Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Letter to Manufacturer of Halo Sleep Sacks

To Whom in May Concern,

Hello. We have a one month old daughter, and we purchased three Halo Sleep Sack Swaddles from Target, in newborn sizes, in pink, blue, and cream. The pink swaddle sack does not have the velcro loop tabs on the back of the swaddle that hold the swaddle down and attached to the sleep sack. The blue sack has one of these loops, and the cream swaddle has two. We are having issues with the pink swaddle and I assume that is the reason that you attached the loops to the other two sacks. It is very scary, but we often wake up with our daughter having worked her hands under the swaddle (not matter how tight it is) and having lifted the swaddle portion up around her neck and/or over her face. We have found her with her mouth and nose covered. This is very dangerous, as you are sure to understand, and we have discontinued using the pink sleep sack. I am writing to see if you have had a recall on some of these sleep sacks. If you have not, I really hope that you will do so, as this is too dangerous! I would also like a replacement for our pink sleep sack, with one that does have loops on the back/bottom and will hold the swaddle piece into place so that she may sleep safely. Please respond. Thank You!

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Anonymous said...

Please contact dawn.griffin@haloinnovations.com for replacement and refund.

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