of the floors from the cleaning products. Just plain old water. Extra safe for kids to crawl on and nothing to make the floor (especially the hardwood) slick. I was having issues before with hardwood floor cleaners that you don't rinse (like Pledge) making the floors dangerously slick for all of us. Even I had almost fell down a few times recently. I just love that I don't have to buy or use any products, and that the microfiber cleaning cloths can just be washed.

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Amanda in RI said...

My mom has a steam cleaner, and loves it. I've used it, and liked it, but after reading your review, I'm wondering if I should get one. We have hardwood floors, and they are so hard to keep clean with 3 kids running through the house!

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