Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Don't you hate it when you can't remember what day it is? Argh. I know that in one hour it will be... Wednesday? Haha.

Monday was a busy day. Ardyn and I went to the hospital. We visited co-workers and we got her hearing test done, and her weight. 8lbs 5ounces! Yay! I also changed her diaper, breastfed her, chatted with my midwife who got to hold her, and with lots of nurses in OB, and ate some food at a little celebration they were having. The nurse who was there during delivery (holding my leg!) and who cleaned up myself and Ardyn... gets married this weekend. I am so happy for her! We ordered our Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirts for October and then we went to Sullivan's for some groceries. Monday night Uncle Kyle stopped by and held Ardyn while we ate supper. Then Ardyn stayed up till sometime after 12:30. I don't know when, or who fell asleep first, but Evan woke us up at 4:30am and I was lying on the bed and she was in the co-sleeper and the light was still on. Ha. I was so tired that night! She also had her first bottle Monday night, and took it like a PRO. It was amazing. She chugged it right down like she's been eating from bottles her whole month long life. So I am not trying to pump twice a day which seems to be enough to get one bottle for her, and then saving my stash up in the freezer since she will be going to daycare.

Tuesday (today) we had visits from Grandma Susan and Great Grandma Marie, and then Ardyn and I went for a walk and I wore the hotsling. I did the entire circuit that we used to walk prior to pregnancy, and up until the time that I had to pee every 5 minutes and couldn't do a long walk anymore... and I was so tired when we got home (okay, before we got home) that we just lay down and I fed her for a couple of hours.

Hospital and Dr Bills are starting to roll in. Luckily I have great insurance through work, but even with insurance I am starting to be nervous about how to pay for all of this and if I will have #1 paid off before we have a #2.

Evan made Spaghetti and Garlic Bread for supper, we watched some TV, I fed Ardyn, and she crashed out by 10:30... and then pooped... and then ate for just a few minutes after I changed her and went right back to sleep. She barely slept today, so I anticipate a nice long night. She has been a very good girl for the past two days. Happy and smiling and alert... not fussing or inconsolable anymore. I hope it stays!

Well, nothing else exciting. We're just doing what we do best over here.

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