Thursday, September 20, 2007


Ardyn seems to be in it for the long haul today. Last night she was fussy enough to not enjoy her massage much. We kinda had to cut it short. I fed her double and then sent her off to bed all swaddled, but she kept me up for an extra hour, so we finally got to sleep around midnight, and then she did the "fussy fussy" thing until about 3:30 when I shipped her off to Evan so I could sleep a little. It was like she would fuss in her sleep. The kind where you can shhh her and give her your finger or a pacifier and she would go right back to sleep.... but she wakes you up every 15 minutes or so doing that, so you feel like you never slept at all. I can't wait till the co-sleeper arrives. Target finally shipped it today. I am hoping for Monday, since it is coming from California.

Evan took her from 3:30 till about 6:30... and they watched TV together and she did the sleep and fuss thing for him the whole time. At 6:30 I changed her and fed her and then she slept pretty good till about 9:30, when She and I got up for good and I changed her and fed her double. Then she stayed wide awake until 2pm, which is unheard of for her. Around 1pm I did her her to sleep only by doing chores with her in the sling... and she fussed a bit but did okay. I got some laundry loads changed and towels folded, and the kitchen tidied and a shower taken. She sat in the bouncy seat while I took a shower and was pleased as punch... but as soon as I got half dressed she was SO over the seat. So I ran around today (okay still) in my capri pants and nursing bra. I would have had to dig for a shirt through totes of my "old" clothes and Evan was trying to sleep since he was up all night till 6:30, so I didn't want to bother him, and Ardyn was getting cranky in the bouncy seat, so I just gave up and wore bottoms only.

I spent most of the morning trying to put her down... in various locations from crib to bouncy seat to couch to swing.... but she was happy until you put her down, then she went from a little fussy, to a lot fussy, to pissed in about 5 minutes time. So finally at 2:30 I got her to sleep (after about 4 feedings in a row) and she slept IN HER CRIB for about 30 minutes. During that time I started the dishwasher, talked to HR from work about benefits (I owe them like $420 a month until I go back to work, or I lose mine and Ardyn's benefits/insurance) and I even paid the cable bill, cell phone bill, power bill, etc. I also joined UPromise to start Ardyn's college fund and invited her uncle, aunt and grandparents to join and help save for her also.

I got three of the four corners of the coffee table cleared off (that's all I ever get done are those three corners. The fourth one just keeps getting messier.) and Ardyn woke up and I went and got her from the crib. She fell asleep again almost as soon as I held her. Sneaky.

Thank GOD that my mom is coming over tomorrow night and we start operation closet reform. Two weeks of trying to get dressed out of totes has caused a major disaster in our bedroom,and at this point I have really just given up even trying to GET dressed. We will virtually empty the closet and my dresser, packing away all maternity clothes and re-establishing locations for my "real" clothes. I can't wait. I need my mom or I wouldn't be able to accomplish this. It's overwhelming to me. Even if someone took Ardyn for a while, I still wouldn't do it. I need my mom. Sometimes, you just need your mom. She can look at this logically when for me it's all emotional and monumental and overwhelming. She can fold neatly and hang straightly when I can't even get a shirt on my back by 4:10 pm on a Thursday. Thank God for moms.

My next project is to clean the little cupboard in the office. It's a serious disaster. It hasn't been organized since before we remodeled. Yeah. Summer of 2005 we remodeled. Ack. It's the place where I used to be INCREDIBLY anal about. It's where batteries, lightbulbs, cleaning supplies, extension cords, paper towels, my foot fixer, my bubble spa mat, toolboxes, and nails, screws, and other hardware reside. I used to have clearly labeled totes and everything was super organized. Problem is, I wasn't the only one IN that closet. Whenever SOMEONE Else would need a tool or some duct tape or an extension cord, they rifled through and screwed up the organization until it got CRAZY messy in there. It really got out of hand during the remodeling where more than one person (both of who were not me) needed access to screwdrivers, extension cords, masking tape, lightbulbs, etc. and NO ONE could put anything back right. So now it's a giant knot made up of swiffer refills, comet cleanser, air freshener, extension cords, and shoe polish. It's bad. And on top of that tangle, it's coated in DUST and PLASTER and DEBRIS from the remodeling and everything falling and sifting into the closet. No one knows what might be in there. And it gets worse with every passing month. It is going to take my total concentration and something like 46 hours for me to get that straightened out. And then I am going to shoot anyone who fucks it up.

My mother-in-law bought us this really cool natural home cleaning kit that is by "Our Home." Evan has a cousin that sells the stuff. It's pretty cool, and I look forward to being able to USE it, but right now all the containers and concentrates are living on the northeast corner of my dining room table along with that tablecloth that I can't fit into the linen closet. I need to get "that closet" cleaned and organized so that I can find a home for all those cleaning supplies and so that I can actually get them OUT again when I need them. Problem is, although I want to trythese products, I am not going to throw out the pledge citrus oil and the comet and the soft scrub, and the Murphy's Oil Soap. SO it's like now I will have DOUBLE cleaning supplies. What a mess. Chaos I tell you.

So we are supposed to be walking this afternoon or tonight, and this afternoon has officially "gone" so I am hoping that we still get to go tonight. Please please please. When Evan gets back from Wal-Mart (bread, milk, you know the drill) I will have to sweet talk him because money says he will try to get out of it.

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