Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Rant

Trick or Treat! Okay, honestly... I hated Halloween this year. Hated. Passionately. It sucked. Did I mention that Halloween and Thanksgiving are my favorite holidays? And that fall is my favorite season? And that I am not enjoying fall much at all this year? Sometimes having a new baby can really suck. I am just being honest. I am just telling you the stuff that they don't tell you about having a new baby. For the first time in exactly 28 years, I didn't have a Halloween Costume to wear. I also just didn't have fun. Ardyn was really too small to have a costume, at least that was my opinion, and I am super glad I didn't buy one, because she would have been too pissed to go to the Halloween party, and she would have shit in it. Seriously. And what does my husband do? Leaves me. Home alone. On Halloween. To hand out candy with a baby who was cranky all day long and who was cranky all night too. I think her tummy is upset because in the middle of handing out candy, amidst a crying fit, she pooped Massively and I knew right away that it was a diaper blowout. I had to turn the porch lights off so that trick-or-treaters would stop coming for a while so that I could go change her She pooped right through her black tights and black spider onesie. Poor Kid. I wish I could say she felt better after that, but apparently she just felt hungry, because she cried ferociously until I breastfed her, on the porch, while handing out candy. I covered up with a blanket and everything, but it was at that moment that I was envisioning my husband's balls on a wall plaque. Really. Did it seem like it was okay to leave your wife and almost 2 month old daughter home alone to hand out candy when the baby wasn't feeling well? I guess it's probably MY fault because anyone in their right mind would have not handed out candy at all. But I am not in my right mind. And every time someone said "where's Evan?" I had to breathe deeply before I answered.

And another thing. I hate how Halloween has changed. Firstly, it's a huge deal that everyone can't hand out homemade treats. And I understand. I get it. But instead we have to pay money to the man to buy all this pre-packaged Halloween Candy and no kids of mine will ever know what it's like to go trick-or-treating and come home with taffy apples, popcorn balls, caramel corn, chex mix, and rice krispy squares. And that seems like a huge deal to me. And I really hate that every parent drives along the road in the van and opens the door at each house and lets their kids in and out. When I was little we walked the whole damn town. And if we got tired, well then it was in exact proportion to the amount of candy that we really needed. And we went to the house of people we knew when we were small. We might only go 5 places, but really, how much candy does a 2 year old NEED? It's become more about the parents than the kids. A parental show-off of their costumes in some cases, and a parental "too lazy to walk" in another. I can understand if you have kids of all different ages and you have one that's small and in a car seat. But if they are too little to trick or treat, can't a grandparent come over and watch the smaller one while you take out the older. I don't know. It's not a big deal, but someone else pointed out to me how there were hardly any kids and parents walking.

The highlight of my night was Jamie and Amy with Bryson. They were literally close to the only people I knew who came to my house. I probably scared everyone away as the crazy breastfeeding woman on the corner. I did joke that I would use the boobs to scare away those kids that were too old to Trick Or Treat. And let me clarify that "too old" to me is when you are too damn lazy to get a costume together. I am sick of seeing kids in their basketball uniform from school, or the one kid who just had on a Grey sweatsuit. I was like "mouse?" That's when it's time to stay home. Or get a job.

Well, this ends my bitter Halloween Rant.

I think we are going to run to Wal-Mart to get a couple of plastic totes. Today I went through Ardyn's clothes and split them up by sizes, and I need two more totes to get them all correctly sectioned off. She's finally starting to grow out of some newborn clothes, so I need to get a tote ready for Newborn and 0-3 clothes too.

Gotta go, she's screaming. What else is new, huh? Did I mention that I think that HUSBANDS cause post-partum depression? Oh that's not FAIR... is it???

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Michelle said...

poop on your hubby for leaving you all alone ... that sucks.

I passed out treats at my m-i-l's house while she walked my kids around the neighborhood. They get all kinds of folks in her neighborhood. Seriously, there was a woman, older than my mother, not dressed up asking for candy. Yeah. Another kid had 2 bags and didn't even bother to give the fake "my sister is home sick" story. Then all the teenagers who are way too old to go anyways. sheesh. Happy Halloween to you anyways!

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