Monday, January 12, 2009

Sledding, Snowmobiling, Soup, and Snuggling

My house is such a wreck. I hate being here. Today I have to take some action. At this point it is apparent that I am the only one living here who can and will do something. Right now I am running the dishwasher and waiting for the Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls to cool enough for me to eat. Ardyn just wolfed down three scrambled eggs and a banana like it was nothing. She is playing in her room. I thought I would blog quickly since I am a bit behind and I can't really do a whole lot while the dishwasher is running. We have serious water pressure issues lately, and if someone runs water while the dishwasher is going, it will just skip the wash cycle and tell us the dishes are clean, usually after sanitizing and/or drying the food onto them. It isn't pleasant.

I have diapers to wash today, and laundry (oh the laundry) and things to pick up everywhere. Oh well, I have avoided it long enough.
Finished! The biggest "baby blanket" ever
Saturday I already can't remember. Oh- wait. I was supposed to be scrapbooking but it had snowed and it was still snowing, and it was kinda blowing, and I just didn't feel like packing up everything and going to mom's, and so Ardyn and I just decided to stay home and be lazy. I did wash a load of diapers and a load of her clothes, and put them away. She took a nice long nap and I ate cookies and watched some things on TIVO that I needed to catch up on. I also finished the baby blanket for Ardyn (finally!) and started a blanket for Marek. This blanket should be SO much simpler, the yarn and hook are MUCH larger. Plus I am being a little more realistic and making it baby sized, versus Ardyn's which is toddler size and actually will cover me from my nose to my toes even if I am stretched all the way out. Marek's is brown and turquoise.
WIP: Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy....

Evan had band practice that afternoon/evening, and I made Chili and Cornbread for supper, which was delicious. Then we all hung out at home and went to bed.

Sunday (yesterday) was a busier day. Ardyn and I made the trip to my mom's house and I did some scrapbook planning. i took my new page planners and went through some pictures that were pre-sorted. I pulled out some events, planned the page layouts, marked the layout cards accordingly, and made my list of what papers and things I would need for each one. I got seven page layouts planned, photos chosen and cropped, and the papers chosen for three or four of them. This means I can go SHOPPING for the other few that I need paper for. I brought home the next batch of photos that I want to sort through, they are from Ardyn's forst three months (TONS of pictures) and I need to go online and figure out which ones come from which month, so that I can sort them accordingly and then pick which ones I want to scrapbook. That is going to take some time, but I figure by the time I get them sorted through, I should have the 7 layouts that I planned all completed and be ready for the next batch.

While at mom's, we had her homemade Vegetable Beef Soup, and then we went outside and did some sledding (Ardyn sledding, us pulling her around) and then a little bit of snowmobiling. Ardyn's first ride on the snowmobile with my dad was hilarious. She screamed from the minute she got on until the minute she got off. Her hands were up in the air by her ears and she looked PISSED. After that short ride around the building, we pulled her in the sled for a little bit, and then Grandma Deb decided to ride to show Ardyn how fun it is. After Grandma Deb rode, Ardyn seemed interested again, so she went on a longer ride, between grandma and grandpa, with the dog chasing them around the yard, and she didn't scream at all. The pictures are so funny.... they are all on Flickr.... Here are a few to share...
Ardyn rides around the yard with Grandma and Grandpa
Ardyn is DONE with her first ride and she wants OFF
Ardyn goes sledding around the yard with Grandma Deb
After the whole ordeal, she was exhausted, and fell asleep on Grandma Deb...

We are still hoping for birds at the feeder. Today after breakfast I said to Ardyn "Do you think we will see any birds today" and she looked at the feeder and said "No." LOL. She's so optimistic. Sometimes she goes to the window and goes "bi-rds" like she is calling them. Then she throws up her hands and walks away.

Well, the dishwasher says the dishes are clean (lying bastard) and I have enjoyed my two cinnamon rolls. Guess it's time to get productive. Enjoy your week. I'll be back later.

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