Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Is today Tuesday?

Yesterday was an eventful day. After a night of excellent rest, I found myself energized. By 10:30 I had already showered and dressed myself, and fed Ardyn. Then we hung out for a while till Evan got around to video-taping Ardyn's morning bath. It was good fun. After her bath I got her dressed (which is still a struggle as everything is too big on her so we have to try on outfits.)

Ardyn and I checked email, went through paperwork, wrote out about 5 more Thank You Cards, and I loaded the dishwasher and tidied up in the kitchen.

Evan and I decided that it was the day to go to Peru. We have a huge box of 160 Huggies that we want to exchange for pampers. Plus the Huggies are size 2 and we want to buy more Newborn size diapers. Because everyone said "If you are having a big baby don't buy more than one pack of newborn diapers" I bought mostly size 1 and about 3 packs of size 2 Pampers, and now we had this 6lb baby and only one package of 40 diapers, which we went through in the first week. Ugh. So we get all loaded up. We take Evan's SUV and go deposit the money that I have, and then to the post office to spend $36 on 80 cent stamps to mail the 45 baby announcements. While I was sticking stamps on the envelopes in the post office, Ardyn and Evan went around the block and paid the water and trash bill. Then we headed for Peru. Of course the second we got to Princeton, Evan remembered that we forgot to transfer the stroller from my car to his, so we turned around and went back home and grabbed the stroller, and of course, we forgot the giant box of huggies too. So off again we went to Peru. We went to Berger's first because I wanted to find a newborn sized outfit that Ardyn could hopefully wear to the orchard that would match her pumpkin hat. Fall colored clothing is scarce in the baby department, but Evan found a soft fuzzy hoodie with bear ears on the hood, and a pair of cute Osh Kosh jeans that were the smallest pair we had seen yet. We also grabbed a couple of pair of purple cotton pants in newborn size. Then we also bought a sweater for Evan and a sweater for me that were coordinating and matched Ardyn too, hoping that we could get a family picture taken... perhaps even at the orchard. At the end of Bergner's Ardyn was getting hungry and so we went to Target, where I fed her in the backseat while we sat in the parking lot.

Of course we get inside and to the service desk, and immediately get shit for not "having a receipt" and when we explain that the diapers were a gift she asks if "we registered at Target" and when I say "Yes I did, but I didn't register for the wrong diapers." Duh. That's the dumbest policy. If it was on your registry, than you can return it. Well if I registered for it, chances are that I won't WANT to return it. It's the stuff I didn't register for that I want to return. Duh. So anyway, she proceeds to tell us that they don't carry those diapers. I think my eyes narrowed and I must have tensed into launch position, because she decided to look it up a different way and then proudly announced that 160 diapers were $13.57- Uh. No. Not on this planet. I told her to keep the box and we went to the diapers, where I saw an endcap advertising a "sale price" of $26 for the exact same box of Huggies. So I grabbed the barcode and took it to the front. Then the girl called a supervisor. Then I asked her why I couldn't just exchange the diapers for something of equal value, like newborn sized diapers. She said that without a receipt, they will give me the lowest price the diapers have ever been. I said "I have a hard time believing that you ever sold that box of diapers for less than half of the sale price." and then I mentioned that although I know store policy isn't their fault, It's very upsetting to have spent THOUSANDS of dollars in baby gear and all the baby furniture for the nursery, and the swing, stroller, car seat, high chair, etc.... all from Target.... and not be able to exchange an unopened $26 box of diapers for another size. Which they will promptly put back on the shelf and sell for $26 to someone else and be out nothing. So we took the diapers home with us. I hate how huggies fit in the crotch. It makes the baby bowlegged. There is too much diaper between the legs.

So anyway, we went through Target and then headed for Evan's parents. We made a stop at the Wendy's drive-thru for a snack, and then on to his parents, were I fed the baby twice and changed her diaper in their new Rainforest Pack n Play. We ate supper from the grill and everyone held the baby, and before you know it I was exhausted and had a headache. We came home and I gave Ardyn another massage, and Evan videoed some of it. Then I fed her and we went to sleep at 10:30. She slept till about 5:30 this morning when she needed a diaper change, and I fed her, and then she slept till almost 10am and then ate again. Today we are being kinda lazy. I ate Hummus with Garlic and Pita Chips, and a tomato sandwich on toast with mayonnaise. Yum.

Off to shower....

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