Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Weekly Recap!

So let's do a little recap of the last week or so.

Monday- Labor is started by the midwife who breaks my water, labor ensues, Ardyn is born
Tuesday- in the hospital, Grandparents come to Visit, we have a really long night ahead of us
Wednesday- we sleep till almost noon recovering from the night before. We go home from the hospital in the afternoon and have visitors at home, as well as super delivered by Ardyn's Great Grandma Mona.
Thursday- We are mostly relaxed at home. Ardyn gets a bath, mom gets a shower. Grandma Susan and Great Grandma Marie visit. Grandma Deb brings by all of Ardyn's pink and purple girly clothes, all washed and ready to wear. Anya comes over and brings us baked spaghetti pizza. Yum!
Friday- Mom (that's me!) puts away Ardyn's clothes. We do our first load of baby laundry. I take another fabulous shower. My mom and sister come over and spend the evening. We order Chinese. We take pictures. Evan helps us get Ardyn in her car seat and stroller for an evening walk, and the first try-out of the travel system. We get to the street in the front yard and a pickup truck with a sprayer in the back of it comes roaring around the corner fogging and spraying for mosquitoes. We run for cover and just miss contaminating the new baby. Walk over. Mom very upset and disappointed.
Saturday- Ardyn gets a bath and puts on her pretty blue dress. Mom puts on her old jeans (yeah!) and they are big enough to pull off without unbuttoning them. Double Yeah! We drive to Princeton where Ardyn and I participate in the hospital float in the Homestead Festival parade because we were both born at Perry (dad was too, but he's content to watch the parade.) It's super warm and so we sit under a green umbrella to keep Ardyn in the shade. After the parade we go to Evan's Aunt Patti's house to see family. We have a short stay. Ardyn is hungry and hot and tired. Mom is hot and tired. We head to Wal-mart for a quick trip inside to grab pads and prenatal vitamins (all the new mom essentials) and realize that Ardyn's eye, which she poked earlier in the week, is getting worse, and the crusty eye is now becoming the green eye. We call the hospital and get told we need to take her to the ER. Not cool. Mom and Dad both start to worry. Ardyn's eye is matted shut. Mom keeps wiping it with a cool cotton round. Mom calls the ED to talk to a nurse she knows. The nurse calls Dr. Mestan (one of Ardyn's Dr.'s) and he calls mom's cell phone. We need antibiotic ointment. Pharmacy's are all closed and we end up discovering that Wal-Mart pharmacy is open till 7pm. We drive to ED to get the prescription called in. We drive BACK across town and BACK to Wal-Mart to get the prescription. Mom sits in the chair waiting for the meds, and bites off all her nails in anxiety. Baby's first prescription. She buys a temporal artery thermometer just in case, and when she gets back out to the car, Dad is missing! Oh wait, he is in the back seat with Ardyn because he is worried. Mom gets in the backseat. Dad drives towards home. Mom's boob touches the side of the car seat and she is shocked to learn that her boobs are 300 degrees, full of milk, and hard as a rock. Mom and Dad and Ardyn get home and Grandma Deb holds Ardyn while mom pumps to relieve pressure. Ardyn nurses. Dad puts the Chicken Casserole into the oven that Grandma Deb brought, and Grandma Deb and Grandpa Dave go to the Wyanet VFW Chicken Fry. They come back later for a nice relaxed visit. Mom and dad get to load the dishwasher, clean up the kitchen, and do some laundry together while Ardyn sleeps with her grandparents.
Sunday- why can't I remember Sunday? It must have been a quiet day. Oh wait.. I remember. Mom and Ardyn get cleaned up to go on their first outing together. Mary Win Walter-Norris (a Princeton Resident and wonderful Artist who is in her 90's) is doing a book signing of a book she illustrated that is being re-published. It's called "My Go To Bed Book" and is a childrens book. I used to work for Mary Win in her 7th Generation Family Garden. She is a wonderful and talented lady, and I want Ardyn to go get a book signed. With dad's help we get all packed up. Mom is nervous to drive with Ardyn by herself. We get to Princeton and there is a car show so we have to park a ways away. Mom gets out