Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bubbles and Bathing Beauties

Tuesday. This morning was a little rough. Ardyn was up till 1:30 last night. We had her last feeding around 11, and swaddled her all up and lay down to sleep like every night, but she was fussy and not happy. I was getting more tired each second that I lay there in bed, and she seemed to be getting LESS tired. I tried cuddling with her and even that didn't help. I was so glad when she fell asleep!

She spent part of her morning happy, but a larger part of it fussy. I could get her to sleep, but only if I was holding her. I rocked her to sleep around noon, and put her in her crib, where she slept for about 12 minutes. I got the new co-sleeper about 70% setup... and then she was awake again. Then she fussed for a while and eventually I went and lay down in bed and tried her in the co-sleeper. That didn't work. I ended up cuddling with her and around 1pm she started to get sleepy and I was ready for a nap. Every time she would fall asleep, when I would try to move her she would wake up. Argh. At 1:20 she was officially asleep. I moved her to the co-sleeper, and she slept... and so did I, for exactly 21 minutes. Then she woke up to poop. Fabulous. I was so frustrated! Then I changed her diaper and transferred her to the bouncy seat while I filled the bathtub. I took a bath and Evan handed her in to me. She LOVED the bathtub with mom! (several photos of the tub bath on Flickr- my friends and family can see them.) She was thrilled. It was a nice experience, and she smiled and looked at me all wide eyed. She wasn't used to that feeling of weightlessness and the water being that deep. She cried when we took her out, she liked it so much. I handed her out to Evan and he dried and diapered her while I finished bathing myself. I think we will do that more often, if Evan is home and she has had her dirty diaper beforehand. I'd like to TRY To avoid her pooping on me and in the tub.

I am incredibly happy with the co-sleeper already, and we haven't even gotten to use it overnight yet. She napped from 3:30-5:45 and is napping again in the co-sleeper. One thing I have noticed is that she scoots. She scoots until her face is pressed into the side, and always the side against the bed. The other side is mesh... but the side she decides to plant her face against is the side against the bed. So tonight I bought a Sassy sleep positioner on eBay for half the price of a new one. By the time I paid shipping, it ended up being exactly the same as a new one, but still cheaper because once you add shipping to a new one it's about $13.00, and I paid less than $10. It's got excellent reviews, because it converts from a back positioner to a side positioner, and Ardyn is definitely a side sleeper. And a scooter. I hope it gets here soon. I have bought from the same seller in the past, and that is where I got the auto mirror that I can't get to work. Strange coincidence, no? Since I just bought a new auto mirror? LOL.

I like that the co-sleeper is so small, and it's the perfect size and height to fit against our bed. It's just super nice and very well made. It's like a miniature version of a pack n play- except it doesn't get "deep" like a play-yard. The fourth side can either stay down to attach to the bed, or be "up" to be used like a free-standing bassinet. It has pouches on each end and a storage area underneath. It folds up into it's own bag just like a pack-n-play (which we also have) and comes with a special sized sheet.

After out late afternoon bath (finally!) Ardyn and I just put clean pajamas on.

Here's a question for you.... How come on the biggest loser, the men get to wear shirts but the women have to wear shorts and sports bras? I think that's incredibly unfair. I know they make the men take off their shirts when they weigh, but why not let the women wear shirts until they weigh in and then let them take theirs off? Strange. And why the spandex shorts? Annoying.

Well, I'll be back tomorrow!


Michelle said...

I agree with you on the biggest loser. Also, why Jerry ... I liked him. He was doing so well. I was glad to see the update at the end of the show, he looks amazing.

dazed said...

This was the second episode of the season that I caught, but the first one that I was actually paying attention to. I have to say that the girls bawling at the table drove me crazy! Strange. I think they got rid of him because they saw him as a threat... and because he was older.

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