Saturday, October 13, 2007

My little cupcake

Oh. My. God.

First, let me explain that mom and I were talking and decided to make Ardyn's first birthday party have a cupcake theme. It all started with this bib that we saw in Pottery Barn Kids, and my friend Cari ordered it and gave it to me for a baby shower gift. Mom said "We should make her a big cupcake cake" and I was like YEAH! Then last week I saw that Wilton makes what looks like a giant muffin tin, but it actually makes 6 giant sized cupcakes. They also make the cupcake papers to match. Whoa. I almost bought it, but instead I told mom about it and we discussed. (we are party planners extraordinare) So then in the Parents Magazine that I just got (and everyone else has had for a month) Wiltom came out with a GIANT Cupcake mold pan, that isn't available till October 31st. Whoa. This is totally meant to be. So I called mom and she was like "NO WAY!" So now we are super excited. And then I found this cupcake pan too...

Keep us in mind if you see anything cupcake affiliated that's cool. She got the cute cupcake towels and onesies from Gerber, that say things like "Sweet Little Cupcake" and I love them.

Ardn was SOOO Good yesterday. She was a little gassy and fussy now and then, but she spent almost the entire day awake, if you don't count the 3 20 minute naps, she was awake all day. Grandma Mona came over and watched her while I picked up the house, cleaned out a closet, and ate my lunch. Last night my sister Liz came over and we went to Brad and Anya's and saw Anya, Lisa, Ava, Ryan, and Emy. Ardyn was awake and finally crashed out at 2am, and she slept so well! She slept till 7am, could barely keep her eyes open to eat and have her diaper changed, and then slept till 11 when someone who Evan thought was a girl scout and I thought was an old lady with a walker, rang the doorbell and woke us all up from our slumber. I guess we will never know who is was. Unless they read the blog. In that case we called them a little old lady girl scout and they may never speak to us again. But that's what sleep deprivation does to you. It compromises your vision.

Today we have been up and bathed, and now Ardyn and Evan are napping. We are looking forward to a visit from Angie. We had planned to go to the orchard, but it's overcast and we aren't sure now.

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