Sunday, October 14, 2007

All it took was a carafe...

Check me out. I am an adult! I know this sounds silly coming from a 28 year old married "woman" with a child... but it's like it just started hitting me this week. I think that this morning I realized it fully, just like two minutes ago. Along with it came the inspiration to blog, just like I used to get back when I was Meagan, pre-pregnancy hormones and scatter brained side effects from pregnancy and child.

So earlier in the week, I caught myself sitting at the dining room table, by myself, eating my breakfast, which instead of cereal, suddenly consisted of Organic Oatmeal, Mother's Milk Tea, and a banana. I was reading the latest issue of "Brain Child Magazine" and breastfeeding... all at once. Hmmm. It was so mom-like in a zen kind of way... everything I was doing consisted of something that would benefit my child. I was eating oatmeal and drinking Mother's Milk Tea to increase and maintain an abundant supply of breastmilk. I was reading Brainchild to learn about issues pertinent to children and families today. Even the fact that I was eating was to benefit my child, because my health impacts my child, not just indirectly, but directly, because she has gotten her sole sources of nourishment directly from my body, not just for the first 6 weeks of her life, but for the first 46 weeks of her life. When I thought about it, it almost brought tears to my eyes... but when I didn't think about it, it was just the most relaxing moment I had since that uninterrupted bubble bath where I read some of my book AND Shaved my legs without anyone within a 2-foot radius in a bouncy chair spitting her pacifier out playfully.

Then yesterday, I was online filling out sweepstakes for my daughter (I know) at Parent's magazine's website, and I checked a box that said "I am a parent" and I was like WHOA. I mean, I know that I am "her mom" and that Evan is "her dad" but I had never said the word "parent" in reference to her before. I don't even think that on insurance forms I had said that I was "her parent." I think the term used was "dependent." So yeah. "I am a parent" was a little mindblowing. I think I said it out loud to whoever would listen. "I am a parent!" I am checking this box! Totally!

Groundbreaking. Then this morning it really hit home when I used my carafe. For the first time. Ever. I have owned it for like 4 years, since back in my Pampered Chef days. When I was earning so much stuff, and I had everything in the catalog, I thought to myself "someday I will be an adult and I might need a Carafe!" Right? Certainly. Adults need carafes all the time. They drink Coffee (I hate coffee) and they have people over, and they need carafes. You see them at all kinds of adult functions. Some people even put ice water in them at banquets and conferences. I know, I have been there. I have used OTHER people's carafes. And I thought "someday, you might need a carafe" so I got one, because Pampered Chef's was a really nice carafe.

And then. Today. It happened. I used the carafe. MY carafe. I didn't really think about it in a "life altering" kind of way, until I finished pouring in the boiling water, screwed the lid back on, changed the indicator to show that the liquid was "hot," and then poured a mug full on top of my tea bag. I sat the carafe down, stood back, looked at it, and was like. Omigod. It's here. That day is here. That day when I might be an adult and need a carafe. That day when I am a married woman pushing 30 with a house and a real bonafide baby sleeping sweetly and a husband snoring on his side of a king sized bed. We are even talking about putting up a white picket fence in the yard this spring. It's here. Carafe time. Adult time. For real. Now that, was life changing.

I guess that anyone can get married. Anyone can be almost 30. Anyone can have a baby. But if you take all that, add it up together, and throw in a carafe... you've got adulthood!

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