Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bear Country.

Today was a busy and long day. Ardyn and I left around lunchtime to start our run of errands. We ate lunch at McDonald's together, and then we went to daycare to visit the toddler classroom. She marched right in and started playing, like it was nothing. I gave the girls a demo of the cloth diapers (they are different diapers now than they were before) and we stayed for snacktime. That was the hardest part, because when Ardyn saw that the other kids all had cheese crackers and she had just apples, she was IRATE and threw a huge tantrum. Her whole head turned red and she tried to steal crackers from other kids. They found her some saltines and she was pleased as punch. She just got so upset when she saw the other kids have something that she didn't have. That will be a big challenge. Plus the fact that most of their food comes pre-prepared and they don't KNOW if there is milk in this or that. Lots of their snacks have milk in them, so it's going to be interesting... that's for sure. She had a great time for the hour or hour and a half that we were there.

After daycare we stopped at evil Wal-Mart because I had to get rice milk. I bought just enough to get us through Friday, as this Friday we should have two cases arriving special order from Sullivan's. Thank GOD. No more Wal-Mart trips for rice milk. This means that all of our groceries will officially be purchased at Sullivan's and I am so pleased to give them my business.

Then we dropped off a van full of cardboard and magazines for recycle and went to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions for both Ardyn and myself. Then we came home, got more diapers, and went right on to my in-laws for supper, since it was MIL's birthday.

I am exhausted. I switched laundry and as soon as these loads are done I will switch one more time, and fold diapers and then off to bed. The plumber is coming early tomorrow morning, we are having serious water pressure issues. Fir example, the washing machine was filling, and I turned on the kitchen sink to wet a dishcloth, and nothing came out. Ack. Can't wait to figure out what's causing that!?

Have a great night.
Remind me to tell you about the bear that's been roaming around our county in the last several months, which was most recently spotted in the country 7 miles north of my house. We're on the edge of town with trees and a field in our backyard. So I am being cautious when coming in and out of the house, in case the bear is hungry and comes into town to grab a bite to eat. It's the first documented bear in Illinois in 42 years.... Read more here.

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