Sunday, October 14, 2007

First Time Away in 46 weeks.

Last night was my first time away from Ardyn in the (almost) 6 weeks since she was born. I guess you could say it was the first time I wasn't carrying her around for 46 weeks. Strange, huh? Angie came to visit and my parents watched Ardyn. Angie and I went out to eat Mexican and then to see a movie. We saw Heartbreak Kid with Ben Stiller. The movie was funny. Not as drop-dead must-see funny as I thought Ellen DeGeneres said it was when Ben Stiller was her guest... but as Angie said "I did laugh out loud."

Mexican was awesome. Today I have been faithfully giving Ardyn gas drops since I ate it, because the only time I could visibly tell that something I ate bothered her was after Tacos at 6&34. Just to be on the safe side. Angela and I stopped at Wal-Mart and picked up candy and chocolate, and 1-hour photos, and some bulldog sawtooth hangers to put on the back of the frames I bought to hang Ardyn's Sears photos in. Then we went to Mexican, and I told her "the grim details" of the labor and delivery (at her request) which I am sure was much to the delight of the other patrons in the restaurant. We tried to keep it hush hush. Although I am not worried because I heard another woman there say the word "pre-menstrual" twice. LOL. I think everyone there needed a night out, judging by the margaritas in various rainbow hues. We drove to the mall for the movie, and we got parked. Then I was like "You know, maybe I should pump before the movie?" and I did my customary feel of the boobs to see how full they were (I do this in public quite frequently and sometimes I catch a guy who sees me and I can just tell they are thinking "did that chick just full on grab both of her boobs and squeeze them, or was I dreaming?") The boobs seemed okay. After audibly counting the hours between seeing Ardyn, I said to Angie, "I think I don't need to pump, I will be okay" and then literally, as I opened the car door, I felt milk come in. Damn. Cancel that.

So we were in a well lit parking area as movies were about to change. Angie drove out to a farther away parking area, with only like 2 cars... and of course while I am pumping, the only people parked right in front of us decide to come out, and then spend like the next 10 minutes getting into their car, turning the dome light on, taking various pills, checking their cell phones, turning on their headlights, and Angie was like "Jeez!" But I was all stealth pumper with my jacket covering me. It was the first time I used my ISIS IQ manually... and it was awesome. I was impressed. I got 2 ounces of milk in like 10 minutes... and then on the way home I pumped on the interstate and got another 2 ounces. I was most proud that I brought home as much or more milk than she drank in my absence. Yay! Angela got quite the education tonight, in the words of my mom. LOL. Her ears are probably burning, but she will read this, so I am not worried.

The movie was good. We were too full of Mexican to eat much of the candy and chocolate we smuggled in, but I did manage to eat a theater sized box of raisinets. It was so nice to see Angie. I don't know how to explain it to anyone, but Angie and Carrie and I are like the perfect fit. The three of us can get together and we have exactly the same sense of humor, and things just are great. It was so good to get to feel like me... and to remember who I am instead of just being mom. And when we got home, Ardyn was snoozing. She nursed twice and went to sleep just before 2am, and so did I. She woke up at 6:45 and I fed her and changed her, and then fed her and rocked her to sleep again. By that time it was almost 8am, and the sun was up (although it's overcast today and not sunny) and so I put her back to sleep and proceeded to do very adult things like drink tea, eat oatmeal, read Parents Magazine issues, take a bubble bath, wash breast pump parts and bottles from last night, and pump just over 2 ounces with the Isis IQ Duo. I think the tea is increasing my supply. I have enough to add in pumping sessions very successfully in addition to regular nursing. She also seems to be getting an extra letdown during most nursing sessions, which is super nice and makes me feel like she is getting more hindmilk.

So now it's almost 10am, and Ardyn and Evan are still sleeping, so I get to blog. Oh goody! and I think I will get dressed and maybe do a load of laundry or run the dishwasher. Happiness is. Today.

Monday Ardyn will be 6 weeks old and Tuesday I have my post-partum checkup with my midwife. That reminds me, I need to write down a few things to ask her about.

Friday night was nice too, since my sister came over and then we got out of the house and went to Anya's and saw everyone there. Good weekend!

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