Thursday, October 18, 2007

Video Baby

Well, I spent some time last night trying to upload video to the blog, but for some reason I kept getting an error code that I need to report to Blogger. So if you are here for videos of Ardyn, please check Google. Here are the links for the three I have uploaded today.

Obviously I have discovered that it's difficult to remember to use the DVD Cam for all those little moments that someday we will really miss. It's much easier to just crab the digital camera and record with that. Both of our digital cameras record video. I have been using Evan's since she was born, although mine is expensive and has a big zoom, his is expensive but has a bigger viewing screen, and a MUCH smaller size, and it fits in your pocket, in the diaper bag, etc., which is most convenient for us now. So these videos were taken with Evan's Canon Digital Elph.

We were awake bright and early today. Seems like we are on our way to a bit more regular life. Last night she slept for almost 8 hours straight, which means I got about 5.5 hours straight. Nice. She woke up happy, per usual, which enabled me to get some good video of her Smiling. She always has a period of smiling play time in the morning, and I take her into her room and we just sit and interact for an hour or so. She stocks up on milk and I stock up on baby cuddles.

It's nice to actually feel awake and ready to face the world at 7:30am, instead of desperately trying to sleep till eleven or noon without interruptions from local traffic, telephone calls, dogs barking, or visitors. She slept most of yesterday afternoon and evening, so I was sure it was going to be a long night. Apparently she was just tired! It was overcast too so I am sure that didn't help. I know it made me tired.

Monday I made Chili and Ghiradelli Brownies. Tuesday was my 6 week postpartum checkup and all is well. I also got a pap so it was like a double whammy. Two for the price of one. Ardyn and Evan watched. LOL. It's a family affair now. It may sound creepy but it's actually nice. To have other people concerned about your health and well being. As opposed to a boyfriend/fiance/husband who just wants sex and doesn't have much of a clue what we have to go through to get Birth Control Pills. And doesn't much care. Not that Evan didn't have any thoughts about getting sex again soon. But on the birth control side, he's just as soon have none and have another baby ASAP. But I enjoy that people actually care how I am feeling and that everything is okay downtown. By now I am just used to people looking at my crotch. Come on in. The more the merrier.

It is much cooler and rainy now. It was almost 70 yesterday, and in the afternoon the rain came through and lasted overnight. This morning it's sunny but VERY windy and everything is wet.
We have been planning on walking, but yesterday the threat of rain was imminent, and I didn't want to be caught out in the rain at all, let alone with a stroller. Today it seems so windy, I feel like I would have to put her in a super suit.... although her stroller closes up completely so it's not like I couldn't protect her from the wind. We will see. It's supposed to be raining today too...

Can I just say "Damn McDonald's Monopoly?" The first time we ate there, Evan said to me "Wow, we have only one more needed to win" and I said "Already?!" and he said "yeah, Boardwalk." Ha. So we haven't won. Yet. But we aren't giving up. Okay, yeah we are.

Ardyn just went down for a little nap. Belly full of milk will put even the strongest of us away for a couple hours. Uploading these little videos takes FOREVER and that's even on a high speed connection. I just got an error uploading the video to blogger again. ARGH!

Another thing. I disappoint myself. Before having kids I told myself that after my child was 1 month old, I would never refer to her in weeks to others. And by others, I don't mean other moms. I mean just people, in public, who ask "how old is she" and as I have spent my life hearing other moms say "She's 243 weeks and 5 days old." Um. No. What the Fuck. That means nothing to me. TELL ME HOW OLD SHE IS IN PEOPLE TERMS. She isn't cheese. We aren't aging her. Maybe it should work like Beer and they should just give a born on date? But here I am, with a child who is 6 weeks old, 3 days. What? How did this happen? Someone (who clearly didn't know their weeks) asked me just this week, and I said "6 weeks" and after it came out I was like ACK! Acky! no No NO! And I heard Evan say "a month and a half" and I was like THAT is more like it! Keep me in line Evan! Save my from motherhood's evil grasp!

So now I have decided that once she reaches 7 weeks, I have to stop. NO more. 6 weeks is one thing, it's a nice even mile-marker. But 7? Absolutely not. The madness must stop now. I don't want to be describing my three year old as 36 months, or even my 2 year old as 24 months. Duh. Of course I don't even want to say my year-and-a-half old is 18 months. No.

But it's hard. Everything in our brains goes by weeks... They start you in pregnancy. Everything is a week. You can't just say "7 months pregnant" to some people. You can't. Other moms are visually deciding if your baby has fingerprints or milk teeth yet, and they need to know WEEKS damn it! But of course so many people have really no idea when they got pregnant, they are just going by the ultrasound or their doctor's estimate. But I KNEW exactly how many weeks. It was cool. But it carries over to baby. It's like everything milestone wise is in weeks. Everything. But I am rebelling. Even if other moms think I am a bad mother and that I don't KNOW How many weeks old my baby is, I swear to you I will do my bestest to shout out her age in months. For the good of mankind. For the sanity of society. And my 1.559 week old daughter. Accuracy knows no bounds.

Well, that's all for today. Off to eat some breakfast and perhaps shower. Or maybe a bath, that sounds much more relaxing.

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