stroller, diaper bag, car seat and baby and we walk to the bookstore on main street. Green River Books. Mom and Ardyn Maneuver the stroller inside and wait in line. Another older couple gets in line behind us and I overhear them say that the book is SOLD OUT and that they bought theirs yesterday. My post-partum hormones take over and I almost cry. I am so pissed off and upset! This was such hard work to get here, and the signing is from 1pm-5pm, and by 1:30 there are already no books left? I am so so so upset. Only in Princeton would they have a book signing and NO BOOKS. Stupid. I curse Green River Books up one side and down the other. This was on the front page of the newspaper for God's sakes. How could they not order enough books!? God I was so pissed. I wanted to march up to the counter and complain but I was afraid I would bawl hormonally. I was very upset that they didn't put a sign on the door that said they were sold out, instead we had to wait in line until we overheard it... and I could have gotten all the way to Mary Win and had no book to sign. ARGH. So Ardyn and I went home and I called Grandma Deb to tell her how upset I was. She understood. When we got home, Dad was sympathetic. Then Dad cleaned the dog kennel and Ardyn and I sat on the swing and rocked outside. It was so nice outside.
Monday- Mom and Ardyn go to Grandma Deb's in the afternoon while the cleaning people come. Ardyn Nurses and then goes to Grandma Deb while mom looks through magazines. That night Uncle Kyle visits and mom works on daycare paperwork. We had a long night as Ardyn decided to be awake from 2:30 till 7am. Daddy was a big help and mom was able to sleep between nursing.
Tuesday- Mom and Ardyn get cleaned up. They go to their daycare and turn in the registration fee and completed paperwork for the baby. Then we went to the hospital to visit Angie Reidner, who delivered Ardyn. She is delighted to see us and gets to hold Ardyn and then Ardyn poops. We go on to OB where we change diapers, get held by nurses, and Ardyn nurses in the waterbirth room, which is where it all started! We weigh Ardyn. She weighed 7lbs 5 ounces at discharge last Wed. and now she is 7lbs 12 ounces! Go breastmilk go! We go to HR to add Ardyn to my insurance. We visit Technology Services. We drive to McDonald's to get mom something to eat and see Dad on Main Street. We chat with him on the cell phone, eat a double cheeseburger with fries, and drive home. We get the stroller out and go for a walk to Anya's. We see Trish on the way and stop to chat. We hash out our labor and deliveries. Was Anya's house always this far away? Whew! We spend the evening with Anya and Ava. They give Ardyn a stuffed puppy and a soft pink blanket. Anya makes us Shepherd's Pie for supper and daddy comes to pick us up since we are to tired to walk home. Ardyn nurses and mom and dad enjoy a delicious supper.
Wednesday- Mom and Ardyn sleep from 10:30pm (Monday) till 3am (Tuesday). Dad and Mom change Ardyn and she eats again. We all get snuggled in and Ardyn poops. Mom changes Ardyn's diaper and "THE CORD FELL OFF!!" Mom is sooo excited and she can see what a cute little belly button Ardyn will have! YAY! Mom and Dad and Ardyn go back to sleep again, until 11am. Ardyn and mom cuddle and Ardyn coos and smiles and sucks her hands. We change diapers, put on a sleeper, and nurse again. Then we cuddle. Dad wants to sleep more so mom and Ardyn get out the ring sling for the first time to practice babywearing. Ardyn looks squished but is pleased as punch. This is just like in the womb! All curled up and rocked to sleep my mom's movements, Ardyn snoozes in the sling while mom blogs.

More to come soon! Stay with us! LOL.

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Michelle said...

Oh how I miss those teeny tiny baby days. sometimes. I had to laugh when you discovered "the cord fell off"! I was excited when my kid's did that but my hubby was like, ewww, who cares!

It really sounds like you are getting around fantastically! That's wonderful! And looking at your post-baby pictures, you look awesome! YAY for Meagan!

I'm glad you have friends and family that care so much for you and are making sure you are fed :o) I was fed after my first baby then the other two ... not so much!

Keep blogging, I love to read 'em!

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