Saturday, September 29, 2007


Friday Fiver:

1. Do you dance?
In private. At some weddings (Evan won't dance with me. We only danced once at our own wedding reception.) Whether or not I am a good dancer (more likely not) I still like to dance. Alot. When I was in my early 20's we used to go out in groups and dance at the bar. Evan hated to dance so I would dance with all the other guys I was friends with. Josh. Chris. Even Tim and Shad. The Wyanet Crew. Josh was my dance partner. We had tons of fun. I haven't danced really since the wedding reception when I danced with the girls, and with Clint and Cody, who played me Gin and Juice by the Gourds, and Cody played me Brass Monkey because I LOOOOOVE the Beastie Boys and that was a song that he remembers me listening to back in the day when I used to let him cruise around with me.

2. Would you consider yourself religious?
Yes. I was raised Lutheran. I have my own beliefs and enjoy Neal Donald Walsh's Concepts... although I don't "follow" anyone or any organized religion. I know what I believe. Evan is not religious and this used to be a big hot spot for us, but now we usually talk about religion only in forms of the controversy, etc.

3. Do you talk about politics?
Honestly, this is an area that Evan wants to talk about more than I do. I feel completely uneducated about lots of political issues. I don't feel like any politicians can be trusted, so I have issues with taking sides. I do have a soft spot for Barack Obama. I am reading his first book now. I just identify with him. He's as much of a real person as I have seen in politics for a long time and I really respect that. He's very well spoken and well versed and I enjoy listening to him.

4. When is the last time you asked for forgiveness?
Wow. Probably while pregnant. Although I think I asked my midwife and the nurses to forgive me after labor, for my evil behavior.

5. Friday fill-in:
I’m holding out for a Dairy Queen Lime Slushy (Arctic Rush or whatever they call them.)


So tonight I just about had a heart attack. I was placing an order on the Chadwick's Website and it's all quiet and I am sitting here watching the news at 1am, baby is sleeping... all is silent, dog sleeping next to me on the couch... and I hear this LOUD voice... when I place my order they tried to get me to complete some "special offer" and they had sound with someone announcing the offer to me out loud, and my laptop's volume was turned all the way up from a voicemail I listened to several hours ago. Damn! Why do they have to do that?

Yesterday I got my birthday money from my mom, for some clothes, so I did some shopping recently. I got a pantsuit for $24.99 and a corduroy jacket for $24.99 from Chadwicks, and ordered several nursing shirts and washable breast pads from Motherwear today. I placed my Motherwear order just after 10am today and it shipped after lunch via UPS! Holy crap that's impressive. So Two Thumbs up to Motherwear and Hotslings for their fast shipping! Wow! I got three v-neck t-shirts with double front nursing layers... two of them long sleeved, and a grey hoodie, and a pinkish colored sweatshirt top with a white t-shirt attached underneath, and 5-pair of contoured washable breast pads, and a little pink zippered carry case that separates wet and dry breast pads. I right now use one set of pads a day, that translates to a box a month, and after a year of breastfeeding that is $120 worth of disposable pads and 720 disposable pads in a landfill because of me. That doesn't seem right. So for less than $20, I can have 5 pair of washable pads and hopefully if they do the job, I will do my part for the environment and also save some cash. I have heard mixed results about the washable pads, especially when it comes to how bad you leak and if they show under your shirt or cause you to leak through. I don't leak much, and sometimes not at all, so I hope they work for me.

I should totally be in bed, but I am tryin to get some laundry done. Tomorrow we have an appointment at Sears Portrait Studio for Ardyn's first pictures, she will be 1 month on Monday... so it's time we get this done. Problem is most of her clothes are still wayyyy too big... so it looks like they will mostly be naked baby pictures... and I think we will take her blue dress and maybe a onesie and her one pair of jeans... and her new pink shoes. I don't know. Wish me luck that she is happy during picture time and not fussy and screaming. She was pretty good today, but she did eat alot... but luckily she slept for longer stretches. I have discovered that it is better if I wake her up when It's about the time she will get up on her own soon (make sense?) because she's better off waking up when she's still happy and eating just before she's starving, than waking up pissed off and then eating. I can always tell when she's close to waking up, so now I am trying to just go get her and feed her awake... it seems to make a huge difference in her attitude.

Today we went to a friend's yard sale in Sheffield. Their townwide sales are tomorrow. I got an entire garbage bag full of girls clothes for $17. There was some cute stuff, my favorites were the basics. Lots of colored turtleneck onesies, long sleeved and very clean. There were plenty of summer clothes too, but they were all not the right size for when she will be wearing summer clothes. Mom held her while I looked through the stacks of clothes. I bought quite a few cute onesies that were mostly solid colored or stripes. I have discovered that onesies and pants are my favorite outfits for comfort and cuteness and they will be great for play once she reaches that age.

Tonight Evan made us Steak Stir Fry at my request for more veggies in our diet. It was delicious and I loved every bite. We ended up having our first family meal... as the second half of my supper I ate while breastfeeding... so all three of us were at the dining room table. That made us laugh.

Here's hoping for better sleep tonight, as she was awake from 3:30am till 6am today. That was rough! And she slept till 9 and then till 1pm, but I got up with her at 9, fed her, and by 10 when she went back to sleep, I got up and got stuff accomplished so that we could make the yard sale in decent time. I took a shower and talked to work. My extra 30-day leave was approved, so I don't have to go back to work until mid December. YAY! Well, it's off to dreamland for me, it's almost 1:30am. Sweet Dreams!

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Stephanie said...

You are the ONLY other person I know who also has a friend named Shad. They just aren't that common you know?!

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