Thursday, September 27, 2007

Growth Spurt!

Ardyn is back to the eating every hour or two. Ack. Must be having a growth spurt and trying to build my milk supply. So that means lots of waking up in the night to change diapers and feed her, and plenty of feeding during the day. Today when I put a shirt on I regretted it because I spent the entire day feeding her. I did get in a couple of naps, but it's hard because she only naps for 20 minutes to an hour now, because she keeps waking up to eat.

Tonight I watched the Season Premiere of Grey's Anatomy and I Tivo'd My Name is Earl. Evan and I took a walk with Ardyn in the stroller tonight. Of course all night she did nothing but eat pretty constantly. I reheated some Corned Beef Casserole that my mom brought over last week and we had frozen. In the time that it took me to eat it, She had an intense meltdown, but I can't hold her and eat something that is so hot, I needed two hands, and she was NOT cooperating. It's too bad a baby doesn't understand that parents need to eat too. She did the curdling screaming cry while I shoveled in my food. Eventually she gave up, which surprised me, because it was pretty intense. But I had to eat something, it was 10:15 for god's sakes! So I fed her straight from 9 until 10pm, alternating sides, and from 10:30 till 11, alternating sides again. FINALLY I was able to change her diaper, put her in the sleep sack and swaddle her, and feed her a bit more and she finally went to sleep. Whew. I did some reading on kellymom and LaLeche League, and another website.... all about growth spurts. Sounds like I am doing all that I am supposed to be, and explains why I am so thirsty today, and why by 1pm I was so starving.

I am trying to work on doing something while breastfeeding that feels like it's for me. Since I can't reach my toes to paint them with a kid on my boob (ha ha) I am trying to perfect the one handed book reading skill. Turning the page one handed is not easy for me, but I am doing okay. Today I just ready some breastfeeding books and magazines. I also got some magazines read while we waited for the bathtub to fill. Speaking of which, we had a major diaper blowout this morning. Our first major blowout. I had changed her like 4 times overnight, but in her last sleeping stretch, I heard her poop, and when I went to change her, it had escaped her diaper and gone UP her back, and while changing her she got it between her toes and on her leg. LOL. Luckily we were "getting up" for the day and it didn't happen at like 4am.... so after wiping her down with wipes, we filled the tub and scrubbed her clean.

Tonight I also watched an episode of Throwdown on Food network, that Evan had Tivo'd and wanted me to watch. It was a macaroni and cheese throwdown where he took on Delilah (best macaroni and cheese in the USA.) It made me want macaroni and cheese, but we didn't have any. Bummer.

I bought a hotsling yesterday and will buy some more nursing shirts from Motherwear. Mom gave me birthday money! I have my ring sling, but I don't like how she sways back and forth and isn't tight to my body. It makes me a little nervous to do anything and I feel like I am holding one hand on her all the time. Plus she is lying down too much and I can't correct it. I could probably tighten it up a bit but it's such a pain to have to adjust. I do love the carrier that Amy bought us for the baby shower, and I have used it once, but she is still a bit small for it. She can stay in it but her head flops a bit too much when she falls asleep... and that's pretty much immediately. I like that the hotsling is like my ring sling but has stretch to it and no ring. If it arrives and I don't like it, I can always return it. I ordered a cool black and white pattern that looks like this.... What is awesome is that it shipped today. Immediately. I am so used to being frustrated by Target lately, and the 3-4 days it takes to ship something. Especially when they take forever for it to arrive, and their tracking system is all messed up and doesn't show when it will actually be delivered, so I have to login to target, copy the tracking number, go to the UPS website, and track the stupid package for the real lowdown on where it is and when it will get here. It is so refreshing to have something ship immediately and arrive in a respectable and flattering amount of time.

Well, here's to hoping that she sleeps longer stretches tonight after all that feeding.... but something tells me that's just wishful thinking. Wish me luck! And patience. And sanity!

Hopefully I can tear myself away from repeats of scrubs and go to BED!! It's almost like I hate to lie down because I know my sleep will be SO short it's almost like I feel better just staying awake. Crazy.

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