Sunday, September 23, 2007

Everything seems to be falling back into place

Well, it's been an interesting weekend. Yesterday afternoon went well, Ardyn wasn't fussy... and she slept! We went for a short walk and it was so nice to enjoy the outdoors! Last night she was fussy for a while, but went to bed around 11:30. She was up several times in the night but wasn't too bad. Then we slept till 11am which was fabulous and I really needed. Last night the best part was that after she went to sleep I got to read a magazine! Really! It made me feel like Meagan and not just mom. Thank God.

Today she was fabulous. She only had one small meltdown all day, and that was this morning when she had waited for me to shower and dry my hair, and I wanted to finish getting ready and she wasn't having it.

This afternoon we spent the day at Evan's parents, We got our picture taken by the tractor, since they were farming today and that's where Evan was. Ardyn and I relaxed (that was nice) and I read the paper, and magazines, and watched a little HBO. She ate and ate and slept and slept. It was a good day. We came home tonight and while Evan showered, Ardyn sat in her bouncy seat in the bathroom, since she loves the noise of the shower. I was able to pick up the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and living room in the time that Evan got cleaned up. That was also nice. Now Ardyn is napping again and I plan on running the dishwasher and making myself something to eat.

The gas drops seem to be helping her and preventing unnecessary meltdowns.

Have a great night!

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