Thursday, October 11, 2007

Baby Detox

Last night was a longggg night. Didn't I say that yesterday! Ha. Ardyn was up from 2-5am, and I have learned something. In previous nights, I have spent the time trying to shh her and get her to go back to sleep. Swaying, Shushing, Pacifier, patting, rubbing, etc. It never works. In the end I end up feeding her at least twice and she eventually wears herself out. And I become incredibly frazzled and stressed at several hours of her fussiness or crying, except for the moments I am feeding her. So last night, I decided no more pacifier in bed. Not necessary. She doesn't need the pacifier to fall asleep, and it causes nothing but problems. She spends the entire night sucking, then falling asleep, spitting out the pacifier, and immediately waking up and screaming because she lost it. Then I spend the night trying to put it back in her mouth, or attempting to hold it in place in my sleep, or attempting to keep my hand the perfect distance from her face so that it can't fall out but she doesn't KNOW that I am there trying to hold it in her mouth. Evan and I both decided long ago that they should make some form of pacifier headgear that will hold it in place forever. We will someday strike it rich with the invention. So last night (this morning) at 2:30 am, we went through pacifier detox. She shook all over like an addict. She screamed. She turned red. She was super-pissed. I also took a new angle on the waking up and staying awake. Instead of trying to spend that time getting her back to sleep, I decided to embrace the awake.

Embrace the Awake- "Operation Trick the Baby...."
Step 1- Remove her from our bedroom.
Step 2- Take her to the nursery, with the lights low (Ikea moon nightlight lit softly)
Step 3- Plug in the electric heater to keep the room super snuggly
Step 4- Snuggle with her in the rocking chair, cover us both with the fleece blanket.
Step 5- Breastfeed her (over. and over. and over.) until she is so full that she can't see straight and her eyes are so heavy that she can't keep them open if she even tried.
Step 6- consistent and perhaps excessive burping to prevent sleep spit-up or hiccups (very detrimental to the plan)
Step 7- Rock Rock Rock until her eyes roll back in her head and she becomes a limp noodle. Clause A- If she is awake as awake can be, embrace that by making her laugh. Sing. Stick your tongue out. Talk in silly voices. Despite your sleep exhaustion, pretend like you are the happiest mommy ever to be awake for 4 hours in the middle of the night. A happy baby will start to yawn before a screaming baby.

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